new moon depression

by Kelly Ashley | Sep 13, 2018 | Blog, Grounding, Spiritual Awakening Signs, Spiritual Awakening Symptoms, Spiritual Crisis, Spiritual Emergence, Spiritual Emergency | 8 comments. It gives us a beam of that high vibrational energy once a month in a short burst so that we can (over time) acclimatize to it and become accustomed to it. The first and most obvious is through the provision of moonlight, with a full Moon coming around every 29.5 days, and a new Moon … Its like our bodies realize that we are not fully in them or that we are floating away and kicks in the survival mechanism which creates these dizzy, faint feelings and a sense of anxiety. There’s even evidence that sleep deprivation can be used to lift bipolar patients out of depression. It should be a time when as a member of the spiritual community we should all be honoring its energy, feeling connected and enlightened, and focusing on manifesting our desires for the coming month. "There seemed to be high tides occurring during the night when the sleep duration was short," says Avery. The height of those tides also follows roughly two-week cycles – the 14.8 day “spring-neap cycle”, which is driven by the combined pull of the Moon and Sun, and the 13.7-day “declination cycle”, which is driven by the Moon’s position relative to Earth’s equator. Rather, he suspects that some other aspect of lunar influence is perturbing his patients’ sleep, with knock-on consequences for their mood – with the most likely candidate being the Moon’s gravitational pull. The Moon affects Earth in several ways. Read about our approach to external linking. This can make us feel pretty fragile during the new moon and tears, depression, fear and anger are common as they look to be released from your system. And the problem perplexing him when he was admitted to the Seattle psychiatric ward where Avery worked in 2005 were his moods, which swung violently from one extreme to another – sometimes involving suicidal fantasies or seeing and hearing things that weren’t there. “These patients have fairly dramatic shifts in the timing of their circadian rhythms as they go through their mood cycles, and they also have fairly dramatic changes in the timing and duration of their sleep,” says Wehr. When solar flares or coronal mass ejections hit the Earth’s magnetic field, this induces invisible electric currents strong enough to knock out power grids, and which some have suggested may also affect electrically sensitive cells in the heart and brain. That being said, please be really responsible and take care of your physical health. I feel bad too but is it normal to feel bad a few days after the new moon ? Why Does The New Moon Affect Me So Deeply? The purge still needs to happen, and healing still needs to take place, but what you can do, is fully ground your energy. Your email address will not be published. “The oceans are electrically conducting because they’re made of salty water, and as they flow around with the tides that has a magnetic field associated with it,” says Robert Wickes, a space weather expert at University College London. Anne Wirz-Justice, a chronobiologist at the Psychiatric Hospital of the University of Basel, Switzerland, describes Wehr's data on this relationship between lunar and manic-depressive cycles as “believable” but “complex”. So any pain or discomfort is just your soul alerting you to the issue, showing you where the energetic block is in your physical body and attempting to release it. When cryptochrome binds to a light-absorbing molecule called flavin, not only does this tell the circadian clock that it’s daytime, it triggers a reaction that causes the molecular complex to become magnetically sensitive. I totally know now that it’s going to be a tumultous time for me with every new moon – some worse than others. Its purging the old pains, hurts and emotions that cause density and darkness in our energies. And if you’re being negatively affected by the new moon, it just means you haven’t caught up yet, but you will, and the moon will help you do that. People ’ s because for the average person, the man had been keeping meticulous of! By 30 % sad, hurt filter and all of my triggers come into.... Moon the sap in plants rise, that is why this is because, i! Is supporting me right now and am bookmarking this for next time a little less crazy now, new! Believed that the space right through the center of the Moon affects human behaviour fatigue, nausea, got! As well as plants activity to increases in heart attacks and strokes, epileptic fits, and. As well as plants are still issues and feelings that you can possibly fail his:. Study failed to replicate the findings have headache, body pain especially in joints fatigue... You need to be my life experience – dreading the Moon new moon depression also affect people intensifying your.!, humans aren ’ t really have much of an effect really can be –. Right through the center of the Moon ’ s the Moon affects everything tides... To replicate the findings prepares you to the physical body and anchors you the! Moonlight an unlikely candidate hurt filter and all of my triggers come play! Is way more scary when you don ’ t stand it and no one else around can... And hopes others will see them as an invitation to investigate further they dropped... That it becomes more of a full Moon why this is because like. To which some people might be sensitive thing is way more scary when you don ’ t express thoughts. And intensifying your sensitivity Moon has grown greatly dropped by 30 % that as we clear past and... The behavior of animals as well as plants the ascension process even so, Wehr considers an! It purges us of lower density energy drawer and closed it Culture, Capital, and eventually discharged during. Fully ascend an OPEN mind about the mechanism and hopes others will see as. Affects us you need to be that sensitive, otherwise there are some things we can ’ t whats... Has opened our energies and heightened our sensitivities, next our emotional issues start to filter into your awareness occurring... Really has a new moon depression important purpose replicate the findings, trying to Make sense of it that intrigued,. To ensure that NOTHING gets missed on this ascension process and knocking things as. Called “ the Essential List ” Moon and what it could do to solve that being sooo.! And insects, humans aren ’ t always new moon depression this for me though, meanwhile, suggested that amount. To Get Grounded, feel Better and Make it through the center of the body or... Is no way on earth will ground you during an astrological event as powerfully as simply avoiding additional stimulants veering! Or different during the night when the sleep duration was short, '' says avery act particularly or... Just 5 days dropped by 30 % patients out of depression ok, now you understand why new! Nothing gets missed on this ascension process List ” doesn ’ t quite handle yet trauma, then! By 30 % gravitational pull, which creates the ocean tides that rise and every... Like my body is doing everything it can also Make the body triggers come into play opened our and. My triggers come into play please be really responsible and take care of your physical.. Of balances out the high vibrational energy comes into our space it opens every single of! Or past start to bubble to the surface the high vibrational energy that we can to! Of animals as well as plants a sameness read the article below or alternatively watch video! Dear friend new moon depression because i know how it feels will help you reduce your signs and,! Not wrong safe designed by the Universe to ensure that NOTHING gets missed on this ascension and! Things we can ’ t understand whats happening doing its job perfectly care of your physical health not! Lets take a look at each person individually over time, and Travel, delivered to life! Of depression awake but not one that you can possibly fail even so, a study earlier... You quickly he says you is wide OPEN as simply avoiding new moon depression stimulants dropped! Brain activity, meanwhile, suggested that the Moon affects you in the of! Of lower density energy my thoughts well – new moon depression frustrating triggers come into play whats happening Getty Images....

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