normalization for railway reservation system

The entity Booking, Payment has … OBJECTIVE The Railway Reservation System facilitates the passengers to enquire about the trains available on the basis of source and destination, Booking and Cancellation of tickets, enquire about the status of the booked ticket, etc. Online Railway Reservation In Address column, write your house number or house name/street, enter your city, state, pin/zip, country, phon e number, mark on “copy residence to office address” as “yes” if you want to give the same addr ess as office address. The route table has the details of schedule of every bus. The availability of the tickets would vary because of the time gap between online checking and visiting the ticket counter. Reservation against Cancellation. The aim of case study is to design and develop a database maintaining the records of different trains, train status, and passengers. Reservation clerk print the ticket according to users details 5) Use case: Query Timetable Actors: User, Query counter clerk Purpose: To give the details of train to the passenger for journey Normal Flow:- 1) User log in ) User specifies the particular train details 3) User gets the record according to the train 6) Use case: Check seat Availability Actors: User, Reservation Clerk Purpose: To give information … There are 3 important entities(1) Bus (2) Passenger (3) Route Any user can login and check for schedule of buses using a username and e-mail address. ABC is an online bus booking system. 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You can also find the form at the booking counter inside the railway station. Waiting list Reservation. Description of Railway Reservation System Database : The details of Train is store into the Train tables respective with all tables Each entity (Train Route, Booking, Payment, Ticket, Train) contains primary key and unique keys. 1. This can be possible by maintaining Global Database. PNR Generation; TECHNOLOGY USED. nf normalization with example tables for railway reservation system, database design and normalization, benefits database normalization, er diagram and normalization for library system, project report writing database normalization, normalization and denormalization in filter design, appraisal normalization ppt, The purpose of this source is to describe the railway reservation system which provides the train timing details, reservation, billing and cancellation on various types of reservation namely, Confirm Reservation for confirm Seat. Fill the form and submit it to the counter. Online bus booking system-A Case study on Normalisation 1. Hence, there is no confusion to the Reservation Clerk in all the stations to create the Reservation. Online Reservation. The scope of this system in creating Reservation is that, from any Railway Station we can Create Reservation, which is updated automatically in all the stations.

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