oboe chromatic scale

1. Imagine playing every note on the piano without skipping any. OBOE Ex. A chromatic scale on any musical instrument is a scale that usually goes up 1 octave then goes down again. OBOE Scales: 12 Major Scales (Full Range) Chromatic Scale (Full Range) Scales are to be played from memory. The judge will select one or two scales and the chromatic scale at the audition. OBOE Ex. Free oboe Sheet Music, free lessons, oboe downloads and resources Play the Notes 1 Any standard, unabridged edition is acceptable. Oboe Fingering Charts. Then transpose the patern starting on different notes. 2 4 & First Simply learn the pattern. 7 Ob. • ALL Brass and Woodwind Auditions, Chromatic Scale – Player’s Full Range ... • Flute – Measures 1-5, 44-68, 136-141 • Oboe – Measures 34-41, 84-93,136-150 There is no memory requirement. Solo: Poulenc –Sonata, Mvt. 3. Sharp, but useful in many high register combinations, such as: chromatic passages including notes Eb 6 through F# 6; combinations of Eb 6 to F# 6, D 6 to F 6 to Eb 6, Eb 5 to E 6 to Eb 6, and Db 5 to F 6 to Eb 6; scales of thirds; combinations of Eb 6 and fingerings involving the … Repeat this grouping a few times, taking a breath on the rest. Excerpts- prepare excerpts #3 and #4; OBOE SCALES. Scales- prepare the listed scales and chromatic scale. Say the Notes 2. Oboe ™™ Ob. OBOE Ex. 4 2. Excerpts: Ravel –Mother Goose Suite, The Spinning Wheel Daugherty –Niagara Falls Mozart –Oboe Quartet, K. 370 Below is a list of all available fingering charts for both student- and conservatory-model oboes and English horns. Ob. Finger the Notes 3. 1. Simile 3 ™™ ™™ Ob. 5 ™™ Ob. OBOE Ex. Each fingering chart is split up by acoustic octaves, whose ranges are notated and clickable. Trills and tremolos are arranged in order by the lower, principal note. Chromatic Scale Sheet For Oboe The Chromatic scale is a series of notes played in succession - ascending and descending without any skips in intervals.

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