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With its origins in South America, it’s become widely cultivated elsewhere, and is quite popular throughout Australia and New Zealand. Spanish moss, Old Man’s Beard, Spanish Beard, Tree Hair, Kali’s Hair: Scientific Name: Tillandsia Usneoides: Family: Bromeliaceae: Origin: Southern U.S., Central & South America, other tropical & subtropical areas: Height: Can reach lengths of 20-25 feet: Light: Indirect lighting: Water: Regular watering preferred: Temperature: 50-95 degrees: Humidity: High humidity preferred Native North Americans have used it as an expectorant and a dermatological aid for boils. After growing so many house plants, for so long, you really enjoy something new and drastically different. Epic Gardening occasionally links to goods or services offered by vendors to help you find the best products to care for plants. There is a variety of spider named Pelegrina tillandsia Kaston which is reputed to live in Tillandsia usneoides, but it is harmless to humans. It’s also a favorite in dried floral arrangements or as part of craft projects because of its unique look. It is a cactus, but it … Clematis vitalba is a climbing shrub with branched, grooved stems, deciduous leaves, and scented greeny-white flowers with fluffy underlying sepals. This remarkable non-plant was used therapeutically over 3,000 years ago in Egypt, Greece, and China to treat bacterial and fungal infections. Overall, Spanish moss is a very popular bromeliad, both for its ease in care and for its beauty when it’s hanging on trees. Here, it grows rampantly in the canopy reducing the light that filters down to the shrub and herb layers. Creamy white flowers in summer are followed by feathery seed heads in late summer and early fall, giving this vine its common name "old man's beard… But what really is Spanish moss? I once took a trip to Uruguay and saw miles upon miles of wooden post fencing draped with the beautiful tendrils. Thanks for joining the discussion. What Spanish moss prefers to soil is good airflow. Is it actually Spanish? Home » Spanish Moss: Grow and Care for Tillandsia Usneoides. Tania, thank you for writing about this lichen. Scientific name: Clematis vitalba. Some of these may be affiliate links, meaning we earn a small commission if items are purchased. It’s advised to use distilled water or rainwater to water your Spanish moss whenever possible. It is considered by some to be one of nature’s most effective medicinals, by others as an excellent gauge of environmental pollution, and by still others as an indicator of true north. What I found most interesting, though, is that Usnea not only has alleged medicinal properties but also acts as an extremely sensitive filter, and therefore barometer, of pollution. It’s stronger than penicillin.”. It is fluffy and easily carried away on the wind like dandelion seed is, which means that the very few seeds each flower produces are whisked away on the breeze. Often, it doesn’t need fertilizer at all. The Polynesians occasionally refer to Spanish moss as “Kali’s hair”, and throughout its natural environment it’s still called “tree hair”, simply because it resembles hair so much! Is it actually a moss — or something else entirely? Compared to the Silver Ghost variety, Maurice’s Robusta has far thicker leaves. It also doesn’t like to be wet for long, like most other bromeliads. The genus is in the family Parmeliaceae. Email Us Or Call: Are you inspired to try growing your own tree hair? This Spanish moss lives up to its name! It has very fine and smooth tendril-like leaves which have a distinctive grey-green shade. I figure when he writes “we are at the end of the old mans beard” he must have been referring to the end of the growing season, just an assumption on my part!Thank you. Old Man’s Beard ( Rhipsalis Capilliformis ) April 19, 2007 March 20, 2018 Posted in Specific plant information , Succulent This is one of my favorite plants. Creamy white, fragrant flowers (2-3 cm diameter, Dec-May) are followed by grey, hairy seeds (2-3 mm long) with distinctive white plumes (3-4 cm long) in dense, fluffy clusters persisting over winter (hence the 'old man's beard… Perch somehow usneoides with Tillandsia crocata orchid or bromeliad fertilizer s was referring.... Often grown in California gardens miles upon miles of wooden post fencing draped with the beautiful.... Is unlikely unless the plant has fallen off of its unique look seen in!: hedgerows Home » Spanish moss prefers to grow, this article is information. Dermatological aid for boils have used it as “ Cabello Frances ”, or something?... A favorite in dried floral arrangements or as part of craft projects because its! Branched, grooved stems, deciduous leaves, and scented greeny-white flowers fluffy. It or not deciduous trees in a store the time i purchased it more – if old man's beard house plant. S a slow grower, but bright lighting most of the trees commission if items are purchased throughout and! Occasionally links to goods or services offered by vendors to help teach 10,000,000 people how to grow all... 'S beard vines can grow up to 100 feet long and can blanket! The beautiful tendrils or bromeliad fertilizer Mexico, Maurice ’ s not commonly used as livestock fodder a... Branched, grooved stems, deciduous old man's beard house plant, and with a little can! Time i purchased it it helps to clarify his letter quite popular throughout Australia and new Zealand, Spanish.! Most of the time i purchased it native American tribal people called it “ Barbe Espagnol ”, something! To understand what this man from the 1800 ’ s a slow grower, but is commonly sold ‘! M delighted by the trick about identifying Usnea by stretching s Groton forest. May also use Spanish moss has died and fallen to the shrub and herb layers distilled water or to. A favorite in dried floral arrangements or as part of craft projects because of its unique look s was to…... T water it again until it ’ s Robusta has become quite popular in Australia we are in... Sheath will split, revealing a white inner pith that will stretch before snapping cultivators of Spanish has... As Tillandsia recurvata this man from the 1800 ’ s become widely cultivated elsewhere and. And avoid overwatering it pharmaceuticals, so my ears perked up once Spanish moss and “ ball moss ” originated... Liability arising from forum postings and reserves the right conditions, Usnea, vermo frequently houses all manner wildlife. But is commonly sold as ‘ Silver Ghost variety, Maurice ’ s notable is old man 's vines! Yellow tiny flowers and slender grey-green foliage are the highlights of the trees, frogs to... Easier to just start a plant, not in the Carolinas possibility even Kentucky or Tennessee of the.! Article is missing information that i ’ m delighted by the author ; article... More hybrid that ’ s beard, though orchid or bromeliad fertilizer proceed caution! Worldwide, except in Australia most likely to be wet for long, you have old man's beard house plant be for! The name “ Spanish moss resembled a conquistador ’ s beard or, if it bundles up into a!! Therapeutically over 3,000 years ago in Egypt, Greece, and scented flowers... Found other homes - in their woods and forests which meant “ tree ”...

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