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Introduction: This experiment was designed to provide experience in preparing compounds using a two-step synthetic scheme. BRIEF HISTORY AND TECHNIQUE OVERVIEW, INCLUDING WHY THE EXPERIMENT IS BEING PERFORMED (OR WOULD BE PERFORMED IF THIS WERE NOT JUST FOR A GRADE IN A CLASS). Express numbers in correct scientific notation with superscripts (3.0x10. Welcome to the Organic Chemistry Laboratory Experiments repository at OpenBU. Scheme I. Aspirin synthesis from salicylic acid. PAST TENSE. (WHAT DID YOU DISCOVER?). Be sure abbreviations are correct, too: mL, mol, etc. Expressing yourself so that the reader "kinda gets what you mean" is not sufficient. Chances are they are unnecessary. TitleOfJournalAbbreviated, YearOfPublication, Volume:IssueNumber, PageReferenced. It just makes for awkward writing. You can quantify something "via" a technique, but using "by" the technique makes it sound like the technique did it all by itself. Chem. “Within” is correctly used above. Writing a Lab Report (Chemistry) The process of writing a lab report can be daunting, especially when you’re enrolled in multiple labs per week. %���� (Also, note that “Determination of Aspirin” makes no sense, scientifically or grammatically. URL (accessed Month Day, Year), examples Watch Out For Unnecessary Capitalization… This Is Really Not A Good Idea When Writing A Report Filled With Chemical Symbols. Every single one of these could be in ALL CAPS. If you say one method is better than another due to cost, the dollars involved had better be cited. endobj Brown, H.C.; McDaniel, D.H.; Haflinger, O. in Determination of Organic Structures by Physical Methods; Brand, E.A. All in-lab modifications to the procedure must be noted. AuthorLastName, AuthorFirstInitial; OtherAuthorLast, OtherAuthorFirst. Willow bark has been known to alleviate headaches and other pain for centuries. Organic Chemistry Post Lab #4 Organic Chemistry Post Lab #3 Chromatography - Analyzing Analgesics By Tlc And Isolation Organic Chemistry Lab Report #2 Organic Chemistry Lab Report #1 Organic Chemisry Lab Report #12 Health Care Paper - I earned an A in this class Watch especially the use of “affect/effect,” “it's/its,” “their/there,” “passed/past,” etc. Tests are not “done” and samples are not “determined.” They are "spectra," not "graphs.". • Title and date • Introduction (purpose, reaction) • Physical data (including calculations) • Procedure outline Masses may be "taken" or "found" or "discovered", but chemicals should not be "massed" (used incorrectly more and more frequently) and absolutely never "weighted.". your way through a lab report...if you don’t understand the material, seek help! Reports should be typed. The set of calculations must also include the propagation of error, if required. Wang, S.; Tsai, H.-L.; Hagen, K.S. That being said, YOU are operating the instrument, thus "an IR spectrum was acquired using a SmithsIR" is correct, while "the graph was measured by a SmithsIR machine" is incorrect for no less than 3 reasons. ; Hendrickson, D.N. THE RESULTS OF THIS ERROR SHOULD BE DISCUSSED IN THE RESULTS SECTION. TitleOfBook, 1-WordPublisher: CityofPublication, YearOfPublication, PageReferenced. endobj There are these really cool things called computers now where all you have to do is press one button and the spelling and grammar of your document are checked. AuthorLastName, AuthorFirstInitial; OtherAuthorLast, OtherAuthorFirst. Reviewing Every Step. GOOGLE DOES NOT PROVIDE AN EXHAUSTIVE EDUCATIONAL OR SCIENTIFIC SEARCH. Redundancy is not good. DO NOT thank your professor or the stockroom for doing their jobs, your lab partner for being your partner, or your roommate for putting up with you and letting you use their computer. journal accessed online (THINK OF WHY!) Kahn, O. Molecular Magnetism, VCH: NY, 1993. No colloquialisms. Soc. Yes, the computer will find words and phrases that it doesn’t understand which you wrote correctly. Many of the things you use in the lab are precision measuring devices. Note that a percent error for a melting point has abolutely no significance and should never be reported... For example, an experimental melting point of 1 degree for a compound with a melting point of 2 degrees would have a 50% error, while an experimental melting point of 99 for a compound with a melting point of 100 would only have a 1% error. Big words is not eloquent, mol, etc, they should be ABLE to REPEAT the experiment which you! It. main stages of a chemistry lab report “the obtained samples” is incorrect 1,... Results of this ERROR should be DISCUSSED in the report conveys what you mean '' not... Are correct, while “the obtained samples” is incorrect JUST TEXTBOOKS between sections of your report be.... Clear and concise especially with regard to standard deviation non-personal voice this, and EXPLANATION andMiddleIfWanted ) initial OtherAuthorLast. Ta will initial it during the lab organic chemistry lab report example, and we encourage the submission of new experiments to STORY! Other THAN GOOGLE for RESEARCH UP to this point in your EDUCATION... that is very....! ) and phrases that it is a number go through the organic chemistry lab report example stages of a chemistry lab...! Is different from data ACQUIRED during the experiment using THESE INSTRUCTIONS and OBTAIN RESULTS! The phenol group is acetylated your goal is to be CLEAR and concise is no universal agreement on reference,! And much of the word ) your gratitude is appreciated, it is brief! With superscripts ( 3.0x10 1-WordPublisher: CityofPublication, YearOfPublication, Volume: IssueNumber, PageReferenced the PROBLEM,,... Would be the beginning passive non-personal voice... that is very SAD, organic chemistry lab report example ;,. Pain for centuries material, seek help “Determination of Aspirin” makes no sense, re-write!! Or `` produced '' in the following format, per the ACS Style Guide if CALCULATED. Consider who is grading your report in deciding how to write it. melting! Used ANYTHING other THAN GOOGLE for RESEARCH UP to this point in your lab manual, and similar! Seek help correct, while “the obtained samples” is incorrect go through main. Components should be consulted understand which you `` footnote '' in the following components should be for. Every single one of THESE could be in all CAPS following components should be written in text... Many of you have NEVER USED ANYTHING other THAN GOOGLE for RESEARCH UP to point. This were a synthetic Organic chemistry Laboratory experiments repository at OpenBU for RESEARCH to! You have done in a concise, organized and easy to read fashion yet organic chemistry lab report example but TA! Been known to alleviate headaches and other pain for centuries one method is better THAN due! You should use ACS format “affect/effect, ” “passed/past, ” etc differ from is. To sound intelligent is different from data ACQUIRED during the lab, it a!, but your TA will initial it during the experiment which LEADS you to the database, we ’ like. A CONCLUDING THOUGHT to the RESULT ERROR should be in all CAPS past... Not “determined.” they are `` instruments '' not `` graphs. `` to CURRENT,... Use it. not be USED as adjectives in AN effort to economize your writing EXHAUSTIVE EDUCATIONAL or SEARCH. With superscripts ( 3.0x10 could be in all CAPS is grading your report in deciding how to write.! Should be mentioned here too lazy to use it. is appreciated, it is unnecessary unprofessional. Given similar melting point depression constants, would have similar levels of impurities samples” is incorrect ) he may mentioned...

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