outdoor ukulele guitar review

A car interior with closed windows here in Wisconsin, USA can get up to 140°F (60°C) and right now as I write this, it is -14°F (-25°C). Keep up the good work, I always recommend the beginners at uke club visit your site. What’s to say? I now have lights in it and everybody seems to love it when I turn them on. Thanks for the comparison video - it was very informative. Your donations all go back into the site to allow me to keep bringing you reviews, and in the end the ukuleles acquired are given to local schools and charities. I bought the carbon tenor from Steve Kyle at uke-shop; there's nowhere at checkout to enter the 'Gotaukulele' discount code, but when I emailed him to query it, he explained it was an old offer, and threw in strap buttons instead (OutdoorUS price $12 a pair before postage). I expect it will last a long time and accompany me on many more adventures where I wouldn’t want to take one of my nicer instruments. I mean, it’s a piece of plastic. For the money, it's a pretty good instrument. UPDATE: After playing with the Outdoor uke for a few years, I’ve become disappointed with its tuning stability and intonation. Difficult to compare tenor to concert(ish). The thing about a computer generated piece of plastic is that it can be very precise and stable. There are a couple minor cosmetic scratches, but surprisingly few for the beating it’s taken. And you can’t tell at all. Copyright © 2008 - 2020 Got A Ukulele / Barry Maz - All Rights Reserved, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. Back in 2011 I bought my first truly serious ukulele - the Kanile'a K-1 Tenor. Fretting plastic strings on a plastic fretboard feels a bit funny at first, but you quickly get used to it. I bought an abs plastic uke (Basically the Korala that Baz reviewed but sold under a different name) to have as a cheap take-anywhere option here in Maryland. Even the highest frets remain perfectly in tune – with the stock strings, that is. That might have been the case in the past but today there are some great plastic ukuleles that are ideal instruments for travel. The utility of such a beater combined with known temperature tolerances will be worth it for me. I would go for the Waterman if I was in the market for a plastic uke—which I'm not. I prefer the Outdoor tenor, but it would be interesting to compare it with an Enya tenor if they come out with one. Barry, I just watched you Outdoor Ukulele review. It was flawless, I still own it and adore it. It is literally two pieces of plastic welded together. It’s not perfect, but for a military-grade beater uke made in the USA, it’s pretty cool. I personally like the brightness and clarity of the enya (which I own) and think, in an ideal world, this would be the one to have as a 'take anywhere' portable option that can take a bit of abuse then come home to a more mellow, wooden (tenor for me) uke. What I learned - I LOVED having a go-anywhere (including the boat) plastic uke.The cheap cost I spent on an experiment was absolutely worth it.I will have a similar utility uke again, probably an Enya Nova U or, more likely, an Outdoor. It doesn’t get very cold here during the day-to-day so I haven’t had a chance to expose it to the low-end of the temperature scale, but I would not hesitate for a second to take it up on the mountain in sub-freezing conditions (or even to Antarctica). Outdoor Ukulele Tenor Review. The Enya sound is a little thin in comparison but is a lot more aesthetically pleasing. I put the Aquila REeds, Low G on it as soon as I got it. Granted, they are replaceable. Barry, I just watched you Outdoor Ukulele review. I managed to fit a Savarez KF95 low-G string in the stock string slot, but it’s snug. As far as I’m concerned, it’s pretty much perfect in the durability aspect. November, 2016 ~ After babying my nice ukuleles for years on errands and beach days, I finally decided to look for an alternative that could permanently live in my car. Another excellent review; how pleasing that your Outdoor ukulele adventure had a happy ending. The setup? I live in South Alabama along the Gulf Coast and my Uke lives in my car. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before customer demand forces a change, but at the current moment it’s still a drawback. Aside from the Google ads, I don't get paid to write this blog and for reasons of impartiality a not sponsored by brands or stores. Hi Barry, interesting review. Although you can’t see through the plastic, it catches the light in charming ways, appearing to glow sometimes. I also have their Carbon Banjolele with the white head. Facebook Pinterest Twitter Email. They certainly seemed like an upgrade to me. The Enya sounds thin while the Outdoor sounds rich and mellow. This way, should mayhem arise, no tears will be shed if your precious guitar or ukulele is destroyed. The resonance can be at times boomy and makes for a very loud sound. Concerning the price. Kilimanjaro. This is Scott from Outdoor Ukulele. Also added a Double K&K pickup with no regrets. Steve's a nice man to deal with; we had a good old chat, and the uke was sent out superfast. He doesn't seem to keep a shedload of ukes in stock, but will take requests for his next shipment. Wish they had a Gig bag for it though, mu only complaint on that one. Playing the ukulele, a lot of the resonance comes out in the attack of the notes. Metal tuners by Grover are the only non-plastic piece – my only qualm about actually swimming with the instrument. I chose to get the green Outdoor tenor and the color very much reminds me of an old beer bottle. Not sure about what strings would stand up to those temps though. There is no guarantee what will happen in the great outdoors. Also added a Double K&K pickup with no regrets. You can see the bracing pattern inside the uke where the plastic is thicker. Since I got it back in July, the Outdoor tenor has lived permanently in the backseat of my crappy little car. Sound isn't overly bright IMO; action at the 12th fret is a smidge under 3mm; overall very pleased. Patreon pledges, large or small, all help keep this site going!! But if you can get over the unique flavor of the sound, the Outdoor uke doesn’t sound all that bad. If you enjoy this blog, donations are welcomed to allow me to invest more time in bringing you ukulele articles. And the neck width on the Enya is just too narrow. It’s kind of clunky and flat on the back, which is far from an ideal playing surface. But I only go boating on the Mississippi once or twice a year. I own a white version of the Enya which I bought from Amazon for £69-99. Perfect every time since the nut is formed as part of the neck and fretboard. That heft in plastic would serve it well. From the factory, the Outdoor tenor is set up for high-g. The Outdoor instruments are made from two pieces of polycarbonate plastic (top and back/sides) fused together in the creation process. The Outdoor tenor ships with Rye Rabbit (whoever that is) flurocarbon strings. The intonation all the way up the neck is possibly the best I’ve ever seen on an ukulele. A string any bigger would require some filing. Here in the USA

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