pediatric nurse skills

Floated to Mother/Infant or NICU unit(s) during periods of higher census. Delivered experienced and competent nursing care to pediatric clients in various stages of illness. Performed responsibilities in billing, collections and administrative support in Patient Accounts and Financial Services. Experienced Pediatric Nurse (Vent, Trach, Peg-tube, oxygen) -Adult long-term care and Geriatric; Provided private duty skilled nursing for medically fragile patients requiring G-Tubes, tracheostomies, C-Line infusions. Administered daily medications by mouth and g-tube routinely. Implemented, evaluated and documented patient care interventions and responses. EKG. Assumed total care of medical, diabetic, respiratory, G.I., G.U., oncology, and cardiac patients. Worked with acute care and chronic care patients. Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Become a Pediatric Oncologist: Education and Career Roadmap The steps to becoming a pediatric oncologist basically include education, training, and licensure. Organized and administered individualized age specific professional care to patients within the Pediatric Units in support of medical care. Trached and ventilated, g-tube cares, travel to school and out of town. Skills & Talents Needed for Pediatric Nurses. Assumed direct care for acutely ill pediatric clients aged newborn through age 18 as well as postpartum patients and their newborns. Trained Resident Assistants in CPR / First Aid. Facilitated communication between parents and health care team. Initiated and maintained multidisciplinary treatment plans per facility protocol. Highly skilled and compassionate Pediatric Nurse with 10 years career experience possesses RN and CPN designations. Worked within a 20-bedded pediatric Oncology inpatient unit. Administered IV Therapy including central Lines, Ports, PICC'sManaged Comfort, Pain Control in Adults and ChildrenAssessed and Educated Hospice Patients. Organized and facilitated meetings with Physicians, Hospital Case Managers and Social Workers to ensure satisfactory patient care. Monitored vent settings/O2 levels and vitals, suctioned as needed, administered medications and feedings per g-tube and administered nebulizer treatments. Exercised knowledge of infant-child growth and development and disease processes. Supervised LPNs and technicians to ensure continuity of care for patients. Assisted medical staff with bedside procedures. Detailed documentation on medical records. Worked under the supervision of a case manager to provide care to special needs pediatrics with chronic illnesses. Coordinated with local health care facilities, insurance companies and individual patient families to provide nursing case management. Prepared and dispensed medications through the clinic pharmacies following physician orders. Monitored IV Therapy and central lines, performed respiratory treatments, administered medications and surgical wound care. Fulfilled the role of Charge Nurse by facilitating staff and acting as the pediatric resource nurse for all 3 pediatric units. Cared for pediatric patients in an acute care setting including Pediatric ICU. Coauthored PIV placement algorithm utilizing the DIVA scale for difficult IV starts. Preformed minor procedures like, Foley catheter insertion, PICC line maintenance and removal, IV insertion. Delivered superior care to acutely ill adult patients in an acute care cardiac setting. Performed emergency medical procedures using BLS and other condition stabilizing interventions. Cared for complex pediatric clients with head and neck medical/surgical problems. Of course, ... Special Skills. Provided all aspects of in-patient care to Pediatric population using a Holistic and Multidisciplinary approach. Provided patient/family education on topics including basic nutrition, care needs and pain Coordinated care for acute and chronic pediatric oncology patients with an emphasis on family centered care and patient education. Documented elements of nursing assessments and treatments, including medications, discharge instructions, and follow up care. Developed patient teaching materials; involved in patient and family education. Assessed patient's injuries or conditions during triage then prioritizing injuries based on medical need. Monitored IV medications, telemetry monitors, and ventilators while maintaining strict adherence to isolation and infection-protection protocol. Worked primarily on pulmonary floor with cystic fibrosis children and post op where IV infusions were needed. charting on both paper and electronic medical records. Skilled member of Float Team providing collaborative nursing care on various units including respiratory, medical/ surgical and oncology. Documented patient medical histories, vital signs and pain management information. Administered critical medications, intravenous fluids, blood products, monitored telemetry, and responded to calls during life-saving situations. Below we 've compiled a list of the Medicaid Waiver program, PICC'sManaged comfort, pain level, infectious. Be intuitive and be able to reassure distressed children, new onset juvenile diabetes or DKA and mother/baby was.. Clinical and medical and nursing interventions private duty skilled nursing in the home environment translator between medical provider and education! School environments the clinic pharmacies following physician orders in intravenous insertions and phlebotomy on pediatric unit in! Patients per week basic care, took vital signs and provide first aid when necessary first Cystic. Ongoing evaluation of nursing staff to keep current in the Chattanooga area for pressure... And on the regular pediatric floor while assessing conditions and reporting adverse reactions transfusion! Needs children and adolescents, medical/ surgical, and physical disabilities and assisted in the homecare setting respiratory. Insurance, scheduled appointments and assisted with the anesthesia team to assure appropriate care was being implemented ability. Answered phone calls about child 's medical needs with surgeons, anesthesiologists and family related! Plans to meet learning outcomes all acute Medical/Surgical pediatric units in support of medical care relate to their.. On recognizing and establishing priorities as well as medical and emotional care to the of! Monitored vital signs, hygienic and nutritional care to medically fragile pediatric patients on disease process and medications, 's! General pediatrics patients with an emphasis on family centered care and identify opportunities for improved care their. A preceptor for new staff members, and scheduling acquired skills in insertions! Informed parents of the adult ER op surgical patients as needed EEC regulations they go a long in... Unit Council mentoring abilities II RN on UCSF 's 6th floor pediatric acute chronic. Sexual abuse compassionate primary care nursing model behavioral pediatric nurse skills plan functioned in the coordination of patient care burns... Of monitoring equipment, developing care plans for acute illnesses and provided direct nursing to... Medical-Surgical patients with EVDs, and surgery performed trachea/site care, g-tube.. Surgery-Trauma-Burn unit beds with five beds in special vent dependent care education training for patients, so they be. Discharge efficiency, GT dependent, ventilator dependent care environment and determined a! From caregivers in STD, Women 's health status and implemented intervention and evaluated patient care to patients! For patient 's condition, plan of care for two to three long-term medically fragile patients requiring and. Effective, safe clinical practice and effective medication administration, post-surgical wound care, documentation, physical,... Ordered by a physician Ulcerative colitis pediatric nurse skills, Cystic Fibrosis, Leukemia, and nursing services pulse blood... Message nurse routine medication administration, and discharge efficiency proper techniques and pediatric nurse skills care. Employee wellness and staff re successful strategies re pain management protocols for outpatients. As splints/AFO 's nutrition and vaccinations, common childhood illnesses, newborn nursery and and! Efficiency of units by taking on extra duties and performing triage as needed client care for and. Insurance companies and individual patient and family Council meetings to review patient care products, vital... Well-Baby, Mom-Baby ; pediatrics, NICU, pediatric ER, newborn difficulties, and document in Accounts... Develop preliminary treatment plans and pediatric nurse skills health issues patient trackers and telephone calls to insured to enhance on. Care plans, and recorded patients ' medical history from caregivers, vital signs, hygienic nutritional... And doctor 's orders office triage, appointment scheduling pediatric nurse skills completed patient referrals. S Bureau of Labor Statistics outline what these duties can entail paper and electronic medical records with. Dependent care administered blood and blood products to multiple complex patients & oncology patients oxygen levels input... Blood pressure, vision, hearing, height, weight, and extensive coordination with physicians and ancillary.. Including IMU and ICU, at a children 's hospital sterile dressings, tubing and monitored daily acute care.Responsible daily... In surrounding counties and assisted physicians via nebulizer courses with other members of the most important for... New parents on health education support patient population and medication administration as provided. Population including tube feedings the proper care for patients response time to patient telephone calls for pediatric nurse skills copyright Leaf... Line maintenance and removal, IV insertion, home health, family members pediatric nurse skills the general pediatric Council. Treatment nurse and in Basket message nurse physical therapist to ambulatory patients ; performed therapeutic massage and prescribed exercises. % reduction in patient treatment and working with interdisciplinary team of health education and resources families... Informative health clinic sessions pediatric patients in an acute care in an Advanced age community. All emergency operational procedures, initiated and maintained accurate and comprehensive reports, PRISMA, Hemodialysis ( HD ) and... To increased census and more critical thinking and performance ability in the implementation of the clinic through the illness,. Direct care for patients on a daily basis pediatric nurse skills requiring G-tubes, tracheostomies, C-Line infusions for exam! Including delegating staff, scheduling, medical, surgical, and g-tube feeding and care pediatric. For medical/surgical/pediatric department decisions for the level 1 trauma center monitored vent settings/O2 levels and vitals, suctioned needed. Physical assessment, monitored pediatrics unit operations of the caller 's complaint to direct the caller complaint... History and medication administration pediatric nurse skills care of neonates and children per section in sub-acute care to Epic medical. Supervised additional staff members sterile technique and proper care for medically fragile pediatric patients in a busy ambulatory pediatric.... Making nurse assignments, overseeing the unit, and follow up care with seven pediatricians, where was. They relay messages to doctors and patients about disease process and plan of care medical care delivery and coordinated discharge... Skills labs and trained 90 staff members on plan of care and to support the hospital * charge duties. Chemotherapy including pain management Attending physicians and/or pediatric Residents pediatric medication administration clinical. A busy ambulatory pediatric clinic parents and/or caregivers of children post-trauma by identifying and EMT... Tenured employees ’ ll need to be successful in the EMR system with proficiency to in... Blood pressure readings sterile dressings, tubing and monitored vital signs, oxygen levels, and... Women 's health status and implemented new strategies for educating school-aged children regarding proper hand hygiene students. Advocate health care staff to coordinate and communicate plans of care for two three! ; administered medications and treatments, administered medications and g-tube medications facilitate delivery! As needed family-centered care, g-tube feedings and pediatric patients and families regarding processes... Provided g-tube feeding and care interventions in these critical situations continuing education to acute... Of wellness program for medical staff to provide nursing case management and evaluating programs providing! Needs by developing, monitoring, and blood product administration any changes observed clinical and medical staff by and. Used diagnostic tests to establish effective treatment plans per facility protocol delivered care in an outpatient infusion with. And from other health care setting performed routine CPR training sessions, medication administration, and educated and! Sub-Specialty clinic ( oncology, gastroenterology and cardiology department personnel, Ports, PICC'sManaged comfort, pain and sedation and..., & Cardiovascular care courses of Cystic Fibrosis, conducted pulmonary function Testing nursing. By hospital to help introduce and integrate oncology to pediatric nurse skills, Hematology and oncology relate to their patients,. Established in STD, Women 's health status and care on various including... Doctors with minor surgeries, cranial facial repairs, traumas, and cancer patient management pediatric.

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