photographing a wedding at night

I can take a series of pictures, and they're all going to be in focus. I have Nikon branded flashes as well, and used to use Yongnuo,  which are also great. That said it is still likely to be concealed by the couple in front of it. You'll need a little bit of gear. Being backlit it is going to light up like a Christmas tree. First off, it's incredibly valuable to your clients. Keep reading to discover 2 common scenarios that happen, as well as solutions to help you solve the problem and capture images your clients will love. It's not the look that I'm after anyway. Additionally, you can add a kicker (which is a flash on a stand) to provide rim light and a boom (which is a flash on a monopod). Have a second lens at the ready. 100% of the time they are going to say, sure no problem. As I write this, I realize I bring to lenses because I'm a prime shooter, I didn't even consider that lots of people are going be using zoom lenses, so if that's the case shoot one wide and she will narrow. Probably one of the fewest scenarios, where rain is truly your friend on the wedding day. If the flash is maxed out, try just boosting up that film speed a little bit. In a night shot like this, a still puddle might as well be a mirror. I dial in all my settings, and I know I'm going to be good to go with the bride and groom, and won't have to take too much of their time. "Video light" illumination levels: Whether a video light or similar portable "lighting bank" is useful to get the sort of signal to noise ratio that a wedding usually demands depends on the performance of your camera at higher ISO settings, the area that you wish to illuminate and … Set up the light, and choose a medium to low power. Don’t always wait until its super dark dark outside. Yes please! What can you do in this situation? Learning the basics from a veteran photographer will help you avoid common mistakes. Realize that wedding photography is expensive. Then once I have nailed the focus, I switch the camera over to manual focus and try not to bump it. You will see real fast, what I mean when you try it. Consider a second wedding photographer. If there is anything more they want to be photographed, you can tell them to give you heads up but that you're winding it down. Locations: 290 Mornington St, Stratford, ON N5A 5G6 & 31 Chestnut St, Kitchener, ON N2H 1T6 (519) 801-1234. The beauty of photographs of darkened cityscapes and starry skies makes learning how to do nighttime photography worth the effort. Typically it's backlit, and that is what I find the easiest, but it can be all kinds of different lighting scenarios. I split my time between photographing the girls getting their makeup and hair done to photographing the essential details – the wedding dress, shoes, jewelry, garter etc. For the most part, anything behind the flash is likely to be in complete darkness so anything will do. I'm sure there are 1 million things that will probably work and look impressive for a night shot. You can also have fun with some Photoshop trickery because your couple is likely to be surrounded by a lot of darkness, it can be easier to Photoshop some interesting things into the frame. They may allow you to shadow them at weddings they’ve booked, or pick their brain for advice. Hopefully, they were already impressed with how you handled yourself during the day, but seeing that last night shot is going to get them super pumped. I feel almost as if I owed to them, as I have dragged them out sometimes in unfavorable conditions, taking them away from the party to get this shot. Sometimes I have a light 5 feet behind a couple, and I'm 30 feet away. Always impressive. At this point, your picture still probably looks brutal, because there's nothing blocking the flash. I’m holding up my left had, in front of the flash, to stand in for my missing bride and groom. To me, a night shot, is a photo or series of photos that you take of the bride and groom, usually just them, unless friends tag along. See more ideas about Night time wedding, Photography, Photography inspiration. When thinking and planning how to photograph a wedding, clearly the stars of the occasion are the bride and groom and these can be some of the most precious shots you will take on the day. I have put together a list of night photography tips that will jump start your photography. If there was a couple that I really struck a chord with during the day I might seek them out, for a kind wedding party member who has their significant other there as well, I'll ask if they want to be my guinea pigs,  and they always say yes. This gives you something to focus on, that the camera can grab onto. Keep reading to discover 2 common scenarios that happen, as well as solutions to help you solve the problem and capture images your clients will love. Sure you can influence the timeline (see next section) or you can add artificial light which we’ll talk about later. If it's a really enclosed space, and the light is going to bounce around this area won't be totally dark so just keep that in mind. For me it is a time to get the couple alone, let them take a quick break from the dance floor, decompress and I can make my exit after this. Or if it's not, just crank my ISO and see how things behave. You can also bring a diffuser to help soften the light and avoid any of the harsh shadows on your subjects. Night photography has its challenges, especially when you are faced with limited lighting. To be a great wedding photographer – you have to be very experienced and versatile to be prepared to take on all kinds of different lighting scenarios and conditions. Rain is your friend. Sarah: Will you have an assistant? Keeping in mind, the limits of using shutter speed with off-camera flash if you're not using high-speed sync. Reflections are also your friend. I used to turn my phone on the highest brightness, and also set it so that the screen doesn't go to sleep right away. While specialists of this subject embrace it as a deep-seated passion and have a never-ending quest for technical and creative advancement, those more familiar with daytime photography are often unaware that tried and true photography rules often need to be adapted or even overlooked at night. I regularly use anything from just a kiss of light, 1/128th  power,  all the way to full blast. It's either in my hand, or I set it on the ground sort of tilted up towards them. 9. Follow these eight useful techniques to help you shoot in the dark. It helps that night shots look amazing, coming straight out of camera even before any editing is done. You do not have a ceiling to bounce flash off of. Actual setups as well differ wildly. Night sky photography might call for a longer shutter speed of 10 seconds or more, while for urban night photography you can probably use a 2-10-second shutter speed. Most of the time I’m just using the ground these days. Image by SDE Wedding Pro Chris Arson Photography. I think I almost always start with a wide angle, my trusty 28 mm. Which is why I'm absolutely thrilled to share this wedding night story that was first published on The Wedding Co. Photographing the night sky isn’t quite as straightforward as one might want, though. I read books on wedding photography, and I researched photography blogs and forums. A lot of times I find myself using live view here, and single focus. I find that styled shoots have become repetitive and predictable because perfection is what is being striven for. What is popular this year in colors, destinations and styles will be different next year. If I left the flash at a 10th power and had to crank my ISO up to 1600. There are various scenarios that can happen during the wedding reception, especially when it is outdoors at night. Have hundreds wedding photos to retouch but tomorrow you will have another wedding ceremony photoshoot, order basic or advanced photo retouching from online services like and receive amazing results in few days.

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