pique fabric characteristics

A typical pique structure consists of a plain face fabric composed of one series of warp and one series of weft threads and a set of back or stitched thread. Continuous sunken lines are run horizontally in the cloth. Skip or divided draft is generally used. Yet, pique became so immensely popular the fashion industry started designing other pique garments for the men’s section. Pique Knit fabric has raised fibers that form a ribbed-like texture that can form various diamond-like shapes. One cord per repeat. Pique is a knit-like fabric featuring a pattern texture similar to a honeycomb, also cord, waffle, and birds eye structure are equally common. The thickness and quality of the fabric will be determined by the type of cotton used. ‘Pi-kay’ refers to the weaving style characterized by the raised parallel cords. Study on Geometric and Dimensional Properties of Double Pique Knitted Fabrics Using Cotton Sheath Elastomeric Core Spun Yarn V. Kumar1, V. R. Sampath2 and C. Vigneswaran3 1Department of Fashion Technology, Angel College of Engineering and Technology Pique weave is used to produce trimmings and other ornamented products. What Is Pique Fabric and What Are Its Characteristics? This typically gives the fabric more body, making it perfect for polo shirts, shirt dresses, knit skirts and more structured knit fashion apparel. Pique fabric is typically used in the construction of clothing, such as polo shirts, blouses and pants, as well as in bedding and quilts. A staple fabric in the sportswear industry, pique has long been regarded as the go-to fabric for polo shirts and dresses, tennis skirts and a variety of golfwear.

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