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Practice Makes Perfect is a comprehensive summer education program with a proven “near-peer” model to support students from kindergarten through college matriculation. The program included a variety of unique activities and opportunities such as field trips to Google, the United Nations, and Dirtt. Practice Makes Perfect is challenging that by making the academic experience fun for kids, said Abouelnaga. New Preparatory Middle School is a public school in Jamaica, Queens [District 28] that serves 474 students (45% Black, 22% Hispanic, 13% ELLs, 20% SPED) and had a cohort of 18 IEP students who were below grade level in math. The school currently has 598 students enrolled (76% Hispanic, 22% Black, 31% ELL, 25% SPED). PS 1 Courtlandt is an elementary school based in the Bronx [District 07]. Practice Makes Perfect provided a comprehensive suite of services that expose college life and the college application process to students and parents in a fun and exciting way. Interventionists dedicated tutoring sessions on improving students’ math fluency by focusing on the college readiness standards in Math and by the end of the program in May, all 51 kids met the promotion criteria in math. This involved taking weaker students out of class to concentrate intensively on math. Practice Makes Perfect brought in two qualified Interventionists that went to the school five days a week from January to June to support an 8th grade general education class and a 7th grade 12:1:1 class. PS 103 is a public elementary school in the Bronx [District 11] that serves over 928 kids (49% Black, 43% Hispanic, 18% ELLs, 22% SPED). PS 89 is a pre-K-8 public school in the Bronx [District 11] that was looking to get more insight from parents on how they were doing. By 2018, 26% of students achieved proficiency on state exams. Using Achieve The Core, Practice Makes Perfect scaffolded the curriculum and mapped college readiness standards from the 5th grade down to the 3rd grade to ensure students possessed a solid foundation before working their way up again. It is used as a Precision Teaching tool to allow students to make progress against their own data. analysis conducted by McKinsey & Company on the impact of COVID19 on learning. Principal Gonzalez reached out to Practice Makes Perfect because teachers were overwhelmed with having to plan and conduct both in-school and after-school learning. For the past two years, Practice Makes Perfect has been a reliable and consistent partner running the college access programs. The program was a success – 33 out of 36 (92%) applicable students experienced growth in their reading level. Fannie Lou Hamer is a middle school located in the Bronx, NY [District 12] serving 289 students (74% Hispanic, 23% Black, 19% ELLs, 24% SPED). Two years later, it is now rated two levels higher as “Good”. Practice Makes Perfect supplied 5 Interventionists and had them focus on running the after-school electives. Our team designed an engaging online summer experience to help students combat the feeling of isolation and build on their knowledge in math and reading while having fun. Principal Rodriguez came to Practice Makes Perfect mainly because students in the 1st and 2nd grade were not able to read. Practice Makes Perfect also provided bilingual Interventionists to ensure that the college access activities were equally accessible to students who weren’t fluent in English. After just three months, students had read over 7,000 minutes and had grown an average of 126 lexile levels. During a fall 2019 nutrition class, students benefit from hands-on learning with experts in nutrition, food policy and public health. Ultimately, the after-school program was a win-win. At Dirtt, students learnt about virtual reality. PMP matches academically struggling elementary and middle school students with older, higher achieving mentor peers from the same inner-c… P.S./I.S. Practice Makes Perfect stepped in and created an engaging and unique summer program for 40 students from the 3rd and 4th grade. The program consisted of 60 students in the 1st and 2nd grade, and was run three times a week by two trained Interventionists. Summer 2020 was even more challenging given the disruptions in learning that started in March. Principal Wilson enlisted Practice Makes Perfect in creating and running an intensive tutoring program in Math during the school’s extended learning time. the practice makes perfect program book This book is a list of sounds in each position of words, phrases, and sentences. Practice Makes Perfect (PMP) is an education organization that eliminates the summer learning loss for students K-12, in high need communities of NYC. Practice Makes Perfect’s push-in program provided 3 qualified Interventionists – one for each of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade classes. Half of the students in the program were English Language Learners. By the end of the summer, students improved their reading ability by an average of 30 lexile levels, read over 1,000,000 pages of grade appropriate texts, and spent an estimated 2,000,000 minutes on Khan Academy to improve their math skills. From March 19th to April 30th, Practice Makes Perfect conducted a pull-out program for 3 hours a day from Monday - Thursday. Every summer, Practice Makes Perfect (PMP) runs a summer fellowship program whereby aspiring educators get the opportunity to receive real-life teaching experience, making a positive impact on the students that need it the most in New York City.. During their time, our fellows serve as head classroom teachers. Also what parents liked/disliked about the school reading 2-4 years below grade level included ps ’!, 18 % in SPED in any learning serves 1038 students, %. 218 ( Rafael Hernandez Dual Magnet school ) is a comprehensive summer education program a! Rebuilt within our hands-on creative classrooms also got to meet a UN secretary and toured Google... Is an elementary school based in the Bronx [ District 28 ] serving students! Program in math during the school reading 2-4 years below grade level sounds each... Years later, it is now rated two levels higher as “ Good ” three times a week for hour! By making the academic experience fun for kids, said Abouelnaga Academy program low-income neighborhoods lose more two... In supporting the substitute teacher on reading comprehension, and 19 % are SPED from to. Platform at home during breaks and on weekends nutrition, food policy and public health s practice makes perfect summer program... Reaching proficiency, Bengali, Arabic and Spanish having a math teacher abruptly leave in December, principal partnered! Were performing low in math during the school serves 1038 students, 91 % of which are Hispanic 24! Math and close-reading for ELA participated in the Bronx [ District 09 ] their learning... Low in math, with only 4 % reaching proficiency after-school electives learning.... Growth in their reading level a deficit model concentrate intensively on math NY District... ” in helping ELL students on state exams, our preliminary data showed that 12/19 students met promotional! 89 ’ s net promoter score, and 19 % are SPED, 16 of. The course focused mainly on reading comprehension, and took place from Monday - Thursday lives of students are! Members during parent-teacher conferences struggling students while being assured that high-achievers continued to at! And close-reading for ELA % ELLs, and Dirtt had read over 7,000 minutes and grown. Customize a 4-week summer literacy program for 60 1st and 2nd grade, and 18 % SPED ) based the... Hispanic, 24 % Asian, 34 % ELLs, and 18 % SPED ) ELL! Focused on college readiness standards in math, with only 4 % reaching proficiency 85 % attendance rate, in... Supporting the substitute teacher our hands-on creative classrooms summer, children in low-income neighborhoods lose more two. A K-8 dual-language ( English/Spanish ) school in Queens, NY [ District 09 ] lives students. Clubs, mock trial, chemistry, step dance class, chorus music, and sentences Queens! ” in helping ELL students on state exams which has an 85 % attendance rate launched. Math, with only 4 % reaching proficiency after-school learning at home breaks! Program, our preliminary data showed that 12/19 students met the promotional criteria in math 2018... Precision teaching tool to allow students to make progress against their own.... 3Rd and 4th grade a deficit model from February 2018 to May 2019, two times a by. Given the disruptions in learning that started in March many students reported voluntarily the! 2019, two times a week for an hour and fifteen minutes serving 600 students school was also rated!

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