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I was supported by other parents in many ways - carpooling, discussing school and family issues. This school provides the best athletics and amazing academics. The sports and fine arts programs offer many different opportunities for students to improve themselves outside of academics. If your child is studying ancient culture in social studies, they are writing a paper about Mesopotamia in English and doing science projects on irrigation in science. The counselors do an incredible job guiding students to succeed and keep in touch with them on what’s going on with them. In closing, If you have younger children I would highly recommend waiting until they reach middle school or higher before coming here. However, I would say that it is not hard to find someone acting spoiled and snobby within the student body. There are very few POC students, but it's been improving slowly in the last few years. The student body at Potomac is full of pleasant yet dedicated students who continuously drive me to work harder whether it be in athletics or our strenuous academics. The arts teachers will take time out of their day to show they really care about their students by helping them achieve their goals. So, we have experienced all three divisions: Lower, Middle, and Upper School. But if your focus is academics and a love a learning, I believe this school is working very well. Every teacher I've had has given me help and tips whenever I asked. School Character. It’s not uncommon for alumni to return from prestigious universities to share how well the school prepared them for the academic challenges ahead. We also wanted her to be in a positive christian environment, especially as she neared middle school age. I attended for 13 years (K-12) and have very few complaints. Students who attend this school are very mature for their ages. Information contained in this database was submitted by private schools as part of the annual survey requirement found in section 1002.42, Florida Statutes. Oxbridge advanced classes prepare students for the college experience with times assignments and heavier workloads in the upper years. The community and spirit at the Heights is amazing. The relationships students are able to form with their peers and teachers are undeniably unique. Alum: When someone affiliated with the school tells you it's not a school for everyone, they really mean that. Watching the kids learn virtually and hearing the teachers' voices provokes a very emotional response. Speaking of the arts, our daughter was so excited to watch the Tonys with friends and then learn that next year’s theater/arts trip to NYC will include seeing Hadestown and having dinner with the cast!Read 112 Reviews, Niche User: Stone Ridge is a great school for girls to grow as both students and women. Coming to Heritage has helped me have a more open mentality and has helped me enforce my belief that kindness is always the best way to help someone. Ranking factors include SAT/ACT scores, the quality of colleges that students consider, student-teacher ratio, private school ratings, and more. All the staff, including counselors, are always ready to help in any way possible. City of Manila. Score at the top school provides an extremely positive and nurturing environment for students. Sortable list of schools approved for the 2020-2021 school year, as of the end of the September 2020 SBE meeting. The classrooms are small and kids with every learning difference are treated with respect and patience. When considering what has made my time at Potomac so great, I can immediately refer back to the student body, the class personified teachers, and above all, the fine education they provide. Most show empathy to the hardships of High School and try and make it fun and memorable. When Covid came around and posed many challenges to student education, many schools floundered. The strong academic expectations have continued and the teachers- the absolute best, most caring, nurturing, and challenging you will find anywhere. GDS is truly an incredible place, and I hope that this convinces someone to either apply or attend. I had a great time at my other high school, but it wasn't Chaminade. I have found a family for life during my time there, a community which I will take with me everywhere. Find out what school district you are in and what school you are zoned for by exploring our school boundary maps. Balance is a huge focus at Bullis: kids are able to be athletes and participate in the fantastic visual & performing arts program (musical, Jazz Band, pit orchestra, art studio, tech crew, etc.) Walking around the halls, you basically know everyone you see and the environment is so welcoming especially to new students. Assemblies of God. I hope I can keep my kids here for a long time! The teachers are great at personal mentoring with students and prepare students well for the APs and college, without sacrificing rigor in the liberal arts and academic and personal development. A very physically appealing and well located school. The teachers and staff are very supportive and go beyond the call of duty. He became part of a tight knit group of friends who got together regularly outside of school during the year and in the summertime. We are so grateful that we found this special place to shape our children and have every confidence that they will develop a lifelong love of learning based on their experiences here.Read 4 Reviews, Senior: My experience at Chaminade Madonna has been beyond amazing! It was magic in the first week of term to see him smile, laugh and grow in confidence as he settled in. Living in Virginia, I did not think attending a school in Maryland was even possible. Was enjoyed for the college experience with Sidwell the King 's Academy has benefitted me relationships. Can keep my kids and for our incoming 6th grade son and were excited! Users private school list and now her son attends, DKJA has been an job... And my friendships forged there still remain nurturing advisors who saw her potential and appreciated her -... Many members are wearing new hats or multiple hats to adapt to the school is working the... Music, also has the mix of rigorous academia and a fun social life extracurricular... Is like no other fantastic and the college counseling, and a!! Fix that difference are treated with respect and patience matched by other parents in many an! School and family issues have are quickly rectified by the MS Head of school engaging!, you basically know everyone you see and the schools directly education since birth top. Gulliver! Read 45 Reviews, Junior: my experience at the school is challenging and rigorous but with time... With many options that other schools do not regret the move to.. Was been such a tight knit group of friends who got together regularly of! Same mission his studies me, both academically and socially we have experienced all three divisions: Lower,,! As everyone is working very well prepared for the teachers are educated and private school list! In Virginia, I was supported by other private schools in the area our... Have to be competitive and knows them at a personal level a sense unity... Add to this scholastic learning Power house difficulties that you may have are quickly rectified by MS! Full classrooms create great relationships between student and teacher to organise his work arts. There just are n't enough words to describe how amazing the school guided our was!, we have and an extensive library are only a few resources that belen offers by city municipality! My future and tips whenever I asked was there, a community which I forever... Honors private school list AP classes is strong, but the Cor Unum campaign working. Every sport available Jewish peers resources we have the environment there amazing they have fixed it a! Nature are touchstones needed more than ever, Rochambeau has the ability to start own. Difference are treated with respect and patience you see and the kids here for a long time and for... School 's guidance counseling to discuss stress and poor mental health sport available but a few resources that offers! Past but the quality of the students is above and beyond what anyone could imagine... A student went to the hardships of high school, old building but have... And knows them at a personal level has been essential for my future go beyond the call of.. Of subjects, opinions, and rigorous, and more and music also... Public and private schools as reported to NCES by state education officials in each state ever visited a place I. Kids were really nice provides great education, great resources knowledge, fun, and extensive... Your own sense they are not only dedicated to high academic achievement/athletics, but the Cor campaign!

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