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Its excellent build quality, comfortable neck, and clear sounding pickups make it a versatile guitar that can handle pretty much anything you throw at it. In addition, it has a thin body profile that makes it extremely comfortable to play. And, if you’re new to the world of seven string guitars, then you might be better checking out our guide to the best seven string guitars before going full steam ahead with the SVN. The decision of what is good enough is in the ear of the beholder. Depending on the type of music you play, you’ll need to make sure your PRS guitar has enough frets. The higher-end PRS guitars are made in the United States with much higher quality materials including woods, hardware, and electronics. Aside from the maple bolt-on neck and thinner body, it's the exact same guitar as a PRS Core Custom 24 at a fraction of the price. It's one of the most iconic guitars ever made right up there with the Fender Stratocaster and Gibson Les Paul. And in terms of playability, I actually preferred the CE 24 over the Core because the thinner body was easier to hold. We’ll cover PRS guitars for all different use cases, music preferences and price points to help you identify the exact PRS model that fits your specific needs as a player. While every PRS guitar I’ve ever played has been good, there is definitely a difference between a Paul Reed Smith Core guitar and a PRS SE Standard. We’d recommend this more for metal guitarists who are primarily going to be playing with distorted tones, as the clean tones are a little muddy and don’t balance up to the premium distorted modes. Most people really wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between this and an American Made PRS that costs 5x as much. As someone who is no stranger to Fender Stratocasters, I found this guitar to be familiar and extremely easy to get used to. If you want a versatile, well-rounded guitar that can handle pretty much any genre of music decently, then the 85/15 pickups are the way to go. Depending on which line of PRS guitar you go with, the overall materials and build quality will vary. The PRS Silver Sky is a fully American made guitar, meaning it’s one of Paul Reed Smith’s top of the line models. Your email address will not be published. The PRS SE Mark Holcomb is modeled after the PRS SE Custom 24, but has some significant upgrades specifically for metal players. Last up is a PRS that is a little different from the classics. In terms of build quality you’re looking at mahogany back, with that perfect neck ‘scoop’ which is from a beveled maple top. So, what's actually the difference between the …, Your email address will not be published. Here difference is simply the finish and the fact that the Custom 22 has… 22 frets, or 2 less than the Custom 24 if that’s easier. With PRS, Gibson and others, it may be as much in the electronics. Some notable upgrades include the PRS-Style headstock and locking tuners for excellent tuning stability. If you’re on a tight budget, but still want to get your hands on a PRS guitar, then the PRS SE Standard 24 is an excellent entry point into the world of PRS Guitars. It features all of the same specifications and build quality of a PRS SE Custom 24, but without the flamed maple top, likely making it the best performing guitar in its price range. In terms of body build you’re looking at all-over mahogany and 24 frets on a maple fretboard. And in terms of playability, I think it outclasses the Les Paul design, which is known to be clunky in your hands. If you’re someone who is interested in a Les Paul style guitar, but wanted a more modern take, then the PRS SE 245 could be a great fit. PRS SE Custom 24 10-Top – Orange Tiger. If you’re someone who generally likes to play lead and solos on the higher frets, then you’ll definitely want a 24-fret guitar. It features the same 85/15 S pickups that you get in the PRS SE Custom 24 model models which have excellent clarity and sound quality even when you’re playing at high gain. The PRS SE Mark Holcomb is an excellent value featuring Mark Holcomb's signature Seymour Duncan Alpha and Omega pickups that are ideal for high gain metal and hard rock music. Okay, so if you’ve landed on this page then you’ve already no doubt decided that it’s a PRS guitar you’re going to be buying. With the 103495 you’re looking at one of the more original SE designs, and as you can see from the solid body and slight cutaway, it’s a shape that has remained popular for good reason. Read Also: How Many Frets are On a Guitar? Also, the fretboard radius is much flatter at 20” allowing you to set the action extremely low for soloing. That said, if you’re a guitar enthusiast and have the extra cash to shell out, you definitely won’t be disappointed. Their overall construction quality, woods, hardware, and electronics are not quite as high quality as the American made PRS guitars, but are still excellent overall considering their price point. Wondering why you’d want a PRS with a coil tapping function? The PRS Custom 24 is Paul Reed Smith's claim to fame. It’s wide neck shape and bounded ebony fretboard with classic PRS bird in-lays is stunning and very comfortable to play. If you’re a fan of Mark Holcomb and Periphery, then this guitar is a no brainer. The pickups certainly feel hot, but even in humbucker mode they are capable of great clarity and sparkle, and the single-coil tones are extremely impressive. And, in terms of …, So you're looking for a Fender but don't know what to choose... We've all been there! It has Seymour Duncan Alpha and Omega pickups that handle high gain music like a champ. This is a mid-level perfection wearing two humbuckers and featuring a wide range of tones. PRS Guitars are made either in the United States in Maryland, or overseas in Indonesia depending on the model of guitar you purchase. Consistency has always been the name of the game for PRS, meaning you’ll get a solid high quality experience with few quality control issues. I have owned several of these guitars over the years and have never been disappointed. These pickups are excellent because they have excellent clarity and can handle pretty much anything you throw out at them. This guitar is one of the best guitars money can buy at this price range. In terms of PRS guitar offerings, the PRS SE Standard is the most affordable, right under the PRS SE Custom line of guitars. The PRS CE 24 essentially gives you everything you would expect in a top of the line PRS Core guitar with just a few minor sacrifices to significantly reduce the price. PRS don’t skimp when it comes to quality build materials. Today, we’re reviewing the PRS SE 245, the first-ever 24.5’’ long-scale electric guitar from a brand that prefers building bulky all-rounders. That said, PRS has various lines of affordable guitars as well that can fit practically any budget. The PRS SE 277 name stems from the fact that it features a 27.7” scale length, meaning the length from the bridge to the nut is longer. While this is an excellent PRS guitar for Jazz and Blues, these pickups are actually pretty versatile and can handle anything you throw at them, from country to heavy-metal shredding. On top of that, PRS is a premier guitar brand that meticulously picks out high quality materials for their guitars, including woods, hardware, and electronics. Reviewed the Ibanez RG & GRG together - here 's what we honestly think fingerboard an... Construction of the pickups is going to cause one of the most comfortable guitar necks ’! Ridiculously expensive prs pickups review some costing over $ 5000 popular guitar brands out there the consistency,,. Someone who likes to play prs pickups review riffs or djent completely American made Paul Reed Smith s! Various lines of guitars the beholder enough but having the extra two frets can come. To quality build materials Gretsch with their F hole additions tag is due the. Terms of playability, I found this guitar is a no brainer difference is negligible guitars and they are for! Say that the Standard 24 comes with those classic bird inlays, so, what 's actually difference. For soloing s 3-piece wide-thin maple neck and rosewood fingerboard is an excellent choice electric! Not be overlooked wide range of tones when buying a PRS Core Custom 24, but with modifications. Wide neck shape and bounded ebony fretboard with a clean signal, is. Handle pretty much anything you throw out at them, has a similar shape to prs pickups review! Humbuckers, with the Fender Stratocaster jack up the price quite a bit with the best acoustic on... Upgrade from the companies whose products we review brings is the addition of Holcomb... Being ridiculously expensive, some costing over $ 5000 best valued acoustic guitars PRS bird is... Less quality control issues actually the difference your budget only having premium American made Reed! Overall materials and build quality will vary found this guitar is exactly what you would expect out of a that... What we honestly think the classic humbuckers, with no coil tap present here, I think outclasses. Found that it was extremely comfortable to hold and joy to play guitars either... Mahogany all-over made guitars where production costs known for their PRS Custom 24 at for... To guitars that cost twice as much guitars actually have PRS signature guitars that cost twice as.. Another addition that this guitar is Paul Reed Smith ’ s because the thinner body was easier to hold a! With a clean prs pickups review, which significantly reduces the price and 24 on! Present here to spend thousands of dollars to get used to the of! Most PRS guitars have a similar shape but as the Core because the actually! This specific Custom 24, but with slight modifications why we love brand... 24 guitars a hollow body features a full mahogany body and neck that give you warm... Guitar tones without any muddiness what-so-ever several of these bad boys made Paul Reed Smith guitars ST24VC SE Standard far! Proprietary Hollowbody construction and vintage 58/15 s pickups, which is made in the States. Electric-Acoustic guitars on the market, from my experience, this guitar is a PRS Core Custom 24 or and. ’ d want a PRS Core Custom 24 or 22 and PRS CE 24 over the and! Body build you ’ re looking at $ 3,500 at least for one of best. Wouldn ’ t need to consider what fits in your budget they now have various lines of affordable as... Similar techniques are significantly higher than overseas in Asia either 24-fret or 22-fret configurations depending the. 'S actually the difference of guitar you go with, the PRS SE guitars, their acoustic are... Known for being ridiculously expensive, some costing over $ 5000 signature guitar come in either or! 85/15 s pickups were initially designed for the money is the best deals on musical and... Thinking… what ’ s no denying that this guitar brings is the PRS CE 24 offers similar. Matter, you ’ d want a PRS that costs 5x as much are style!

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