rode nt1a versus

Advertiser Disclosure. From color and overall look. Rode has built a reputable brand in the audio recording industry, most notably as the perfect brand for entry-level mics. Some of their specialty products that are quite well known in the market are Rode NT USB VS NT1A… After diligent research, some of the bad reviews on the NT1A … Both mics are built to … Rode NT1 vs. NT1a… With the advent of bedroom producers and audio engineers, the sub-$200 microphone … Final Word. As a recording artist or an expert in the Audio production industry, you must have come across one of these two Rode Microphones: the Rode NT1 and the Rode NT1A. X. The C214 has more of a squared off shape in contrast to the rounded NT1A. Technological advances in the audio field have made music production in 2017 very accessible. Talking about the brand Rode means to talk about one of the famous microphone brands in the world. NT1A weighs a lot less when compared to NT1 i.e 325 grams vs 395 grams; NT1 is a bit costlier than NT1A; The NT1A mic is a bit brighter than the NT1 in treble regions – making it best worse for male vocals; NT1A lacks in lows, making an NT1A warmer-sounding microphone; NT1A … Rode NT1A vs Rode NT2-A; Product Comparison: Rode NT1A vs Rode NT2-A. This site is a free online resource that strives to offer helpful content and comparison features to its … Warranty: The NT1A has an impressive 10 year warranty, purchased separately through Rode’s website. This Australian company that started in Sydney has been successfully marketed the product including their studio microphones.

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