rolling shutter dimensions

The shutter will fit a window 37" wide and 27" high. Rolling Shutters provide the ultimate security and storm protection for your home or office. Thompson’s Roller Shutters have been leading the way in the development, design, manufacture, repair and service of roller doors and roller shutters … All products supplied con-form to the latest directives and standards. Slat Code. Instructions of use of Roller Shutter Dimensions Calculator. Our rolling shutters can be supplied in standard sizes or special sizes to suit your specific needs. Shutter Dimensions Calculator Guy 2017-11-06T22:20:28+11:00. These shutters … This manual Rolling Hurricane Shutter is built to finished dimensions of 42.25" x 35". Roller Shutter Sizes & Dimensions. For shutters larger than 8m x 8m please contact us. Rolling Shutter Slat Information ... Slat Dimensions (inches) 0.35 x 1.57. The EA 44mm has been rigorously tested and spans industry leading dimensions … Eyewall Armor® (EA) 44mm Rolling Shutter Features: The EA 44mm Aluminum Rolling Shutters Feature End Retention only. The profile design and high quality clear varnish coating of the aluminium shutters makes your rolling shutter … Are there Standard Sizes for Roller Shutters? Roller shutters can be in various sizes as they are meant for many different types of industrial, commercial or landed properties … Available Colors. Max Width (feet) 11.

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