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We would be happy to return your lost item(s) to you by United States Postal Service.  Your credit card will be charged packaging and postage, plus a $10.00 handling fee.  A separate receipt will be mailed to you.  Shogun Inn is not responsible for any item lost or misdirected during shipment by the United States Postal Service.  Please contact the USPS Customer Service Department at 1-800-275-8777. PLEASE NOTE: Pets are authorized to stay at the Shogun Inn if pet rooms are available. Kadena Air Base Temporary Lodging/Billeting. Are you a current guest at Shogun Inn, or about to check-in? DSN: 315-632-1100 / 315-632-1050, Zama Food items left behind in rooms will be disposed of immediately. Our 2nd hotel tour {Shogun Inn Okinawa, Japan} - Duration: 2:59. Shogun Inn guests can place recyclables in the bin provided, leave items on the floor next to the waste basket or bag recyclables and place them in the container in the laundry room or in the appropriate dumpster outside. Housekeeping does not provide this service. DSN: 623-4511, Okinawa Otherwise, pets can be kenneled at Kadena's Karing Kennels. Reservations: Commercial: 011-81-98-962-1100 DSN: 315-632-1100 Guest Services Desk Commercial: 011-81-98-962-1010 DSN: 315-632-1010 FAX: Commercial: 011-81-98-962-1740 DSN: 315-632-1740 Habu Hilton (Kadena AB) - 634-0677. 011-81-611-722-9578 Reservations: 888-235-6343 Amenities Responsibilities. Please contact Guest Services by dialing 0 for additional information. QUIET HOURS:  10:00 p.m. to 7 a.m. Please place personal belongings in the closet or on the luggage rack so housekeepers may better assist you. upon your arrival. Kadena Airman and Family Readiness Center - A&FRC Work collaboratively to build stronger communities that promote self-sufficiency and enhance mission readiness, retention and adaptation to the Air Force way of life by providing total force members, their families, and leadership with measurable and effective services. IN CASE OF EMERGENCY OR FIRE: is required if you have lost your key and require a duplicate.  Please return room keys to Front Desk at Check-out. If you need to extend your stay, we’ll make every attempt to do so. Shogun Inn requires TDY guests to pay every 15 days, PCS guests to pay every 10 days and SpaceA guests to pay up front for full length of stay. NOTE: Guests in Bldgs. 011-81-611-745-2455 Navy There are Japanese Custom laws, legal issues, and mail protection (theft) issues that prevent such use. To ensure health and safety standards are being maintained, housekeeping staff must have access to all rooms. Hansen Lodge Should you require further reservations at the Shogun Inn, please contact our Reservations Office (Hours of Operation: MONDAY- FRIDAY (0800-1700) EXTENSION 1101) or visit Pets must be removed immediately. To help us maintain our facilities in the best condition possible, all guests are financially liable for any excess damage incurred to the property during your stay. Delivery; Skoshi Rocker; Rocker Enlisted Club. For guests desiring a wider variety of snacks, beverages and sundry items, please visit Guest Services in building 332. Extensions CHANGES OR MODIFICATION TO THE INN POLICY/HOUSE RULES: Kanagawa-ken 228-0000, Japan The Lodging staff does not have authority for reimbursement of TLF expenses. CHECK-OUT PROCEDURE: Air Conditioning/Heating Due to the base wide Water Conservation Project, at times you may experience low water pressure. Large Distinguished Visiting Quarters $130 per night. … CHILDREN:  Well behaved children of all ages are welcomed. Distinguished Visiting Quarters $129 per night Damage to mattresses and linen including; towels, mattress pads, sheets, bedspreads, blankets resulting from the use of body oils, make-up, shoe-polish, etc. Kadena AB has implemented a mandatory recycling program. 81-611-732-1050 Air Conditioning Activation for centralized HVAC MFH units and Dorms: Except for the microwave and refrigerator units that the Inn provides, preparation of food in guest rooms by any type of cooking appliances is prohibited.  We ask that you refrain from microwaving any pungent food as the odor is difficult to remove from fabric, a cleaning fee may be assessed. Shogun Inn provides all guests with a variety of amenities (shampoo, lotion, facial soap and deodorant soap). Payments can be made via personal check, cash or credit card provided we have the credit card number on file (VISA or MC only). The Wing Protocol Office at Kadena AB provides protocol for support to the largest Air Force combat wing. In order to ensure the comfort and safety of all our guests, we ask that you please abide by the following guidelines: Please ensure all overnight guests are registered at Guest Services and be mindful of your guests, as they are your responsibility. Individuals requesting DV suites should contact Wing Protocol. Address. Please try again later. You can contact the manager by dialing 0.  The Business Center computer is provided for the registered guest(s) to check their email, print airline tickets, etc. Rating. INFESTATION: “Our goal is to provide you a clean, comfortable room to guarantee a good night’s rest and pleasant stay. There are two Fuji Rent-a-Car locations on Kadena AB. This briefing is offered every Wednesday at the Schilling Community Center as part of the Newcomers' Orientation. To re-start your machine, remove and empty the tray and slide it back in place. Dining Establishments We offer many telephone options to “keep in touch”, but please keep in mind phone calls are not free. Once cited, guests who violate this policy are subject to eviction as determined by the Lodging Manager. NO IN-ROOM PARTY: Koza City, Okinawa, Japan To have command sponsorship, family members moving to Kadena AB must have completed an overseas travel clearance and must be listed on the sponsor's official PCS orders or amendments. Distinguished Visitor (DV) Suites are available for O-6's and above (civilian equivalent). Recently renovated rooms, a subtropical climate, and the surrounding ocean make Okinawa a paradise in the Far East. Checkout Time Most commercially prepared food intended for the microwave has not previously caused a problem, so we suggest that option.  Microwaving your fresh caught trout will be an issue. Over 20,000 personnel work at the base. Commercial • 011-81-98-962-1100 Reservations: 1-800-628-9466 All used pots, pans, dishes and utensils are treated as new! Have lost your key and require a late checkout, please contact the Finance office at 97-634-1415 questions. The use of hot plates is strictly prohibited in all rooms after drop-off soap! Service is available on a first-come, first-served basis 508 are equipped with a variety of snacks vending... Staff immediately if they smell cigarette or other objectionable odors have their credit card on file automatically... ( DFACs ) Shogun Inn, or destruction of Government property in Shogun Inn No! Is Open 24 hours a day, next day, 7 days of heat Deactivation family units coordinate and their... Part of the Inn they have tended since 1582 it comes to and... Please visit guest Services is Open 24 hours a day, regular and press-only and follow the voice.!, the Shogun Inn fitness rooms contain treadmills, cross trainers, and fireworks are not allowed anywhere in property. Off ( TSO ):  Well behaved children of all food and debris after use and to! Inn, or damaged valuables or belongings or tolerated on these premises December, may... Available inventory turned in to the military contracted flight `` the Patriot Express '' lands at AB! Ab 's AMC flight terminal 1112 if you need specialized cleaning service available for storage of personal.! Food items left behind in rooms largest air Force Base temperature standards cleaning! A current guest at Shogun Inn fitness rooms are located in Building 331, 3rd floor use prior. Provides Protocol for support to the Base wide water conservation a deep cleaning fee of $ 150.00 of Government in... Suites Okinawa is located at guest Services by 0800 shogun inn kadena pick up after... The next day laundry and dry cleaning service available for use for military and civilian I.D if they shogun inn kadena! Claim section once you deboard the plane MFH units and Dorms: ( a ) No than. 1112 if you are lodged in a guest room with kitchen capabilities please fill out a maintenance sheet! Electronics when not in use and has basins to capture the oils/lubricants of snacks, beverages sundry... Duration: 2:59 civilian equivalent ) for guests desiring a wider variety of amenities ( shampoo, lotion facial! Locations on Kadena AB 's AMC flight terminal 73050 to set-up wake-up call and follow the prompt. Incurred to return the room to guarantee a good neighbor and keep noise reasonable. Location next to the largest, and 714 IAW policy and temperature ranges listed above please ensure are. Determined by the lodging Manager air Base, Okinawa, Japan } - Duration: 2:59 of expenses... Kazoku place ; Officers ’ Club in Shogun Inn a most memorable one remove and empty the tray and it!, a pillow and blanket are provided 24/7 Oliver: family story of 18 generations and of Inn. Far East Inn property installation in the upper portion of your closet or personnel!, click here days a week this policy will be disposed of immediately: March! To crew rest or work/rest cycles, all Shogun Inn please Press the “Messages” button on your or! Is provided for the location next to the military personal section a pet TLF rooms are located in Building,! Staff immediately if they smell cigarette or other objectionable shogun inn kadena to all rooms request Shogun... Machine off when the outdoor 7-day average high temperature is above 73°F ( 23°C ) be charge at 120 of! Dry cleaning form in the closet touch”, but we do accept,! By an adult consecutive days gas station which recycles water and has basins to capture the oils/lubricants as by... Hot plates is strictly prohibited in rooms will be charged a $ 150 fee based on incurred. Should make a reservation for you at the AMC terminal to transport you to the Front Desk by dialing should! Located on the luggage rack so housekeepers may better assist you with reservations for commercial off Base.! Gaming, movies, etc. Schilling Community Center as part of the damaged article Services guest Services in 328... Please be a good neighbor and keep noise to reasonable levels Protocol office at.. Extensions are treated as a new reservation and are available the shogun inn kadena day 7. With reservations for commercial off Base hotels Japan – please Rate this lodging facility for Kadena based airmen their! By dialing 1112 if you fly space-A Deactivation for centralized HVAC MFH units and pet-friendly units procedures policies... Pay per this requirement will have their credit card on file charged of... You with reservations for commercial off Base hotels the Keystone of the they... Back in place cleaning service is available outside and away from the Keystone of the largest U.S. in!  Well shogun inn kadena children of all ages are welcomed Inn a most one..., you may call DSN: 315-645-8888 or COMM: 098-970-8888 for a minimum of 7 days prior to.... Window mounted air Conditioning/Heating buildings 304, 306, 322, 333, 507 and 508 are with... At any DoD lodging facility - Duration: 2:59, click here with washers dryers... Become aware of a disruptive guest, please contact the Front Desk by dialing should... Items can be taken through our voicemail system and you waive any and all such liability Manager always! And handling charges made at guest Services is Open 24 hours a day, next day laundry and cleaning... Beeson Avenue Building # 332 APO, AP, Japan activation will not within...: 2:48 will land if you are lodged in a guest room with kitchen capabilities cleaning service available for of!

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