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I can collect, organize and analyze data accurately and precisely. Curriculum Framework 2010 Biology – Page 2 BIO.1 The student will demonstrate an understanding of scientific reasoning, logic, and the nature of science by planning and conducting investigations in which a) observations of living organisms are recorded in the lab and in the field; Biology: Grade 9 - 2019 Comments (-1) ... AP Biology: Grades 11-12 Comments (-1) AP Chemistry: Grades 11-12. Curriculum Map: AP Biology Grade: 11-12 Updated: July 2018 Unit Topic Outline (AP Essential Knowledge) Performance Expectations (NGSS) S & E Practices (NGSS) DC Ideas (NGSS) CC Concepts (NGSS) Unit 1: The Chemistry of Life Time estimate 6-10 days Essential knowledge 1.D.1: There are several hypotheses about the Science as a Process: Science is a way of knowing. I. Anatomy and physiology can be taken concurrently or in the 11th grade year. This class will prepare students to take the AP Biology exam given by College Board. CURRICULUM MAP Course/ Subject: AP Biology Grade: 11/12 Teacher: Month(or length of time to complete): Evolution Unit (4 weeks) National Benchmark being addressed (*Please Identify by topic using the atlas posted on the National Science Digital Library. Advanced Placement (AP) Biology Major Themes: There are eight major themes that recur throughout the AP Biology course. *Use a Roman Numeral to identify each benchmark) State Standards- BIOLOGY CURRICULUM (MCCUNE) 1 Biology Curriculum Map and Pacing Guide Introduction to Biology: A Look into Biology Week 1 Standards: I Can Statements: A.1.c. A It can involve a discovery process using inductive reasoning, or it can be a process of hypothesis testing. Curriculum Map: AP Biology 12th grade 2017-2018 The prerequisite for this course includes a qualifying grade in 10th grade biology as well as 11th grade chemistry. This means I can use scientific techniques and mathematics in experiments appropriately.

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