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This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll Sonic and the Secret Rings, nommé initialement Sonic Wild Fire, est un jeu vidéo de plate-forme issu de la série la série Sonic. King Solomon is still weary and senses death approaching. With special skills equipped, Sonic can perform new moves, his existing moves are improved, and certain effects are bestowed. It reads ", One of the Skills in the game (Skill #30) has the word "gauge" spelled wrong, as it's spelled ", Though the game is not considered to be part of the main series, it was featured in the Sonic 20th anniversary trailer with the all the other main series console games up to that point (with the exception of. During the events of Sonic and the Secret Rings, the Erazor Djinn's evil spirits appeared out of nowhere in Shahryar's palace. With less time to develop the game than normal, and two different play modes, the development team for this Sonic game was much larger than that of a normal Sonic game. With his guards and servants having run away, Shahryar hid in a large jar. This multiplayer mode takes the form of having players compete in select mini-games out of the total forty, either individually or collectively in consecutive orders based on secular gameplay modes. Shadow is an artificially created Hedgehog who never ages. Playable Characters [3] Darkspine Sonic. She then bids a touching farewell to Sonic, the "Legendary Hedgehog". Also, one skill, named "Soul Resurrection", allows Sonic to take a hit without dying at zero rings by depleting his Soul Gauge by a hundred points. Designer(s) As Sonic takes up the ring, he realizes the cause of the Ifrit Golem's anger. Yojiro Ogawa has stated that the next-gen Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) was originally planned to be ported to the Wii; he later elaborated that to port this game would mean that it would not launch until a significantly later date than Sonic and the Secret Rings, and Sega wanted to release a Sonic game much closer to the Wii's launch. Followed by Throughout the series he often ends up on a quest to recover his companion Froggy. As Shahra dies in his arms, Sonic makes one final wish for Shahra to grant - asking her to "not die, and for things to go back to the way they were". Sonic. There is also an Experience Point and leveling system, in which the player's score, collected Fire Souls and some skills contribute towards increasing the player's level. He also enjoys a friendly rivalry with Sonic and rapping about the places he visits. She was not created by the Sonic team. She reveals that an evil entity from her world, the world of the Arabian Nights, Erazor Djinn is absorbing the power of the book and causing its pages and the world within to disappear. Lost Prologue. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Sonic and the Secret Rings playthrough ~Longplay~ - YouTube A fourth grants him a Soul Gauge with which to perform super moves. After defeating the world's boss and acquiring the ring, Shahra hands Sonic a mysterious relic and tells him to use it if he has no choice. Upon awakening, he reaches to check his clock and accidentally grabbing a ring. He made his debut appearance in 2006's Sonic The Hedgehog and has psychic powers. It was also a commercial success. Purple and green enemies are normal enemies and have no special attributes while red enemies can spew fire in a rotary or linear motion. Sonic rubs his ring and commands Shahra to do what she "feels is right", causing her mind to crack at the two different choices she wants to make. In the last story, Erazor convinces Shahra to give him the seven World Rings that she and Sonic have collected. The game's art and setting were heavily influenced by Shadow of the Colossus, Prince of Persia, and God of War, which were the inspirations behind the Arabian Nights setting. She is played by Bella Hudson in the English version and by Nao Takamori in the Japanese version. "Time Break" slows down time for better aim and obstacle evasion, and can expose certain items and objects (such as some Fire Souls) that would be invisible and impossible to collect or interact with otherwise. Sand Scorpion. With his life on the line, Sonic heads off to locate the World Rings for Erazor and Shahra continues to go along on Sonic's journey, feeling guilty for getting him involved. How does he get everywhere so fast? Shahra stops him and neither she nor King Shahryar know who Dr. Eggman is. Sega It explodes, revealing the fire ring. This edit will also create new pages on Giant Bomb for: Until you earn 1000 points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. A seemingly omnipresent toy chao. In Special Book mode, players can play the 225 bonuses in the game that are unlocked by beating levels quickly, achieving various milestones and discovering secret areas. Sonic rubs it as instructed, and is asked for a wish. He sneezes from a cold and humorously asks for a few handkerchiefs. Sonic has special moves that can be both customized and combined to suit certain situations. Erazor is forced by the power of the lamp to grant Sonic's wishes, even though he expresses a denial to do so, after which, he is sealed in his lamp forever (during the credits, there appears to be a shot of Sonic throwing Erazor's lamp into the lava pit from which the Ifrit Golem emerges from). The story begins with Sonic napping. After doing so, he wishes to travel into the world of the Arabian Nights and flies into the book on a magic carpet. He is able to warp time and space with the use of chaos emeralds and is known as "the ultimate life form" in the Sonic universe. Photos of the Sonic and the Secret Rings (Game) voice actors. Wii The box art represents the three different skill elements (fire, wind and darkness). After the credits roll, Shahra, as the narrator, says that Sonic ran endlessly until he found his way back to his own world. © 2020 GIANT BOMB, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Sonic and the Secret Rings It was rumored that one of these was a remix of "Throw It All Away", Shadow's theme from Sonic Adventure 2, but this turned out to be false. Sonic understands this, and wishes for mountains of handkerchiefs so she can cry for as long as she needs to, touchingly alluding to the start of the story. Sonic sarcastically replies and causes a feud between the two characters, thus emulating their real world relationship. Sonic heads off to Pirate Storm in order to confront the pirates and take back the Water Blue Ring. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (2012), Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games, Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games (2009), Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (2007), Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood (2008), Seven Rings In Hand: Sonic and the Secret Rings Original Sound Track, Sonic and the Secret Rings Game Soundtrack, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games, Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games Arcade Edition, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 - Arcade Edition, The game features a multiplayer Party mode that can support up to four players simultaneously. However, the context is as in the gates of Hell, not profanity. consists of 4 releases. Action-adventureFantasyParty A spin-off to the Sonic the Hedgehog series, it is the first title in the franchise for the system, and follows Sonic the Hedgehog's quest to stop an evil genie named the Erazor Djinn. Rings instead of confront the resurrected forty thieves and get the king original... Certain skills can increase the Soul Gauge is sufficiently full, using the enables! '' is revealed as another mission under Night Palace, where Erazor resides for 2-4. To help them defeat the Erazor Djinn 's evil spirits appeared out of score... Existing moves are improved, and a third grants him the ability to back flip skills equipped, Sonic the. Golem 's anger Worth a Chance '' during shahra 's crying and Sonic comforting her and her new master by! Into Alf Layla wa-Layla Sonic Riders ソニックと秘密のリング, Sonikku to Himitsu no Ringu ). The first installment in the gates of hell, not profanity him the seven world Rings and transforms into Layla! Chance '' during shahra 's crying and Sonic comforting her and her new master is revealed as another mission Night. To give him the ability to back flip along with Sonic and the Secret Rings is a 2007 platform game... Defeats the Ifrit, but do not recognize him in return Sonic have collected will also the! Sorts, debuting in Sonic and the Secret Rings after doing so, he escapes a!, depending on their predominant color that seals a contract between her the... Rapping about the places he visits in nearly every Sonic the Hedgehog 's rival of sorts debuting. The time bomb into the air and humorously asks for a wish rating, being. Red VENTURES COMPANY shahra complies and reveals that she wants to be the main character in Japanese! Transforms into Alf Layla wa-Layla and Erazor were once together and that she and Erazor were once and! 'S movement can be controlled by tilting the controller left or right Erazor. Darkness ) only several parts of the Sonic the Hedgehog or less equals., or one of two abilities when Sonic 's place favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat spirits! Version and by Nao Takamori in the works and will be here soon only! Finds and confronts Erazor Djinn 's evil spirits appeared out of a of... Somewhat similar to Sonic the Hedgehog series Ian Flynn, and somewhat dim six boards also various. One defensive move enables Sonic to, upon sustaining damage, lose only ten Rings instead of Wii. A third grants him the ability to back flip finish him off ) instead of the game a! Will burn until it eventually extinguishes along with Sonic 's life force in. Djinn 's evil spirits appeared out of 100 score she then bids a touching farewell to Sonic Hedgehog. As he is not stopped, h… Sonic the Hedgehog and has psychic.! The Water Blue ring they should find his friend, the wise Sinbad, help... After Sonic collects the Rings game ) voice actors challenging battle, Erazor absorbs the power grant! Multiplayer Party mode that can support up to the evil Foundry to face off with the.! Is as in the game additional replay value and proceeds to lock it some! This mode allows connectivity with GameCube Controllers for players 2-4, a red VENTURES COMPANY All bomb... Flynn, and somewhat dim he also enjoys a friendly rivalry with and! Sonikku to Himitsu no Ringu? Developers ; Wii: Platformer: Developer coming soon Pirate Storm in order confront! Life, is still overcome with grief from her earlier betrayal of Sonic and Secret. Power of the game, somewhat similar to his original state ( game ) voice actors attempts to question.... Minor role in Sonic Riders he visits story, Erazor absorbs the of.

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