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Another one that involves some ass action. This is one hell of a swear word. It tends to be used more like the word ‘Yah right!’ in English, in occasions when someone is trying to give you some crappy excuse, you would respond with ‘Los Cojones!’. Which part of Spain are you from? It's funny how people in Spain use swear words in such a positive way. I think the others could only be used in a bar watching football or even better at a game. This one probably doesn’t need much description. omg I don't now how I got here, but I'm Spanish and I have to say I couldn't stop laughing at this! I love finding out the literal translation for common offensive phrases in languages other than English.. so hilarious! When you let a place running without time: " me voy cagando leches ". "que carajo…" (what the hell…?). It's not gilipoyas, it's gilipollas. hey Anna, thanks for the input. 'Me cago en Dios' it's very common, and you need to have very bad luck to ofend seriusly someone with it. Pues claro que sí, però tanto como los españoles? Its’ why the Spanish say, “cojones sirve para todo.”. Muchas gracias por el comentario. Yes, you’ve heard that right. Photoblog: Best Places for a View in Granada, Spain, Where to Find the Best Wine & Tapas in Barcelona. Gilipollas (notice that is written with "ll" not "y". So what other vulgarities do you frequently use in Asturias? Hah! Read how our customers are using Spanish after learning these words. Get creative with this one! Yes Im from Venezuela, when i was in Argentina, everybody was calling me "hija de puta" (daughter of a bitch) and i was very insulted, however Verga (dick), Coño (pussy) and Mierda (shit), are very normaly used here, to refer to any person, object or situation hehehe. = Soplapollas. 50 Amazing Spanish Curse Words That Will Make You Want To Learn The Language ASAP By January Nelson Updated August 28, 2018 If you want to learn a new language, one of the most fun and informative parts is learning the swear words. would mean, "Do you like to party?". It’s quite a mild cuss, and often used just as a sarcastic remark instead of a real curse. Since Spain is such a Catholic country, incorporating the holy mother church can be one of the most offensive remarks you can say, depending on how religious a person is. etc. Plus, I would say that number 6. could be simplified to "Me cago en [any Noun Phrase connected with your trouble]". Yes that’s true; actually my list of swear words is from Spain – a result of my Spanish friends who’ve been teaching me swear words since I started learning the language. Maybe you could come up with a Master Thesis with this xD. cojones: again this means nutballs like the admin said. Tonto del culo: “An idiot of the ass” or as we’d say in English, dumbass Share some of your other favorite Spanish words with us! Argentina actually tends to allow for alot more vulgarity without really offending. They generally mean the same, bloody hell and f*ck. Me gustaría recalcar que no todo el día estamos diciendo palabrotas eh, hablamos un poco mal, pero no somos tan maleducados… jajajaja, Ooh, excellent, I laughed a lot. Older brother to younger brother, teasing: "Te quiero, pendejo". "boludo/a" and "pelotudo/a" — pretty laid back curse word. La madre que te parió, que hijo de puta. ‘Me cago en…’ is a very commonly used cuss, and can be combined with anything and everything that comes to mind, like ‘Me cago en Dios’ (..on God) or ‘Me cago en tus muertos’ (..on your dead relatives). Gay: She continues to help readers by sharing her travel experiences to off-grid destinations. This is where the beauty and creativity of Spanish swear words come in. ¿Estás puto? My personal favorite Spanish swear word of all. Triple-hijueputa: Three times motherf&*ker. But if you can learn these 100 words and understand how they're used, you'll be a long way toward being able to communicate freely in Spanish. (great oximoron). As an expat living in Spain, it took me a few years to master the Spanish language but I love every bit of it now. – I have a shit in god! But as they say, learning to swear is just part and parcel of learning a new language. It is difficult not to swear when speaking Spanish in the street.. it's part of the language itself. It may just excite you enough to start learning how to speak Spanish! i think that you can make a list of 40 or 50 swear words and even make a top ten different swear words in each spanish city. Similarly, you will want to know the right words at the right time and respond to that unpleasant person. Spanish swear words have one of the most creative expressions and origins, as you’ll see below. Speaking of swearing, you have seen Rita Moreno tell Animal off in the Muppet Show, right? Eh, this one's hard to think of examples for. but it spanish they sound better to me. I have heard it being used amongst my Spanish friends, family (a lot), and even in work environment in Spain. Teenagers and adults use it loosely to one another, and it’s well accepted in most Spanish cultures without offending one another. Get our free email course, Shortcut to Conversational. I’d love to do a post on the different swear words used in various Spanish regions. For instance, you can say ‘hostia puta’, which means ‘Holy f**k’ or ‘me cago en la hostia’ (I sh*t on the host!). (what in the world is that??) A collection of Spanish (mexico) profanity submitted by you! It’s often used with close friends. Rather, instead of gillipollas,, what you hear is "pendejo." In Andalucía is very common to hear the word Chocho! Right. But it’s usually combined with other words for more impact. quereis saberlo??? almost more like saying "crap" than a real cussword. The Spaniards have always captivated my heart with their sultry linguistic demeanors. do these swear words apply to latin america, argentina uruguay ect ect? Pronunciation: meh cagon-todo-lo-keh seh-meh-neh-ah. Hostia can be used one its own to say ‘sh*t’. The word originates from Southern parts of Spain, where ‘hostia’ is used in communion to describe ‘the host.’ Since Spain is such a Catholic country, incorporating the holy mother church can be one of the most offensive remarks you can say, depending on how religious a person is. They love to show their masculinity by adding the word ‘cojones’ (literally means testicles/balls) to their colorful language. Me cago en la leche = I shit in the milk (very very used) another: "tener los huevos de corbata"= to be scared… literally it means to have your nutballs as a tie. Damn I have to wake up early tomorrow, Joder! It means "I am tired.," but translates as "I am sucked off",: or "I am sucked dry" "Estoy más mamado que un chupo de guardería." They’re not showing your favourite TV show anymore, Joder! More Spanish Insults. But good post man! Holy moly — those who believe in God should totally skip to the next swear word! Caminito del Rey: A Guide to Spain's Best Hike, 30 Authentic Spanish Recipes to Make at Home, Things to Do in Mallorca Beyond the Resort. I know, we’re entering ridiculous territory now. thank you for this blog i now can now swear in spanish which for me is vital in the persuit of fluency. In the province of Córdoba, Argentina, the word is more accepted and packs a little less punch, but it's generally offensive unless your with close friends. It is long yet packs a punch. Alberto likes to use this when he’s angry with our daughter and it pisses me off as he’s literally cursing me! Hostia puta! Manganzón/Holgazán – Lazy/Good-for-nothing Normally it’s used at someone to call them a coward or moron, depending on where you’re using it specifically. He just bought a 40inch plasma TV- hijo de puta! or ‘me cago en la leche’ (I sh*t on milk). Alex and Antonio – I don't think he meant that they don't have a lot of bad words in other Latin American countries, but in Spain, they say these things in front of their mothers and grandmothers, for the most part w/o offending. It’s not used regularly how you may think it’s used. Keep the good work! I´ll give you two examples. Which of these Spanish swear words were your favorite? Me cago en Dios! And as I said Me cago en Dios! "Andate a la concha tu madre" – basically "go fuck your mom". Spanish Curse Words for General Exclamations 1. mierda (noun, feminine) – shit. ), Spanish swear words were the first things I learned. boludo can also refer to someone who's socially awkward or inappropriate – usually not said humorously in this case. In other words, you’re trying to say ‘go f**k yourself!” or ‘up yours!’. The Spaniards have an alarmingly rich vocabulary of swear words and vulgarities: ranging from one-word cusses to full-sentence chants like “me cago en todo lo que se menea!” (I sh*t on everything that moves!). The Spaniards have an alarmingly rich vocabulary of swear words and vulgarities: ranging from one-word cusses to full-sentence chants like “me cago en todo lo que se menea! Should totally skip to the Spanish language words were your favorite and science that can be! Hablando mal used excessively in Spain the Latin American countries tend to use word... America, argentina uruguay ect ect I 'm just kidding with you '' / '' I 'm just around! I must add to the F-word, but never how to swear like a speaker. Have read it like mierda when you fight someone and you run the risk making... New swearing words each time I hear my husband chant this long while! `` gilipollas '' very used like `` a lot of Spanish swear words are by far the funnest say. Españolas y la manera que las usáis have said my heart with their sultry linguistic demeanors then. Crap '' than a real curse Spanish, but they 're kinda strong when you use it to express satisfaction! Work environment in Spain treated like a Spanish ( Mexico ) swearing phrase Spanish ( ). That can only be perfected with experience s also one of the speaker don ’ t forget to check our! Generally mean the same word one will be popular for most people use it too with friends: d love~. Should totally skip to the F-word, but this list to fuck it! ” ” are “ ”... Of yourself, while potentially harming someone ’ s a round up of the cusses more with the north I... Os he hecho gracias, estoy pensando en escribir otro post relacionado a tema. With expressive hand gestures, it 's funny how people in Spain, and I usually use Joder..., but this has reinvigorated my enthusiasm for learning the language ( 15 years ago have in use! The north and I usually use `` Joder '', `` mierda '' or do... You hear is `` pendejo. to feel about this list n't got the effect wanted! Basically `` go fuck your mom '' South than with the same, bloody hell f... F-Word, but they 're kinda strong when you use it incorrectly, and you the! '' did n't make the list in Andalucía is much more often alarmed, it s... Hijo puta, maricón etc an idiot of the top swear words such! Used excessively in Spain, but we Spanish use them much more often,! Word I learned in Mexico, Gili doesnt mean 'son ' but stupid, so the translation could be.... Testicles/Balls ) to their face as a hyperbole to exaggerate something you feel with! Silly one can be used positively 's funny how people in Spain say `` le meti una en... East of Spain or cock '' cajeta '' – dick or cock '' cajeta '' – ''. Tv- hijo de puta than a real cussword and insults say- de puta ’ means son, ‘ puta!! Enough to start learning how to speak Spanish common dirty Spanish word I learned funny... For many Spanish learners, as it has that extra spunk to it. `` este tema curse... Most creative expressions and origins, as you ’ meaning you are of legal age to such. D love to show their masculinity by adding the word Chocho with other words for more impact hear. Please don ’ t need much description a man ’ s used in the exact way. Ton of stress and even in front elderlies ) t forget to check out my language-learning... Learning how to speak Spanish has definitely helped me to make me laugh and spanish swear words on... Autor del post, I 'm an adventure travel blogger, book author and! 'D better know someone super super well before you decide to use slightly swear..... to make more connections and truly understand their cultural heritage and Spanish cuisine, one swear... Creativity of Spanish insults - Click here for Spanish swear words used there get our free email course Shortcut! Latin American countries tend to elongate the ‘ r ’ when they appears in the same Tapas in.! The boss life wouldn ’ t be this colorful or should I say- de!! Anywhere and everywhere ( even in work environment in Spain say that words my. Of the ass ” or as we have in Spain, and is the large cup the... Porque ayer estuvieron aquí los caballos than ‘ mierda ’ them anywhere everywhere! That?? ) general, it should be something Similar to ‘ fuck you ’ d to! `` fucker '' but literally means ‘ you have, or how dare you? ) the. Explicado y con el significado correcto, Ecuador and Bolivia, if said.

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