star fruit intoxication

... Common symptoms for star fruit intoxication … I received a forward email from friend a week ago informing how harmful star fruit is that it can kill! 4 Their consolidation of case reports includes 32 uremic patients described by Neto, et al, in 2003. 2009;15(2):149-52. In addition to causing neurotoxic symptoms such as hiccups and seizures [1, 2], star fruit has a high oxalic acid content that may cause acute reversible nephrotoxic effects [6, 7]. Its hypoglycaemic properties are considered useful in achieving glycaemic control in diabetes. Symptoms of “star fruit intoxication” include persistent hiccups, nausea, vomiting, agitation, insomnia, mental confusion and convulsions that occur within one to five hours of eating the fruit. The problem seems to be the high levels of oxalic acid (or oxalate) in this fruit … Star fruit intoxication successfully treated by charcoal haemoperfusion and intensive haemofiltration. Star fruit is a popular medicinal fruit in the tropics. Therefore, if you have any kidney problems, it’s best to limit your intake to avoid star fruit intoxication until consulting with your doctor. Star fruit intoxication is a neglected but serious fruit intoxication frequently observed in patients with chronic renal failure. Star fruit intoxication is a rare cause of consciousness disturbance in patients with renal failure. ↑ Chan C. et al. ↑ Wu C. et al. Importantly, there has been a growing number of new cases of star fruit intoxication … The tree produces small lilac or purple flowers and The waxy fruit is orange-yellow in color, 7.5–12.5 cm (3.0–4.9 in) in length, oval and deeply ribbed. Brown, et al, describes more than 50 cases of star fruit intoxication in patients with renal disease, reporting a 25% overall mortality rate and 75% mortality rate in those who experienced seizures. Star fruit induced nephrotoxicity is a rare cause of acute kidney injury in individuals with both normal and reduced baseline renal function. Star fruit poisoning was first described in 1980 in Malaysia, where it was found to have a depressive effect on the central nervous system. We present a patient with chronic renal failure, who was not on dialysis program yet, suffered from star fruit intoxication with presentation of consciousness disturbance and successfully managed by a session of hemodialysis. Hong Kong medical journal = Xianggang yi xue za zhi. The Carambola tree has a lifespan of 40 years and reaches a height of 7–10 m (22–33 ft), spreading 6–7.6 m (20–25 ft) in … Star fruit intoxication in uraemic patients: case series and review of the literature. Most cases in the literature are uremic patients on maintenance dialysis. Internal Medicine Journal, 2003, 33:314-316 14- Neto MM, Costa JAC, Garcia –Cairasco N, Netto JC, Nakagawa B, Dantas M. Intoxication by star fruit ( averrhoa carambola ) in 32 uraemic patients: treatment and outcome. Star Fruit Intoxication Filed under: Health Issues,Neuroscience,Nutrition — by Alliraph @ 8:41 pm Tags: carambola, neurotoxin, star fruit intoxication. Here is the email content:

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