starbucks orange cranberry scone recipe

The orange juice and orange zest lighten the flavors and keep these from tasting too heavy. The cranberry orange scone recipe is very similar to the lemon blueberry scones I have made in the spring. What I love about this scone recipe is it can also be very versatile. Starbucks was simply out of the question due to incredibly cold temperatures and a stupid amount of snow, so I decided to crank up the oven, grate some butter and make Cranberry Orange Scones. Cranberry orange scones are one of my favorite Starbucks indulgences that I now make at home with combination of fresh oranges, cranberries, and dried cranberries. I will definitely be baking these scones … Now you can enjoy the taste of a Panera orange scone right from your own oven! Omit the orange zest from the dough and what you have is the foundation of a basic scone recipe! A few days before I gave birth to Elle, I got a random burst of energy and crazy strong hankering for scones.

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