stereo bus compressor

If you’re mixing any other popular genre of music, you need a stereo compressor… The TK Audio BC501 is a dual-slot 500 Series stereo buss compressor, an adaptation of the company's BC1-S rackmount compressor. Stereo 2-Bus Compressor. Meticulously designed to deliver a broad range of compression options and … Strapped across a stereo mix or subgroup, the Bus … The BC501 adds a couple ratio positions, three more sidechain HPF … That’s the sound that Austin, TX-based Warm Audio has set out to bring within reach of every even halfway-serious studio.The Warm Audio Bus Compressor is exactly what it says on the tin. The result is an incredible-sounding, versatile, world-class stereo bus compressor capable of handling any audio production task. “ The SSL buss compressor is about as legendary as it gets, so I tend to reserve it for the main stereo buss – but I’ve also had good luck with its auto-release function on smaller groups within a song, for example a string buss or just a drum buss. One of which is the classic VCA stereo bus compressor that has graced countless hit records with its … The mystique of old-school analog gear is undeniable, with certain pieces achieving legendary status. You can get that individual buss snap or glue within the overall stereo … Meet The WA-Bus Compressor. If you’re mixing classical music, straight-ahead jazz, or any music that is best delivered with a dynamic worthy of only a dedicated listening room, a stereo 2-bus compressor is unwarranted.

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