stone cladding fixing systems

With HALFEN natural stone systems even most superior design can be realized. 50. Restraint Systems For Stone Cladding Facades. Introduction to Natural Stone and Anchorage Systems. Stone Fixing Specialists. This is why they prototyped, tested and kept developing BILDA - an innovative, next generation cladding system. The paper emphasises that designing stone cladding systems with continuous kerf must take … They noticed that traditionally, every facade fixing system is developed by craftsmen working in stone, ceramics, wood cladding industries, with little overlap. Learn more Get in Touch. HALFEN natural stone systems: A unique reliable appearance. The fixing systems for building cladding are composed of several elements (angles, expansion bolts, screws, nuts, washers, etc), each of which shall present the appropriate mechanical features in respect to the requirements posed by the specific project. “Weight is the primary area of concern when building with stone. Whether it is used to help reduce a building’s heat island effect in a hot and dry climate, or to provide a water- and freeze-resistant exterior in a colder climate, exterior stone cladding is … Principles for the Fixing of Building Cladding. M60 x 50mm anchor for wall fixing; 30 x 3mm Angle bracket – Manufactured to suit cavity and stone dimensions; Steel Cladding House Cladding Architecture Collage Architecture Details Stainless Steel Brackets Cladding Systems Stone Facade Granite Flooring Construction Drawings. To achieve a safe and reliable fixing system for stone cladding, it is essential to fully consider the implications of the weight and properties of natural stone, early on in the design work. Saved by Alibaba-B2B. Today, one ideal use for natural stone is in exterior cladding. fixing systems are described in this chapter. Natural stone façade structures create a refined image and stand for value retention and quality. Stone cladding fixing,Marble bracket,stainless steel bracket,stone anchor, marble anchor,granite anchor. SFS Restraint Assembly for Non Insulated Cavity.

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