strawberry whipped milk

Today in Instagram stories we tried out an easy whipped strawberry milk recipe while some yummy browned butter chocolate chip cookies were baking in oven. Whipped Strawberry Milk. Being stuck at home is making things get interesting around here. Thanks to the internet, everyone is having fun with all the new drinks that are going viral. And yes, it’s just as amazing as it looks and sounds. The latest dalgona alternative, whipped strawberry milk, is even more simple to make and is the perfect spring sip. Strawberry. All you need is strawberry powder and whipping cream. The Viral Whipped Strawberry Milk has gone KETO! Three words… Whipped. 3 ingredients, a few minutes of time and you have an amazing tasting whipped milk everyone will love! Milk. It was quite the spin on the traditional milk and cookies experience, so if you think your kiddos would like a creamy, frothy whipped strawberry milk, keep scrollin’ for the recipe! First, it was the whipped iced coffee, now everyone is talking about the whipped strawberry milk. Whipped Strawberry Milk is actually quite simple and a lot easier that whipped coffee. WHIPPED STRAWBERRY MILK⁣ ⁣ ☕️Another alternative to #whippedcoffee… I bring to you Whipped Strawberry Milk made using one of my favorite childhood drinks ever, Nesquik!⁣ ⁣ All you need is 1 tbsp of Strawberry Nesquik and 4 tbsp (1/4 cup) of heavy whipping cream. Whipped strawberry milk is the best way to enjoy a glass of strawberry milk! I used Nesquick strawberry powder to make my Whipped Strawberry Milk because it’s all I had available, but to make this a little more healthy and natural you can substitute with strawberry freeze-dried powder. Don’t worry, we have you low carb covered with our keto whipped strawberry milk that’s just as good as the original! Dalgona coffee is inspired by the South Korean Dalgona candy and traditionally involves whipping instant coffee, granulated sugar, and water into a rich, gooey solid-looking mixture that almost looks like toffee. This drink is also referred to ask Strawberry Dalgona!

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