sweet potato and feta tart

https://www.ceresfairfood.org.au/recipe/sweet-potato-and-feta-filo-tarts ... and the combination of sweet potatoes, chard, red onions and feta sounded too good to pass up. https://brissiebites.com/roasted-sweet-potato-caramelised-onion-feta-tart Crumble the feta and scatter over the sweet potato. Swiss Chard, Sweet Potato, & Feta Tart with Teff Crust Apr 12, 2012. There's also a layer of luscious spinach and garlic on the bottom, which adds extra flavour and makes this tart a delicious meal. What with the sunshine and warmth, it feels like spring has really started here in Edinburgh and this is a tart to be eaten in the spring. The tulips have bloomed into an array of pastel shades, the birds are singing outside my window this morning, and the sun is bright and beautiful. Mix the fresh cream and milk together and gently fill the tart shell with the mixture Bake in the oven at 180 degrees celcius for 20 minutes or until the liquid has reduced The onions are caramelized and glazed with balsamic vinegar, the sweet potatoes are simply roasted, and the chard is cooked just until wilted then also glazed with balsamic vinegar Sweet potato is one of my favorites and this tart is loaded with it. Isn't it a lovely day? Hi there! March 30, 2011 17 Comments. We ate this sweet potato, courgette and feta tart for supper on Monday evening and it made a fitting end to the Easter holiday. Swiss Chard, Sweet Potato & Feta Tart.

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