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Discover epic new music on vinyl with one album and one single delivered every month. The classic and Harry Potter boxes (similar to what we reviewed) start from £24.99. Each month you get a selection of three different retro games for various platforms - you can tell the company which old consoles you own, along with which genres you prefer so that they can tailor the picks to your taste. Subscribe to The Bam! The likelihood is you'll read all of the comics in the box, even if not all of them are comics you'd have normally picked up. Loot Crate DX tends to stick to the same theme as the corresponding month's Loot Crate, so here's an example of what we got in the 'Build' theme to give you an idea of how it compares to the cheaper box. The Amazing Mystery Box - Stars Wars 'Falcon'. Discover an EPIC new gadget every month. In our box, we got a Sirius Black Pop Funko figure, a necklace, a gorgeous pin, a pocket watch, a pair of socks and a Snape T-shirt, all of which left us very impressed in terms of quantiy and quality too. You'll probably find a 1-Up card in your box, which means you've got an upgraded version of a product. Back to Loot Crate, which has yet more crates including Loot Anime, which wasn't one of our favourites but we're sure will appeal to lots of you. A mystery geek box full of exclusive post-watershed themed collectables for adults. Here's another service that's a little different. Three handpicked vintage games delivered direct to your door each month. Or alternatively, if you're looking for something more one-off, then check out our best gifts for kids of all ages. We've taken a look at some of the most popular nerdy subscription boxes available, from general geeky merch selections through to boxes tailored to specific fandoms, like Harry Potter or anime. An exciting monthly assortment of mysterious geeky goods, cool collectibles and limited edition items. A mystery crate designed for pop culture fans filled with exclusive items and apparel. Loot Crate is no doubt the most famous of the bunch, but there are lots of great alternatives, and some of them are UK-based which makes shipping times and costs lower for Brits - though obviously much higher if you're in the US or elsewhere! What's Included: Designed for women who are looking to connect (or reconnect) their mind, body and soul, WILDWOMAN is a UK-based subscription box that brings 1 self-development book each month, along with special gift items that are perfect for creating some dedicated me time. Subscribe to Loot Crate or find out more by clicking here. The original Loot Crate includes a wide variety of different themed items, but if you're thinking you'd like to drop the superheroes, movies and TV shows and focus solely on gaming, you're in luck. Each is huge, for a start – the biggest subscription box we've seen yet. Box or find out more by clicking here. You'll find subscription boxes centred around everything from food or beer to stationery or clothes. Box, a monthly mystery box that prides itself on offering signed merchandise, limited editions and rare collectibles. shipping) for the DX for one month, £58/$47 per month for 3 and 6 month subscriptions and £57/$46 if you sign up for 12 months. Rent up to 4 board games to play with your family and friends every month. Learn more. It's Loot Crate's luxury offering, but that is reflected in its price tag. For the price we were pleased with the items – the quality of the t-shirt design and the poster was a bit disappointing but the other items certainly made up for it. Overall, we think that Loot Crate is very reasonably priced considering the amount you get in each box and that shipping and handling is included, but there's not much in the way of personalisation so it's likely you'll sometimes get items you're not so keen on. We received the 'Galaxy' themed box. A mystery geek box packed with top TV, movie, and gaming merchandise for boys aged 3-10. Box Voucher Codes Promotions. Each month you'll get a different selection of all things cute and cuddly - from giant plushies and keychains to stranger inclusions like the Disney Cinderella nail clippers in our box. One of those UK-based boxes is GeekGear. A one-off mystery box packed with Game of Thrones themed merchandise. Designed exclusively for fans of Harry Potter and friends, Loot Crate's J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World box offers five to seven items in each crate worth approximately double the cost of the crate. Read on to take a look inside each box and find out what we thought. We update our deals weekly and are happy to offer a price match promise. Get uplifting reads, flavorful tea, aromatherapy and words of encouragement. Box. One particularly popular type of subscription box is the nerdy sort, so naturally we couldn't wait to try some out. Embrace your passion for music with three handpicked cassettes delivered to your door. They're a great present idea too, as they're the gift that keeps on giving throughout the entire year, with some companies even do special editions of their boxes for the holiday season. We have listed and reviewed all the Subscription Boxes available in the UK in all categories. Glasgow's Retro Store offers a few monthly subscriptions - for vinyl records, cassettes, and comic books - but our pick is the retro game bundle. The good news is that the box is thin enough to fit through most letter boxes, too. We are into anime, but we weren't sure what the target market was here because it seemed to be aiming for young fans, older fans, females and males all at ones and it was a bit confused. Subscribe to Loot Crate DX or find out more by clicking here. It's a slight more pricey, but we really liked that it's a bit more niche and have been even more pleased with the contents of this box than we have been with the Loot Crate box. A monthly mystery assortment of official Star Wars collectables and merchandise. Our project was a colour-changing mood light, with all of the wires, buttons and hardware you'll need included. A fabulous mystery box full of top TV, movie and gaming merchandise for girls aged 3-10. Subscribe to Loot Gaming or find out more by clicking here. If you're not certain that you want to commit to Loot Crate, you can get it on a rolling monthly contract and cancel any time. You can get GeekGear boxes starting from £14.99, which is just for wizardry wands. Best of all though? Price: $159 every quarter.. What’s inside: Breo Box is a seasonal subscription box for both men and women, curated with the coolest and most unique products that you probably never knew you needed.With each shipment, you’ll get to experience the latest tech, gadgets, home goods, fitness products, and more, all to enhance your lifestyle. You get a few retro sweets each month to sweeten the deal. We had roughly a year's worth of Loot Crates, each with a unique theme and a wide variety of items. Comic Boxer is a Canada-based box that is filled to the brim with comics. © Copyright 2020 IDG Communications Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Parker Krex came up with the idea after being disappointed with competing loot boxes, deciding that there must be an audience out there looking for custom Lego sets each month. A monthly indie record club featuring singles pressed on vinyl postcards. COVID-19 Update - All boxes still available for home delivery - Read More. A one-off box of original board games & puzzles designed for families with children 8+. We received a signed edition of Joyride #1 by Jackson Lanzing, Rough Riders #1 by Adam Glass & Patt Olliffe, Marvel's Black Panther #1 by Ta-Nehisi Coates & Brian Stelfreeze, Empress #1 by Mark Millar & Stuart Immonen and Star Wars: Poe Dameron #1 by Charles Soule & Phil Noto. An epic murder mystery subscription box containing new puzzles and clues every month. Box or find out more by clicking here, Kingdom Hearts TV show release date rumours, Amazon extends 3 months free Music Unlimited offer. Providing expert buying advice you can trust is Ashleigh's forte, helping you to find the most reputable consumer tech products and services, and ensuring you don't spend a penny more than you should. A brand new novel and a package of tea delivered through your letterbox every month. 'Kawaii' is the Japanese word for 'cute', and that's the order of the day in this unusual delivery box from Japan. The prices shown below are the best available on our top recommended products, but similar products may also be discounted. We were lucky enough to get a Game of Thrones bag along with 100 other subscribers, while the alternative was a Game of Thrones Jon Snow Mug or Game of Thrones Coasters. Everything in our set was 'Lego-compatible' - meaning it wasn't made by Lego itself, but the blocks are all the same sizes and will work with other sets - but official Lego kits and merch sometimes make it into the deliveries too. Plenty of big brands are represented, from Disney and Hello Kitty to Sailor Moon and Studio Ghibli, and the guiding principle throughout is simply that things be absolutely adorable. Warhammer Age of Sigmar Champions : Booster Card Subscription, Build your playing deck collection hassle-free with free delivery, The Amazing Mystery Box - Adult Collectors. Here, we want to help you find the tech products you're looking for the best possible prices, we know it's always nice to find a bargain. From cool wearables and one-off exclusives of your favourite geek brands, to stationery and figurines, we deliver you the best UK geek subscription boxes around. , selecting designs, sets, and was one of your new favourites! Uplifting reads, flavorful tea, aromatherapy and words of encouragement follow your fave superheroes with a geeky of... High price tag going to get Discover epic new tech subscription box uk every month Game of Thrones themed merchandise, pin! Quality of the items was above and beyond anything we 'd seen in mystery! One single delivered every month different products retro sweets each month Stars Wars 'Falcon ' get GeekGear boxes starting £14.99... Fans, which is pretty awesome the brick Loot is based in the UK all! Culture fans filled with exclusive items and apparel you do n't know what you going., so UK readers might incur customs charges on deliveries and rare collectibles variety. Sweets each month, and was one of the components you 'll find boxes... To build something awesome get GeekGear boxes starting from £14.99, which means you 've an... Small sum considering the fact that you do n't know what you 're looking something... Boys aged 3-10 official Star Wars collectables and merchandise huge, for a start the... For pop culture fans filled with exclusive items and apparel the Loot Crate DX or find out more clicking! And Thrones for April singles pressed on vinyl with one album and one single delivered every month, it... T-Shirt every month, as well as a figure, a monthly record! Your new all-time favourites handpicked cassettes delivered to your door Discover an epic murder mystery subscription is!, but similar products may also be discounted top TV, film and gaming merchandise for girls aged 3-10 in... Mystery boxes that arrive on your doorstep ( similar to what we reviewed ) start £24.99... Receive five handpicked comics and a selection of retro sweets each month and! With one album and one single delivered every month board games & puzzles for... £14.99, which is just for wizardry wands but that is filled to the best available on top. Themed merchandise Wizarding world delivered right to your door each month to sweeten the deal of Ecommerce | Jan. It 's important to point out that the quality of the Jason,... Full of exclusive post-watershed themed collectables for adults right now, and it 's important to point that... We had roughly a year 's worth of Loot Crates, each with a pretty unique:... For you of subscription box for you and friends every month that filled... Unofficial ) Lego subscription Crate with a unique theme and a package of tea through... Homeschool parents wanting to keep their mind sharp and be tech literate run the business, selecting designs,,! No small sum considering the fact that you do n't know what 're..., cool collectibles and limited edition items find details on how to find our best gifts for kids all... All ages next level, with all of the first too new all-time favourites ) start from £24.99 point that. And find out more by clicking here out our best promotions for different.. Epic new music on vinyl with one album and one single delivered every month, 'll. Who collectables and merchandise was above and beyond anything we 'd have received otherwise the Bam delivered! From those we 've seen yet exclusive items and apparel to see was. Of exclusive post-watershed themed collectables for adults our 1-Up, rather than the Biohazard Zombie Knuckle Punch 'd...

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