thai basil eggplant pork recipe

* Mix fish sauce, soy, water and brown sugar; set aside. Heat the oil in a wok or deep-fryer until almost smoking (about 180C), and deep-fry the We call for Japanese eggplant in the recipe. Add eggplant and stir. Add 2tbsp oil, and eggplants. Stir gently. Add 1/2 cup water cover and simmer 5 minutes, until eggplant has soaked up most of the water and becomes translucent. This Thai Basil Eggplant is vegan and gluten-free makes a fantastic side dish pairs well with rice or noodles gets done in 30 minutes great way to enjoy eggplant even if you aren’t a fan! Notes on Ingredients. Once the pork begins to turn white in colour, add in the chopped ginger, cooked eggplant and blended sauce. Two important things about this recipe- if possible, do not replace the Japanese eggplant or the Thai basil. You may need to add more water as it cooks. Heat wok on medium-high heat. Stir to ensure everything is well mixed and then leave to cook on medium high heat for approx 10 minutes until the sauce begins to thicken. The fragrant combination of aromatics, including Thai basil, wakes up your taste buds. Turn off the heat and add the basil stir … Preparation. Add fish sauce and sugar. Add a little eggplant and chicken (or omit the meat to make this vegetarian), and you have a satisfying meal after less than 15 minutes at the stove!

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