tiger vs lion size

Top Answer. Lion vs tiger size? A mature male lion weighs between 330 to 550 pounds while the weight of the female lions lies between 250 and 350 pounds. Body size: Although the size of both cats varies with the type of their species, a large adult Siberian tiger can reach over 10 feet in length. Lion vs Tiger > Lion tiger skull comparison, size, and weight. Answer. A full-grown African lion, on the other hand, can grow up to 9 feet in length. The tiger's skull is more globose than the lion's (Haltenorth, 1937; Pocock, 1939) and this may relate to brain shape, which in turn results in differences in relative brain size. Tiger Vs Lion. Although the King of the Jungle is expected to be the stronger cat, but it is the tiger which possesses more muscles and is heavier as well as longer. Wiki User Answered . Comparison of lion and tiger. Share with: Link: Copy link. A Male Siberian and A male Bengal Tiger, they both are bigger than a male African lion. Famous lion vs tiger fights. Asked by Wiki User. Share. Natodomeri Lion - Panthera leo The 'Natodomeri Lion' is known from a partial skull of a lion from Natodomeri, northwest Kenya. A siberian Tiger hands down. Tiger vs Lion Tiger and lion are two of the most dangerous carnivores in the animal kingdom with terrifying features that are adapted for exclusive hunting of other animals. 5 years ago laflux 9 10 11. Sure, a Siberian Tiger could win MORE OFTEN than not (though, the blog cites sources of Lions killing Siberians), but a 500lb + African Lion vs a 500lb + Bengal Tiger is tricky. Although there's no good information on the size of tigers in that part of India, some males seem out of this world. The skull is remarkable for its very great size, equivalent to the largest cave lions (Panthera spelaea [Goldfuss, 1810]) of Pleistocene Eurasia and much larger than any previously known lion from Africa, living or fossil. 61 posts Page 6 of 7. The presence of these majestic creatures in a natural ecosystem demonstrates the ecological richness of the area, as they are the topmost trophic levels of the food chains. Tiger versus lion which of these carnivores is more powerful? I'm in love with big Cats ever since I was a kid so I think I'm educated enough to give you an answer.

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