tomake parineeta guitar chords

Tomake - Warfaze / Piano Intro: / E B C#m G#m (2) F#m G#m A B / E B Sudhu sudhui vabna C#m B Jete chaile jao chole jao E A Tobu kano e kanna B E Jani valo thaktea / E B Sudhu bolona vulte, C Chords for Tomake | তোমাকে | Parineeta | Arko | Shreya Ghoshal | Subhashree | Ritwick | Raj Chakraborty. [Verse] G C G shei tumi keno eto ochena hole G C D shei ami keno tomake dukkho dilem G C G kemon kore eto ochena hole tumi G C D kibhabe eto bodle gechi ei ami G B Em o o bukeri shob koshto du hate shoriye Am cholo bodle jai [Chorus] C Am D tumi keno bojhona tomake chara ami oshohai G B Em amar shob tuku bhalobasha tomai niye C Am D amar oporadh chilo joto tuku tomar kache Bb C G … Check out Tomake (Male) song lyrics in English and listen to Tomake (Male) song sung by Arko on [Verse 1] D# A# Sudhu sudhui vabna Cm A# Jete chaile jao chole jao D# G# Tobu kano e kanna A# D# Jani valo thaktea D# A# Sudhu bolona vulte, Cm A# Chaina bachar upodesh D# G# Din emoni katbe A# A# Khealer fadey [Chorus] D# A# Tomake mone porbe Cm A# Jokhoni jochona hase, D# A# Tomake mone porbe Cm A# D# Jokhoni akash venge borsha kadey [Verse 2] D# A# Cm A# Jei … Tomake Chai Chords by Kabir Suman. Music Composed by And Bengali Song Lyrics written by Arko. Chords: F, C, G, Am. Learn to play guitar by chord / tabs using chord diagrams, transpose the key, watch video lessons and much more. Music Programming, Arrangement, Mix & Master by Aditya Dev. Piyu Bole Piya Bole Guitar Chords – Parineeta 20/04/2013 Jitendra Vyaas 0 Comments Parineeta, Piyu Bole Piya Bole Guitar Chords, Shreya Ghoshal, Sonu Nigam. Starring: Ritwick Chakraborty And Subhashree Ganguly. Song : Tomake Movie : Parineeta Singer : Shreya Ghoshal … Tomake Lyrics from Parineeta : Tomake Song Is Sung by Shreya Ghoshal Female Version And Male Version Song Is Sung by Arko from Parineeta Bengali Movie. All lyrics are copyrighted to their respective owners. Song: Piyu Bole Piya Bole. All contents are restricted for educational, personal or fair use only You may allowed to republish contents with a valid backlink to the original source Tomake (Male) Lyrics- Get Parineeta Tomake (Male) song Lyrics in Bengali.

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