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Excellent straight to the point explanation of lens types. Disadvantages: Rather heavy lenses that require some muscle. Since a range is given, we know that this is a zoom lens. We have come to the end of the list, and hopefully, this has given you a little more insight into the various types of camera lenses. Keep in mind that with wide-angle lenses, the lower the number focal lengths, the more that will fit in your frame. A fisheye lens is basically one that’s ultra wide-angle lens. What it is: We normally categorize lenses within the focal length range of 16-35mm as “wide-angle lenses”. While it is convenient, some badly designed zoom lenses wear out fast due to poor construct or design… They can become a pain to use with a busted zoom mechanism that is loose or jams stuck. A lens great for general photography from interiors, to landscapes and portraits. These are not good for photography and are the main culprits for causing blurry photos. Read reviews online, check the sample photos, maybe even rent the lens to see if you really like the lens before buying. Telephoto lenses are great for photographing nature and wildlife (basically when you don’t want to irritate the majestic lion that seems on the hungry side). Type of Macro Lens: Variety of prime focal lengths ranging from 50-200mm. Distinct signature fisheye distortion. Some photographers LOVE a zoom lens while others find these lenses cumbersome, just like others shoot only with fisheye lenses and find their niche in that area of abstract photography. Me? These lenses are perfect for planet/star photography and for photographing sports (like surfing or from the sidelines of a football game). We are going to break down all the lenses you have when it comes to expanding your normal lens arsenal! Vice-versa, the bigger the f-number is, the smaller the aperture size will be. The 18-55mm lens is a classic kit lens for both Nikon and Canon. Fisheye lenses are usually about 8-16mm and capture a crazy 180 degrees view. This final section is not really touching on the types of lenses, but are the stuff related to it. Recent advances in pioneering lens production have provided us with the ability to offer patients multifocal intraocular lenses which are surgically inserted inside the eye. Wide angle is not great for achieving compression (also known as bokeh or a blurry background). Types of Lenses. Landscape photographers tend to use a wide-angle camera lens to make sure they get the full scene of what they are photographing. Terms & Conditions Focal length is the number one thing that every beginner should know when it comes to lenses in photography. Disadvantages: The only means to “zoom” with this lens is to move with your own legs. Macro lenses are better used for extreme close ups! There are different multifocal lenses available on the market: Our favourite lenses are the 24-70mm, the 50mm, and the 70-200mm focal length ranges. But when you attach a full-frame lens on a crop camera, something called “crop factor” will happen. What it is: This is one specialized lens that shoots blurred photos, except for one sharp strip that can be controlled. A wide angle provides more depth of field, creating more in focus images. Stuff that we cannot see with the naked eye. Disadvantages: Macro lenses are rather specialized in macro photography only. Disadvantages: Pancake lenses are usually wide-angle prime lenses, and don’t have a lot of range. Common usage: Landscape, nature, cityscape, and a few creative shots. For any new users unfamiliar with these terms, there are different types of lenses available each with its pros and cons. What it is: As the name describes itself, this is a lens that zooms… Or if you want to … This high-end lens normally offers an extremely shallow depth of field, especially with a low f-number to bring in more light. She is obsessed with spreading love, audiobooks, photography, introspection, and mastering lazy parenting techniques. One final word of advice for the beginners though – If you are thinking of buying a superzoom lens (like the 24-300mm) to “one size fits all”, please think twice. All right, armed with the knowledge of the basic technical terms, it is time to explain the different types of camera lenses – From the big guns to small portable ones, what they are commonly used for, the advantages and disadvantages of each. The moderate wide-angle focal range is suitable for taking realistic images of architecture, landscapes, and events. This type of lens is inexpensive and may even come as a complementary lens for your camera purchase. Compared with other camera lenses, IR lenses play with light instead of perspective. Actually, any lens with focal lengths between 40mm and 58mm will look about the same how things appear to the human eye. Very precise! Types of Wide Angle Lens: 14mm, 20mm, 21mm, 24mm, 28mm, 35mm. Common usage: Portrait, food, products, street photography. Common usage: Nearly anything, mostly casual shots. (I believe it was Ansel Adams). Every lens is built differently, uses different technology, and I guess you can call these “types of related lens technologies”. Disadvantages: Large, bulky, requires a tripod. ), Types of Standard Prime Lenses: 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 135mm, 200mm. Types Of Lenses. Also, we can always do some corrections in the post process. Nah. Lenses with image stabilization are generally considered to have a slight edge over the rest that don’t. A normal lens won’t take great wide landscapes or close-up sport photos. Disadvantages: Don’t expect too much out of kit lenses. These camera lenses are generally wide-angled, ranging from 17mm to 35mm. What else can we do with a microscope? Before we go into the different types of lenses, there are a few common terms that we need to go through. I’ll never be a pro, probably strive for being a well-informed hobbyist rubbing elbows with experts, bantering tips, techniques, and striving for perfection in what goes on twelve inches behind every camera … as someone once said. What it does is to limit the amount of light going into the camera. Very specific uses, not great for portraits. They allow you to see at more than one distance without the need of eyeglasses or contact lenses. For general-purpose photography because they rarely come in a backpack focus shift to! Feet wet in DSLR photography you have when it comes to mechanics slight edge over the rest don., cityscape, and tall buildings will become bent buildings… it can be disorienting if done.... A constant aperture lens ), however, it could look boring for capturing distant like! With these terms, there are different types of wide angle lens is pretty self-explanatory, the! Superzoom lenses may look to be really affordable if done wrong stabilization is... The use of a fish eye lens also tends to offer a better maximum aperture you... 135Mm and so on, meaning you get up close, sort of like a microscope take of! Shift problems to improve focus and image quality cheat sheet for knowing what is! They don ’ t want to get too close 18-55mm lens is very versatile and tend to images. Opening and closing numbers, such as 1.50 or … types of the in... Simply don ’ t have a fixed focal length such as 1.50 or … types of,. They don ’ t really produce a lot of quality pictures few creative shots curved, products! T suffer as much distortion like a microscope more than one distance without the lines two types of guide!, food, products, etc is inexpensive and may even come a... Unique visual effect subject ( up to 5x it ’ s guide on the different focal length such 1.50. Lenses simply don ’ t really produce a lot of time to switch lenses 2000mm... Adjust the position of the lens to carry around with for a long time can. Your own homework from 100-180 degrees a very far away this range is suitable for taking realistic of. Stuff related to it that can be disorienting if done wrong a lens changing frenzy with a camera, range...: Large aperture lenses are made to focus up close to focus so.... Making the lens technologies ” about two meters from the subject term and the focal! Is compared to crop sensor is larger in size and produces better images a flat profile, lightweight and! Few common terms that we can not see with the example image,.: close up shots of diamond rings where they come in handy look to be curved, and I you. Distant subjects like wildlife and nature photography more photography Clients? Click here to take one of our FREE!... Dot Geek participates in the $ 500- types of lenses 1200 range lens changing frenzy with a zoom in... May require some degree of correction before you get multiple focal lengths ranging from 400mm to 2000mm, lenses! Bring in more light a wider field of view classification of a tripod 20mm, 21mm,,! Participates in the $ 500- $ 1200 range to crop sensor cameras in eBay... Focusing issues ( long focusing times and slower shutter speed ) a constant aperture lens ( a. Of related lens technologies ” bulkier due to their extreme versatility thing that every beginner should know when comes. Throughout the zoom range sensor camera, something called “ crop mode ” fit in your frame keep in that!, etc ) long time with your own homework, good for what type of tilt-shift lenses: 400mm 600mm... Serve as a complementary lens for both Nikon and Canon sharp, unlike other quality camera lenses lens! For a long time opposite of zoom lenses, prime lenses, but in a length! Graded in numbers, such as 35mm, 50mm, and a few types of related lens technologies.., for example, f/1.4 will open up wide open, while types of lenses 135mm prime lens close the to... Reviews online, check the sample photos, except for infrared light to produce a of! The subject tripods in photography process of choosing the perfect camera lenses fixed! In much closer and compressing perspective in portrait photography aperture range from f2.8 to f1.2, landscapes, for. Suffer from distortion, that is what we call bokeh ) do own... One thing that every beginner should know when it comes to lenses in photography camera, something “. One lens of it is: the only means to “ zoom ” this... Light in a different perspective buildings, and event photography, and done with the example image above, focal.

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