warm audio wa87 used

Warm Audio Originally Purchased a month ago :) The classic ‘87 is arguably the most widely-used large diaphragm condenser microphone in pop recording history. I currently have a mxl v69 valve and want to level up. Featuring a sleek new design with a rounded grille, optimized metalwork, and performance enhancements that include a genuine Cinemag Warm Audio has been producing studio-grade gear at incredible breakthrough prices since 2011. Compare prices on new and used Warm Audio gear on Reverb today. I was recommended the wa87 thanks and happy new year !!!! Warm Audio WA87 The WA87 is a reproduction of the classic U87 but at a quarter of the cost. ! Hi, I'm thinking of ordering the "Warm audio wa-87", does anyone here use it to give their opinion? It’s commonly used in recording studios for voice-overs, music, and live radio due to its range. U87と同じでWA87専用の木製ケースが付属しています。 価格 U87とWA87の値段を比較していきましょう 価格はサウンドハウスを基準としました。 NEUMANN ( ノイマン ) / U87Ai ¥269,800(税抜)(¥296,780 税込) WARM AUDIO ( ウォーム Now with the WA87 R2, Warm Audio have made their modern classic better than ever.

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