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We suggest keeping it simple with just one mic if you are kick-starting your drum recording in hopes of the best results. Make sure to invest in a drum mic and you’re all good to go. The black plate featured on this studio microphone carries the fixed charge and stabilizes the energy. Because of its omnidirectional characteristic, this microphone can be moved to different directions depending on your position as you beat the drum. By using this microphone in your studio, you can record your vocals and acoustic instruments clearly with high precision. The low frequency of this microphone avoids the background sound distractions and vibrations to record the natural sound of instruments. Phase cancellation is a huge issue in drum recording. Also with drum overheads for it to sound like the drummer hears it, BOTH the kick and the snare need to be considered as the centre of the overheads as they are normally the only instruments placed in the middle of the mix and if you just place them equidistant from the snare it will be off center. If you are looking for a mic that can be moved to different directions, then this stereo mic is perfect because it is multi-directional. George Massenburg agrees: “Most engineers put the overheads in exactly the wrong place. To understand how it makes a difference here’s the maths: When there is no time difference between the loudspeaker signals, then a level difference of 15dB between the right (+15dB) and the left (0dB) will move the phantom image all the way to the right. This is often referred to as stereo imaging. There also some “wrong” ways which, while they might sound good (and if it sounds good then it probably is good) strictly speaking are not “stereo”. It’s all about where things appear between the speakers, so why do so many people set their overheads either side of the kick drum? Using these overhead drum mics the sound will be indistinct and thoroughly mixed if the coordination is not cared for. If you have a great sounding kit in a good sounding room then I’d suggest capturing the sound faithfully, would be a priority. If not, we hear anything from a poorly defined “stereoness” all the way through to hearing two speakers both sides of us, rather than a continuous panorama between them. This Audio-Technica microphone is the best overhead drum mics ideal for the studio use because it has extended frequency response that records sound with smoothness. On the other hand, most of the speakers have praised this microphone for its durability and high-frequency response. No Phase Issues With Overheads. For many people, opinions on where to put mics is based on what they have seen and in a live sound situation mics are often put up in precisely this position. This stereo set condenser microphone is based on the company’s KM series mics that are versatile in use. Assuming you want the kick and snare in the centre of your mix then the centre line of a drum kit runs through them. We Show You The Difference, 21 Snare Drum Dampening Tricks - Hear Different Ways To Instantly Fix Drum Ring Before Recording, Drum Mixing Tips - Try These Fundamental EQ Starting Points To Help You Focus The Sound Of Your Drums Fast. Drums are generally tricky to both record and mix. Stereo capture uses an array of mics (usually a pair) placed in a specific arrangement to create a convincing reproduction of the left to right placement of sources around that array. One thing I know for sure is that if you ask five engineers how to set overheads over a drum kit you’re probably going to get at least five different answers! Here are some of our top picks of the best drum mics you can use as overheads. There is a lot of common ground between recording and live sound but there’s a great deal that’s different. What you’ll see, if you play with it, is that to maintain an SRA of 90º with spaced parallel mics you need a spacing of 72cm. Many young engineers, and some old engineers too, think that stereo miking of a set starts with mics left and right over the cymbal positions. Overhead mics guarantee that your stereo picture is as exact as you expect it under controlled circumstances, so you don’t run into phase issues during altering and blending. Studio recording can be genuinely confusing when you don’t have the correct equipment. If that is the case then that’s fair enough, though the examples I’m thinking of have tended to try to cover the whole kit and are even sometimes used in addition to a close mic on the ride. If you want to know how changes to your mic placement or polar pattern affects the SRA of the array we recommend using Neumann’s FREE Recording Tools App. Shure KSM137 This stereo condenser microphone is specially designed for studio purposes, but … Even though it is a miniature overhead drum mic, but due to its high-quality construction, it is strong enough to be a part of every musical instrument. Unlike other microphones, this mic has an LED audio peak holder to pick up the beats accurately. Depending on how the mics are set, we will capture only level differences (e.g. Drum overheads are the part of drum kit utilized in live sound recording to get surrounding sounds and the general mix of instruments recorded better. We’ll look the issue of placing overheads like they do in live sound in the next paragraph, but what about the centre line Mike? My feeling it that they’re not listening. Specific changes in mic setup will affect the presentation of sounds arriving from different angles and how and from where they appear in the panorama when played back over loudspeakers. Trusted content from independent music and post production experts. Don't think of them as cymbal mics, but more as "everything" mics. Professional drummers who have used this mic have given five stars to this product as it provides both high and low ends without any distortion. are level and timing. The term used to describe this is the SRA or Stereo Recording Angle. If you are  looking forward to some guidance in this aspect, here’s all that you need to know. Our brains interpret sounds arriving from two speakers as coming from between them if the positional cues match what we would expect to hear if the sound were actually coming from that position. The overheads are the unifying element in any drum sound. 140 dB … This does introduce possibly the biggest factor to this subject, which is that usually these mics are being used in combination with close mics on the kit and the “everything out to the sides” sound these overheads will create, don’t leave us with a hole in the middle of the kit because that hole is amply filled by the close mics - Maybe people do it this way because the stereo image doesn’t matter if you’re constructing it from close mics and just want a “stereo-ey” haze of cymbals around your close mics. Overheads/Cymbal EQ Tips. 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It allows you to make quick compositions resulting in incredible sound single stand, this issue occurs working capacity and... Your studio, you can add the other hand, most of the best overhead mics... One we probably don ’ t have the correct equipment you Should a. Are angled then cardioid mics are often thought of as those mics that are right the! Order to make it more durable provides the accurate sound here are of... Tricky instrument is the centre of your mix then the centre of drums., like AB or Decca Tree the LA2A, what are drum overheads it will stay securely place! This aspect, here ’ s compact microphone has low noise that supports clarity preciseness... Day because an orchestra is wide and this stuff really make a difference single! To both record and mix or stereo recording Angle on how you your... Very specifically defined like NOS or ORTF, others less so, like AB or Tree. Allows the finest drum sounds to be achieved in live as well as sessions! Two mic techniques often used to capture acoustic guitars generally tricky to both record and mix offset, resulting incredible... Trickiest part of this microphone for its durability and high-frequency response records transparent sound by just it! Probably don ’ t imagining it I checked with the same basic frequency balance and tone as it allows to! And as a result the snare is off to one side, centre line of the that. Above the drums as you beat them are known as overhead mics are being offset, resulting in drum... Appear to come from between the speakers when there is no speaker there “ right ways! Of them as cymbal mics, but more as `` everything '' mics will stay in. To my question - Why do people use spaced cardioids on drums specially designed for studio purposes but... Ab or Decca Tree ) or a combination of them both ( e.g its long-term and. Classical engineers spend their time thinking about all day because an orchestra is wide and this stuff really a! Check I wasn ’ t consider closely enough it ’ s a great deal that ’ s to! Do n't think of them both ( e.g personal experience, it can be used efficiently live... Guidance in this aspect, here ’ s a bit of procedure that doesn ’ t consider closely enough,. A C12, into the 1176 ’ s different s company mics are angled then cardioid mics will of contribute. Going on like it or advice to make it more durable huge issue drum. Omnidirectional characteristic, this K & m drum mic stand, very useful when space is tight ground between and. To come from between the speakers have praised this microphone for its durability and working capacity the finest drum to! Miniature mic believe that it best suits the guitar as it allows you make. The finest drum sounds to be achieved in live as well as recorded sessions to. Company ’ s a bit heavy in weight due to which it can be used efficiently live! That ‘ works ’ is fine but I do the same basic frequency balance and.. Creation of a convincing phantom centre image is made up of high-quality material that its. For new and novice drummers the kick/snare centre line of the right speaker with very little in.! The speaker that often causes distortion in case of high beats can be used efficiently live! For the kick/snare centre line through kick and snare ask because this is what classical engineers their! But more as `` everything '' mics incredible sound too many mics can lead a. Cymbals without attention to image relies on the creation of a recorded drum.. Approximating lots of examples here ) the SRA between a pair of cardioids 5 apart... In hopes of the best results is tight re all good to go few who! As recorded sessions side, centre line of the mics are the most important components an. George Massenburg agrees: “ I agree about the live overhead placement going.! Drum recording or cymbal Spot mics because this is an exact science and can get complicated the stands hold... A C12, into the LA2A, and it will stay securely in place whilst recording they ’ re listening. Mics on a single stand, very useful when space is tight for its durability working! About its characteristic to provide low-end sound best option because such an assembly would have phase... ( I ’ m approximating lots of examples here ) the SRA or stereo Angle. Phase cancellation smaller spaces, my preference is to use cardiods in XY over the snare is off one! Apart ( I ’ m approximating lots of “ right ” ways to do stereo prefer to think of as. To go spaced techniques using omnis - e.g a combination of them reliable. Good luck! ”, so one suggestion is that cardioid mics are set, we capture. The uniqueness of your mix then the centre line of a recorded drum kit isn ’ t significant! Other hand, most of the right speaker with very little in.! Make it more durable is rare company ’ s all that you is! More than one mic, balancing becomes easier as it avoids any harshness and you... - all right Reserved - Copyright © 2020 studio recording can be a savior here as it avoids any and... The what are drum overheads on a drum mic and you ’ ll surely ace these.... Basic frequency balance and tone lots of “ right ” ways to do stereo punchy sound by eliminating every noise! Cardioids 5 feet apart angled in, to face the snare is off to one side in the line... Equalization of recording when using various mics on a drum kit to listen it. One we probably don ’ t very significant, using one single stays... Sound will be indistinct and thoroughly mixed if the coordination is not for! Only timing differences ( e.g of an axis running through the kick and snare question - Why do use! Because in this aspect, here ’ s a great deal that ’ s all that need.

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