what are probiotic apricots

Delivery. GanedenBC30 probiotic cultures are unique, as they can … Powered by Ganeden BC30 Probiotic digestive & immune health. Adequate consumption of dried apricots is known to reduce the acidity of the stomach. Promotes Healthy Digestion. New! Unavailable. A healthy digestive system is one of the keys to overall wellness and feeling great. Kroger® Probiotic Dried Apricots. Out of Stock Health Benefits Of Dried Apricots 1. This is due to the fact that apricots … Mariani Probiotic Apricots are a natural source of dietary fiber. Just one serving of this apricots per day delivers active … The benefits of dried apricots, however, go far beyond their place as a staple amongst convenience and portability. Apricots, Probiotic. Purchase Options. Mariani® Probiotic Apricots. Delivers active cultures 10x more effectively than yogurt! Good source of fiber, vitamin E and potassium. 6 oz UPC: 0001111003260. Unavailable. Ship Must Purchase 2 or more. Pickup. Dietary fiber works as a prebiotic, feeding the good probiotic bacteria in your system. (in an … The fiber content of dried apricots can be a beneficial resource for those suffering from … Useful to refresh, rebalance and reset.

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