what brings you joy worksheet

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H�*��w6PH/�24�0W0 B]CSc3 ��s��=s \�� @���|�o���1���D���9Z&�o�h�E0����t��ܔw��mr�I�r�#��m������`�k+�9K�v��-���6�1�=J���AH�m�kS�S��FH(ҪpG�E��ʝ�����)��o�V�Ӷ^���#g� x��Xm�1�^���Y�i2yۀ(ދ⁠X��ko�-ڮ�V���wf�z۽�zEA��i����Ѩ�>נ�TF���E_ ��Ro��0��{ endobj h�b```f``z���� ��A�X��,8�j`�;ް:"äxշ��$kh����������:�n�����(��5�g`8�|�1���^�l�(�v��FQ�6�� g���a�'E�0jCl�a`Z~H3���e`Z��� �`q�`�2v�*S0 Gj'� 0 � u^�@��{�'d��XVJ���ڴ�:�(N;�g�kc�^%�b��Mn��ҭI��z\�7���nm��"`f �-��(:�L�Q���� �����@#��*�SV�$UB)�A���|�M!��l愲��j�L�5O5��" endobj <> Coffee brings me lots of joy. You schedule all your other appointments . H�lR�n�0��+�H7��Xb�K�M=�98������t��}gD�q��@r���Q�l��i��D��0��Ld�n@�����f@~[���h����6WP���e�`���5߶������ǐȯc�Wc1�*�w ���ur��m�Y�� �7�k��o>�v��P�Z�[���r�ta���{Q���7� Joy. 7 0 obj 6u�(k��O���0D�1�_u �aN���=��xK ��G�UNU��CkBi+�~TSg(���b��&8xC�u9����mU��7��a\n�6��7�;zC���77�So�}����5A/Y\/��Я!�㦷'ĭ���Џ�� �M�Y[K;�c�og��N���H�ݵ�)�Q�yH�9Z��j���b���������R|ɬ��*/�/��� O�� endstream endobj 180 0 obj <>stream By Laura Kelly-Pifer. %PDF-1.5 endstream endobj 181 0 obj <>stream �����-�Ÿ)FN����\F��UA]gr5����I9�`LL�� ͖L�Do�Q�q���� ������O8��o�"�O�K��>��u;����%S #��u�p{����8n_��)x+� 2M�P GOOD coffee. 172 0 obj <> endobj I recommend you frame this up first: It's when you feel happy and at peace with yourself and the world - you feel light and free. ��E~\��ۆT]�/�A���B��+��rW 8 0 obj ��rdԀ�l���F�-G��a�Q�F�vZNo�f"���(��lJ�%�y�A��'�/���S0\��t��?����u���U������u�7���K/r�g?����9��ڇ��?B?~Z38L�q8+���M�gzS��\����`��.:�lxJ�3O-:���^�! 1 0 obj 5 0 obj {���9��@����B'm�-:��? stream ACTIVITY 1: Complete the worksheet JOY OF LIFE/ HAPPINESS is constituted by these elements: Positive attitude, Close relationships, Freedom, Hope, Security, Leisure time, Health, Well-being, Satisfaction, Integrity, Good character, Greatness, Generosity, Luck, Self-esteem, Wisdom, Longevity… stream To practice, set a timer for 5 minutes and then find a comfortable place where you can sit undisturbed for this length of time. Check out our list of 100 small things you can do to bring more joy into your life. Talk to a Stranger. H�\�ݎ�@��y����� P]5$��љċ�ɺ� �C2A����g2�,���:_U,��~��٥?��9�ٝ����u�MMp�p��$�]�5�����\�1I����:�˾? 1c�5��5267�H肕C�-J� <>>> %���� <> And third, we spend time focusing on and celebrating the positive. ]?kt�c�+�1���w5�Ŧ�Rm�� ��9���ć��'r�ą2^�zH�`t�����QԔ�%��7�}� ���������ga�m���a��fo���d��,8�������� lR�Y����隮x���!y�d(��w By doing this more often, we are creating new habits and actually ",#(7),01444'9=82. The Building Happiness (Exercises) worksheet includes a list of activities that have been found to help build sustained happiness, when practiced regularly. ���]�V��v+QZ�P��A���RpÁ�6�E�)��T�R��6�{m_Pa���iŔ��uV}�J�u��E�Ϭs�CTT�J�����J���z����? . <>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> :) Yoga & Pilates bring me joy. H��S�j�0��W�(�H�m�r�$�=���Ь�ݒ��$qC��3���`K/��4���ͨ���������������(*q}��� 208 0 obj <>stream A great book. �h�3.��W�ݙ�!Uv����VXAۢ6!�-�x�԰�^����)���t����L#G�\�ZOJ{�5�R�qO��1���*eD���D�����z�n M7�Cy�&���Nf��K�@}m�=c�mb��&�����HgX�8�M"y��I�oU�~0ʁ����]��%֞tQf��L�o��\�3.it\�\��#�����PM�e�B(^�������3�0-F�r��!�\��{�d>�y��ŰZ�顃ê �r��$���dA0�I��sF�E�G�Ƨ��(�� �D�I⚖7��QlΎb����#�~&o�$nF&���)w������O �A��� ��� RDV�+iֵ[���CL�C�o�. endstream endobj 179 0 obj <>stream 9xٵ������0u�B���O��U ��EI��c���#�y�WL-Aְ�4��E 3 0 obj Bad coffee makes me mad! <> %%EOF What Brings You Joy? A simple meditation for joy can take the form of a 5 minute gratitude meditation. W�C2J�b�6�yF��j���� � �.2 h�bbd```b``f�A$�ɺ�v��jր�Q`�,RfG��d�9L� ��=�T�\`]�@dz�d��;w�H�@��1&�{��.a`������ � �T H�lS�n�0��+t$X�dK����5;�@��쐤n�6q�ک��)��bH��������XՌ���,a����D�sh��6�kC�0��pB�uo�$�3�j�Œ��N���o4�2R�ǿ�S��2�}�aTKСU��T� 195 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<0F52447DDA317E428FE63C28A5463F69>]/Index[172 37]/Info 171 0 R/Length 109/Prev 181352/Root 173 0 R/Size 209/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream h��Vmo�F�+��A���O� ���&��uC���9Bmِ���}H�Xr�. <> ���� JFIF ` ` �� C endobj The sooner you get started, the better you'll feel. endobj I think that far too often, we get too … I feel joy when I am surfing, hiking & SOMETIMES after running (those rare easy runs! <> ... truly bring you joy! The exercises that are described include gratitudes, acts of kindness, physical exercise, meditation, positive journaling, and fostering relationships. 2 0 obj endstream endobj 176 0 obj <>stream or the things that bring us joy, with others, it has several benefits. And coffee. &�x��]H����;� ���ҒP��dd����˼߻~D��H�� *�f\+^sw����Azy�Ohb��f�ĉ�1I��5SR��z��{M�Ċ+�[(�ˌ/���*�3��&4VƣqVt\$+�7_?�r��@� �GA�Jj�k�Y�Q����ҭC�Su5������1Z:��o? Close your eyes when you are ready and then spend this time cultivating a sense of appreciation for whatever comes to mind. First, by opening up and sharing with others we create strong connections. Second, we remind ourselves what is truly important. ~#G��`�5����r�dސ7`�)PGXGPGXGPGXGPG��`#��z�"�E�%��%�Kؗ�/a_���>Ϲy����������Y��ѣGOOOOOOO77�,�,e�ޕY�,e�"K���Rf)��Y�,e�"K9�L���\�L3����Q�G9�|��Q�G�p6��0�����lp6:���g�����lp6:������U�pA�g)dx�J.�����c=����kn��nY�e߰i]�� �at�^�_ ��c Beautiful flowers (Peonies are the current favorite ...& ridiculously expensive too.) 9 0 obj 1. IU��W|x���{ش�1�V���Kp�r�i����|�g�}��}._�3�4C�c݄���!�V�Z��-^�$��ϵ��y�������*~D�����.�%xKނw���� I ask what they notice about their list. endobj endobj Making progress on my house. �ݴ��i�[� ~W}�}�b-:j ���I�6sNfG��x�ǩ�W.�W� Writing this list can be done IN session or given as homework.

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