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Since we are nowhere near for receiving the Dark Mode for WhatsApp on mobile phones, the desktop version is a relief as people like me would love it who spend more time on their laptop working. Open the app on your desktop, if you haven’t already. Samsung is back with Samsung Galaxy S21. Sedangkan Anda yang menggunakan Mac OS gunakan tautan ini. How to enable WhatsApp’s Dark Mode on the desktop app First, if you don’t have it, download WhatsApp’s desktop app for Mac or Windows here. In the new window, click on the ‘dark’ option and bravo! Get going and try the feature right away! Quickly send and receive WhatsApp messages right from your computer. Download, Extract and run WADark.exe or WADark. m4heshd New member. Visit … WhatsApp dark mode: How to turn on dark mode in WhatsApp chat WHATSAPP will be the next app to receive the dark mode treatment. It doesn't have to match but if your WhatsApp desktop version is lower than this version, make sure to update it first. WhatsApp has finally added Dark Mode to its desktop version of WhatsApp, making it much easier to message your friends on the sly at work After the release of the iPhone SE in April,... You have entered an incorrect email address! WhatsApp Desktop Dark Mode is a simple set of styling that needs to be injected to the source files of your current installation of WhatsApp. Anda dapat mengunduh gaya dark mode di GitHub.com. Next, open whatsapp.web.com on your desktop or open the WhatsApp Application. Enabling the feature is quite easy and simple. WhatsApp Desktop Dark Mode 0.4.930 Englisch: Mit dem kostenlosen Mod "WhatsApp Desktop Dark Mode" verpassen Sie der Desktop-Anwendung von WhatsApp ein dunkles Theme. You … Dark mode for WhatsApp web and desktop: The incredibly popular Dark Mode theme now extends to your computer. Here's a screenshot of the result. Official dark theme support Copyright © 2019 StanFord Arts Review | [email protected]. [MOD][THEME] WhatsApp desktop dark mode. Now, it looks like the Dark Mode has landed on the web version as well. 1; 2; 3 … Go to page. 3. Download: WhatsApp Desktop Dark Mode styling for macOS; 2. Updates included in this release : All platforms. WhatsApp finally rolled out its long-awaited dark mode on Android back in March. Dark Mode for Desktop The rollout of WhatsApp’s dark mode on its Android and iOS apps came close to breaking the internet, and now, WhatsApp is bringing the dark theme to its desktop apps. WhatsApp is also getting a dark mode update for the desktop, as developer Mahesh B Wijerathna discovered while trawling through the CSS (cascading style sheet) for the website. Curiously, emoji seem to … However, the web and desktop apps didn’t get it. Use dark mode Open WhatsApp, then tap More options > Settings > Chats > Theme. According to a fresh report, WhatsApp … Untuk Anda yang menggunakan Windows gunakan tautan ini. Here Samsung is back again with its new phone. I've made it much easier by creating a installation script using NodeJS and made it easier furthermore by creating simple executable files using nexe. XDA Member m4heshd has created a styling mod for WhatsApp for Desktop that themes the desktop client with a dark theme to make it easier on your eyes. Forums. Tap on the settings option, then go to the ‘Theme’ option. Go. It was natural for WhatsApp to bring the popular dark mode to these versions as well. Boycotting china product in china read to know why? If you want to use Dark Theme, then you can enable the Dark theme if not you can use the regular one. WhatsApp dark mode for the desktop. Untuk Anda yang menggunakan Windows gunakan tautan ini. The Facebook-owned platform recently rolled out Dark Theme for the mobile application but WhatsApp Web still awaits the dark mode. General Discussion. Improvements to group video calls: With now up to 8 people on a video call, we've made it easier to focus on whoever you want by letting you press and hold to maximize a participant's video to full screen. Anda secara langsung dapat mengunduh dan mendapatkan versi desktop atau PC dari tautan ini. Jul 17, 2012 64 118 0 Sri Lanka www.variatix.com. Unduh WhatsApp Desktop Dark Mode . You’ll notice dark mode messes up the emoji keyboard, leaving a white background behind the icons. Rest assured, you will love this hack. Check if your WhatsApp desktop version match with or above this version. Here Samsung is back again with its new phone. Aug 30, 2019 at 2:27 AM #1 I know this is not related … Now, verify your account using WhatsApp Web or the QR code. Sekarang, ekstrak file ZIP yang diunduh dan jalankan ekstensi WADark.exe atau WADark di folder yang sama. Let’s see how. You first need to update your WhatsApp phone application from the Google Play Store or Apple store according to the device you own. 1 of 8 Go to page. I've been so sick of the eye burning light colored UI on WhatsApp desktop for so long and decided to come up with a dark mode myself. However, it is your choice to keep the Dark theme or want the regular one as both the options are available. Dark mode allows you to change the color theme of WhatsApp from white to black. Once you have your WhatsApp open, click on the three black dots on the top right corner where all the contacts are visible. Now, make sure WhatsApp Desktop is running on your computer. Seen that it’s a feature under development, it’s not available yet in your WhatsApp Web and Desktop update. Go. Unduh WhatsApp untuk Desktop atau PC. As such, you might be wondering how to try it out for yourself. It can be done in a few easy steps, which are as follows: The dark mode on desktop and Web is a recently launched feature, although, it was available on the phone Application a long time ago. There was evidence of … Enjoy!! As such, you might be wondering how to try it out for yourself. Here is all you need to know about the impending WhatsApp dark mode. WhatsApp dark mode for the desktop Darker screens also use less power (particularly if your device has an AMOLED display, as explained in the video below). Last week, WABetaInfo, a fan website that tracks WhatsApp updates, revealed that the Facebook-owned company may be testing the beta version of the dark mode feature for WhatsApp Web users. Samsung is going to released Samsung Galaxy S21 series... How to enable Whatsapp Dark mode on desktop and Web? So, what are you waiting for. In the latest report, WABetaInfo said that the feature is under development but they have found a way by which WhatsApp users can enable the dark theme on the web interface.

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