when to plant hydrangeas in texas

Moist, well drained, acidic soil. Third thing to consider is the color of the hydrangea. See local frost dates. CRAB APPLESpring flowering, pink and white, CRAPE MYRTLEAn old reliable in this area with a profusion of blooms in reds, pinks, purple, lavender, and white all summer, DOGWOODArtful branching and large, white or pink blooms make this spring herald a classic, FLOWERING PEACHDouble pink, red blossoms in spring, HOLLYLeft unmolested by hedge clippers, Burford hollies grow into exceedingly beautiful berry-covered, trees, JAPANESE MAPLEMosle has several varieties, but the Coral Bark, with its bright red winter bark, is a favorite, LOQUATLarge evergreen leaves, good for flower arranging, VITEXAn old-fashioned favorite, with tall pointed clusters of purple/blue blooms in late spring. To plant hydrangeas, simply dig the planting holes 2 feet wider than the root ball. Especially if you want to try and plant them in an area where the soil isn’t made for them and the temperatures reach over 100 degrees. However, Mosle strictly adheres to the no-pruning school of thought with her macrophylla hydrangeas. What is the best Hydrangea for the Texas Gulf Coast. The Park Cities house, which looks as though it was picked up and moved from Nantucket, is on a corner lot that faces a golf course and backs onto a heavily wooded lot. Abundant with a wide array of blooming trees, shrubs, bulbs, perennials, and annuals, her garden is known throughout the neighborhood for its beautiful flowers, especially the hydrangeas, which flourish on the north side. If you live in a more moist part of zone 9, however, your options are much more open and really only restricted by temperature. google.com, pub-2883770955439945, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0 I appreciate your expert experiences. It should be watered whenever it looks like it's beginning to wilt in hot weather. Hydrangeas bloom from May through early summer. Plant ranunculus bulbs in October or November in Texas for blooms the following spring. Transplant a hydrangea when it has become dormant and has lost all of its leaves (late fall or winter). Fall/autumn is the best season to plant hydrangeas, followed by early spring. Box 4260, Houston, Texas 77210. Collect leaves from neighbors to add to compost pile! You can plant hydrangeas when blooming specimens become available in nurseries in early to mid-spring. Do not wait until the blooms or leaves begin to wilt. When planting, leave at least 2 feet in each direction (from the center of the plant) for your hydrangea to grow. In addition to the unusual orientation of the house, many beautiful specimen trees provide the lot with dappled light, a wooded feel without problems created by large, dense shade trees, such as exposed roots and insufficient growing light. Hydrangeas are deciduous, which means you must be willing to have bare stems in the winter. Hydrangeas need a shaded area, a northern or eastern exposure is ideal. Northeastern exposure is ideal. How to plant hydrangeas. Here is a list of cold hardy Hydrangea varieties that will grow in USDA Planting Zone 7, where winter low temperatures can go down to 0 degrees F. These floriferous shrubs are used extensively in landscape design as colorful accents or specimens, natural hedges and buffers, or in groupings in landscape borders and home foundation plantings. Hydrangeas need plenty of time to establish a healthy root system before blooming without freezing or drying up. Light from the north or east is second best. Contrary to what some nurseries may tell you, only blue plants will generate blue blossoms. Place the hydrangea in an area where it can get plenty of moisture. Hydrangeas are hardy from zones 4 through 9, and the heat in zone 9 means hydrangeas need extra protection. It doesn’t like wet feet, so plant it where you have good drainage. Paula Mosle loves how the views from her window and the light in her house change with each season. So, when is the best time to plant hydrangeas? Deeply water new plants; keep new seedlings moist but not drenched. The best time to plant a hydrangea is when it is dormant, but while the soil is workable. But be sure to water it when we do have a drought situation.

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