who wrote the batman theme song

Batman! Here you go! Batman! Mancini won an Emmy Award and two Grammys for Album of the Year and … For more information on Mancini's original music for the TV show, see Peter Gunn and The Music from Peter Gunn. Batman! "Peter Gunn" is the theme music composed by Henry Mancini for the television show of the same name. KC: The theme was actually written as part of a demo submission that Shirley organized for the producers. Batman! The song Batman Theme was written by Neal Hefti and was first released by Neal Hefti in 1966. Batman! During the show’s development, the producers met with her and expressed their reservations that we, their classical orchestral “Batman: TAS” composers, would be able to write in the futuristic, edgy Electronica/rock sound they envisioned. Batman! It was covered by The Baltimore & Ohio Marching Band, Philips Westin Orchestra, Fórmula 7, … The lyrics to the 1966 Batman TV series theme song were produced by brass instruments, not human voices. The song was the opening track on the original soundtrack album, The Music from Peter Gunn, released in 1959. / In the darkest night, huh / I make the bad guys fall, huh / There's a million heroes / BUT I'M THE BEST OF THEM ALL! Batman! As written by the song’s composer Neal Hefti (it allowed him to collect extra royalties for both music AND Lyrics): Batman! Who's the (Bat)Man Lyrics: Stop him before he starts singing! Batman! Batman!

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