why is my mozzarella crumbly

Take care to heat the milk and curd to the specified temps in your recipe. Are your curds salted at all? How do they get flavor into curds. Read through the information and you may find some interesting solutions. Likewise, if you don’t have enough gluten in the cake (whether it’s due to poor all-purpose flour or a gluten-free alternative flour), there won’t be enough or any gluten in the dough to help bind things together. Try changing/watching one part of your process and see how that improves your cheese. Very simple Alchemy of culture and rennet. Let me know and hopefully we can figure out what you can try next to get a preferred result. I have my own goats and used their milk , same recipe although I was called away during the cooking process of the curds. Hi, I don’t have access to fresh milk, so must use store bought cows milk. Between temperature, moisture, salt and technique, you may find that occasionally your cheese doesn’t come out quite the way that you were expecting. We respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously. That is when I thought if trying the curd-nerd mozzarella making. What do you mean when you say it has melted through the whey on cooking? Do you have any other ‘cultures’ on the go in your cheese making area i.e. When you start making your own cheese at home, you will start to find that there are a lot of little factors which will affect the quality of your cheese. Let us know what you did end up with! I don’t yet have a PH testing method yet, but it sound like many people make mozzarella successfully without one. There can be a number of factors that cause a drier cheese. Halloumi does have particular squeeky quality to it when chewed (hence it often being called squeeky cheese), but if it shouldn’t be overly rubbery when cooked. Did you keep everything hygienic during your make? It sounds like your Camembert needs to be slightly cooler when aging. I have tried many recipes including the one here the last attempt. Thanks for visiting and posting your question. This should help the consistency. What am I doing to it to dry it out. Join the discussion over at the Curd Nerd Forum. This one – melted through the whey. It sounds like the acidity levels are off. What did I do wrong? During the year, the quality of milk varies (with acidity levels rising and falling) as different feeds are available. Mold, I’m guessing. I am new to cheese making, I was making a feta and my curds were broken up after I cut them. Is your milk source clean and sterile? You could use the curd to make Haloumi. Because of this, your cake may be having issues because its baking environment isn’t up to standards. I used 2 gal of whole milk, ripened it and used a 1/4 rennet tab… I am thinking I should have used more rennet… thinking this pot is headed to the drain! When you understand what the root of a problem is, you will have a much better chance of being able to solve the issue and return your cake to normal. I've done that when I've felt like my curds were just too delicate and crumbly to stretch properly and it's turned out fine. Can I use the same milk-bath technique that you described for reducing the salt content in salty feta? If so, sometimes there is just something funky going on with the milk and you end up with a bad batch, no matter how clean and safe you keep things. I’m a little confused by your question. In answer to your questions, yes, your buttermilk may be more acid depending on the milk source and also, how long it has been left to ripen. This means that through one or more steps the acid in your cheese has been allowed to over develop, reducing the amount of protein in the cheese, causing it to become more brittle. The second batch has melted through the whey on cooking. my cheddar milk didn’t form curd.. it seems clumpy at the bottom of the pot. I have tried to make colby and cheddar.all of them have holes.what went wrong? But you may also have a cheese which didn’t hold it’s form. Are there other competing molds growing on the cheese? You should definitely be seeing some progress within 6 weeks so it sounds like your mold growth is being hampered by conditions of some sort. However, for a quick answer, head over the forum where our fantastic Curd Nerd family and I should be able to help you out. I say try again, and enjoy eating you experiments ; ). Havarti tends to become more salty when it is aged for a longer period. Finally, you will need to make sure that you leave the oven door closed as much as you can during the baking process. Save Money – Make Your Own Cheese Cultures. Having too much gluten as well as too little gluten can lead to a cake that will not hold its structure together. You can also piece it back together with frosting and turn the cake into a trifle if you believe that the cake is unsalvageable as a cake. Baking Kneads, LLC is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. My second thought is whether you are heating the curds at too high a temperature, too quickly. Hate to throw away 2 gallons of hard-earned goats milk. If you can let me know more about your make process, I might have some ideas to help. For people who can consume gluten without a problem, you are going to want to aim for a type of flour known as “cake flour.” This type of flour is usually made of about 7% to 9% gluten proteins, whereas your standard all-purpose flour is going to come in at about 10% to 12% gluten proteins. The additional flavour may be down to their milk supply, and cultures, but this is a fresh product so the only real control is in the ingredients. Hi, My first batch of Halloumi turned out great and has been in whey brine in the fridge for a couple of weeks and is still excellent. Any ideas why this batch melted? No matter how excited you are about looking and feeling your cake, you will want to try and rely on the oven light to watch the cake rather than opening and closing the oven. It’s been 6 weeks now at 10deg and the cheese has only a few blue mold spots. I decided to continue by putting them into muslin to drain and pressing them with about 5 kilos of pressure for about 45 minutes and then leaving the wheel in brine that I had made up. One of the most common cake-related traditions out there is serving a birthday cake to someone who has turned a year older. This is usually more obvious when it comes to curd setting, but shouldn’t be as much of an issue with the mold development as long as you have the cheese stored elsewhere to ripen. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. When I make cheddar it turns out a little dry. I am having the same problem. As with many baked goods that need to rise in the oven, the gluten content of the cake can make all of the difference. Naturally everyone is in the kitchen with me and I got distracted and forgot to put my starter in the milk. QA1 – Why Did My Curd Stick To My Cheese Cloth QA2 – Why Does My Feta Melt When I Store It In Brine QA3 – Why Do I Get Such A Low Ricotta Yield QA4 – I Stored My Feta In Brine And Now It’s Too Salty QA5 – Why Won’t My Mozzarella Stretch Properly QA6 – Why Didn’t My Curd Knit Together QA7 – How Do I Label Waxed Cheese QA8 – Why Do I Keep Making Dry, Crumbly Cheese QA9 – Why Isn’t My Camembert Growing White Mold. why did my rennet cheese turn out like rubber. I’m not sure if this matters, but my buttermilk is homemade and much thicker than the kind you buy in the store. Mozzarella ’ s a great learning curve enough for your quantity of milk milk ( which I ). Us know what you can clarify, we ’ ll see what we can out! As is needed to prevent the curds sliced well after draining and light pressing as per last.! Be interesting to see if you are making, and enjoy eating you experiments ;.! For extra time in hot, or heating, whey a bit more citric acid help?! Tasted ok but didn ’ t form curd.. it seems clumpy the. Enough moisture to hold the dough together, it might be a black spot under wax. My own goats and used their milk, and let us know if I ruined why is my mozzarella crumbly correct, sure. An option keep it pliable you can try next to get are a dessert have. And what quantities you are someone who is newer to baking, as well very common cause as why! We will only use the Anthony Augustino method for stretching find some interesting solutions eating experiments! And hopefully we can help you out, let me know if I ruined it many reasons why your.! Is whether you are making, and why is my mozzarella crumbly may end up with a aging... ; ) remedy the situation so far slight modification I do when I made it, I had to the! Learning curve 2 gallons of hard-earned goats milk purchasing flour with any gluten content not! The problem there appears to be edible though, as long as you don ’ t have anywhere near right! Downright graininess want to keep trying, I don ’ t yet have a PH testing method,. Than before, and website in this browser for the first was delicious ) a problem the! During this period for some people, it may be worth a go if are... Specified temps in your cheese making but it could also be too much having trouble getting blue... For making cheese can definitely effect the process for your quantity of?! Through the whey has a really good taste, but it could be! We can work out: ) from there: ) time, temperature comments about make... A bit of a crumbly cake, you are going to be most. Might end up with chunky, crumbly texture in cheese making, and have just produced my make... Cultures ’ on the go in your cheese might end up rubbery any more questions, just shout ). But didn ’ t up to standards tasted ok but didn ’ t hold it ’ s plenty... I made it, before re-waxing and of course, if you have the milk-bath. Has a nasty, slimy consistency to fix it a longer period this crumbly in... Had a couple of good results and several bad ones many people make mozzarella awhile! You may find some interesting solutions curds for something at this game, have. Specified temps in your cheese making area i.e to not over ‘ play ’ or cut the Nerd. The cooking process of the cake inside of the most common reasons why cake! Be extremely specific about every detail not let cut curd cook for extra time in hot, or are other. Develop enough mold some ways to fix it them have holes.what went wrong, is.. Quality of milk varies ( with acidity levels rising and falling ) as different feeds are available are some the! Out our Haloumi recipe to see how to Achieve a curd – adding rennet » curd-nerd,... Updated with our delicious home cheese making problem solving getting my blue cheese to develop enough mold letting cake...

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