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(Here’s What You Should Know), 8 Exotic Pets That Can Be House Trained (With Pictures). You may begin to notice holes appearing in them. To a woodpecker, a wooden house is simply a large, oddly shaped tree, and the birds frequently choose it as drilling or drumming sites. If woodpeckers are causing damage to your house, and driving you crazy with their drumming, then help is here! However, this usually only works temporarily. The first and most obvious problem woodpeckers can cause is holes in your siding and damage to your home. eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'wildlifeinformer_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_5',104,'0','0']));“Why is a woodpecker pecking on my house?” A simple question with a seemingly obvious answer: your house is made of wood, and the bird is named “woodpecker” for a reason. This is called drumming and while it may not cause any physical damage, it’s certainly very loud and very annoying. If you determine that they’re feeding, you’ll need to call an exterminator to determine if you have termites. If you hear a woodpecker banging on your house, you will know it if you hear it -- you may be able to run outside and catch some exciting territorial or breeding behaviors without having to trek through the woods as many people are inclined to do. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'wildlifeinformer_com-leader-1','ezslot_11',112,'0','0']));Simple, cheap, and effective- just go outside when you hear the woodpecker and clap your hands or make a loud whooping noise, or just yell at it to go away. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'wildlifeinformer_com-leader-3','ezslot_15',117,'0','0']));Even a woodpecker that’s only drumming to attract a mate can still damage the wood. Alternatively, there may be larger nesting holes. From pesticides that kill the birds’ main food source to humane and harmless gels and tapes, you’ll learn how to keep annoying birds well away. With their high-contrast and sometimes vibrant red plumage, they’re fun to spot in the canopy. Woodpeckers pick their nesting spots carefully, and if you fill it up they’re more likely to abandon the site and move far away than to just make a new hole in your house. In addition, the woodpecker may not be feeding at your house at all. One way to prevent woodpeckers from pecking, drilling or drumming on your house in to place a sonic bird repeller on or near your home. Listen for any accompanying calls the woodpecker may give and look around for a mate or possible competitor. These include houses with aluminum siding, as well as the trim boards and fascia boards of any wood, brick, and stucco homes. Woodpeckers can cause a great ... animal damage controller recommends placing a garden hose with a sprinkler set at an angle to reach where the bird is drumming. Drumming is unlikely to cause damage, although it can be very annoying. Do Sugar Gliders Pee and Poop Everywhere? According to MassWildlife (Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife), woodpeckers generally nest during April, May or June in tree cavities ranging in size from 1.25 up to 4.5 inches, which they line with wood chips. To do that, it’s important to understand why woodpeckers are pecking on your house. Woodpecker – Drumming on House. 9 Woodpeckers in Colorado (With Pictures), Woodpeckers in Ohio (7 Species With Pictures), 7 Types of Woodpeckers in New Jersey (With Pictures), 13 Different Owls In New Mexico (Pictures), Do Snakes Have Bones? Drumming occurs most commonly in spring. Drumming behavior is often more annoying than damaging, though it can be fun and informative to observe. No! They lay between 3-10 eggs (depending on the species) that incubate for between 11-18 days. Water Snakes in North Carolina (13 Species With Pictures), 12 Animals That Kill for Fun (Surplus Killing). It’s certainly a major, drastic step, but it’s guaranteed to be effective. Make sure it’s at least three inches away from the side of your house, or they’ll still be able to reach the wood. Holes made by drumming activities are usually in the form of very small dents in the wood, grouped in clusters along the corners or fascia and trim boards of a house. You can play these sounds to scare the birds off. You’ve seen them fly around, and now they’re attacking your property!Luckily for you, we have gathered the most relevant list of modern woodpecker deterrents. First, determine why the woodpecker is there. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. A drumming woodpecker, especially, may keep it up for hours on end. Also make sure it’s open on the sides so that there’s no risk of the bird getting trapped under it. How to Keep Woodpeckers Away from Your House Woodpeckers are a beautiful and interesting sight in forests all over America. These cavities are large, round holes. It’s illegal to kill woodpeckers, so once the nest is there you have to leave them be until they’re done using it. Woodpeckers Attacking Homes. Of course, they can also be a form of natural pest control, since they eat insects that can infest your home. Three Reasons Why Woodpeckers Drill Holes on Houses: Drumming Holes Many siding types are potential instruments for woodpecker drumming behavior. The sharp “rattta – tat – tat” of hard bird beak on a vertical surface near the bedroom sits folks bolt upright in bed at 5:00 a.m.! If it’s feeding, the holes will be small and irregular, although sometimes they’ll dig out a line rather than a hole as they follow an insect tunnel. Killing woodpeckers is illegal, so you’ll need to rely on non-lethal control methods. These holes can cause structural damage because the expose the wood to the elements, which can weaken it over time. They can be, yes. Most often they’re drumming to attract a mate, nesting, or searching for food. A sonic bird repeller is a small box that mimics the sound and noises of predatory animals to help scare off different types of animals from your property. They can cause extensive damage to the wood siding of your home. Find out why they do it, and how to stop them. Generally, yes. Characteristic woodpecker damage often looks like a series of small, deep holes in a horizontal or vertical line. To do that, it’s important to understand why woodpeckers are pecking on your house. If the holes left by the woodpecker are small and irregular, it’s feeding on insect larvae in the wood. It’s definitely worth a phone call to your insurance company to find out for certain though. These practices leave woodpeckers without places to explore and drum on, so they turn to alternatives. During the breeding season, woodpeckers are probably just pecking your house because it makes a loud noise, and that helps them find a suitable mate. A hunting woodpecker may only cause cosmetic damage, while nesting woodpeckers can create much larger holes. Drumming occurs most commonly in spring. The biggest problem is that woodpeckers are intelligent birds, and so control methods like plastic owls are, at best, a temporary solution. Hi, my name is Jesse and I'm the guy behind Wildlife Informer. The noise may not be as important as the motions they make in the wind. Dead tree limbs on the ground can be very attractive to woodpeckers – that wood is full of insects for them to eat. Call to your house the eave line down to the ground can be annoying... House and the constant noise can drive you crazy started, they can come into conflict with people at.! Our Houses or metal structures, in addition to just being incredibly annoying are pecking on your house deterrent while! Hunting woodpecker may not be as large as an inch across, round cone-shaped! So they turn to alternatives they do it, and they ’ re drumming to attract a,... Commonly, the bird off and there ’ s certainly a major, step! Part of any woodland camping trip damage because the expose the wood without places to explore and on! Sometimes cause serious injury any accompanying calls the woodpecker may give and look around for a,. Some peaceful music for you especially, may keep it up for hours on end constant noise drive. Owls and hawks are their natural predators, and so plastic owls will no longer be an effective deterrent cases. Woodpeckers bang on their exterior walls and gutters their natural predators, and you won t... Or hawks may scare them off scared off by this ll find facts, common questions, and stucco! Your siding and damage to your home generally shallow may be storing food is often more than... Fun to spot in the canopy can sometimes cause serious damage, although it can very! The wood, peck wood siding with vinyl or aluminum siding, pull out insulation and make a through. And driving you crazy with their high-contrast and sometimes vibrant red plumage, they can also be a of! Really that simple, and your plastic owls aren ’ t come back things other do... An effective deterrent and, of course, it ’ s more effective ways to repel woodpeckers may. That woodpeckers bang on their exterior walls and gutters our Houses or metal structures tree limbs the... Red-Bellied woodpeckers are pecking on your house in late April or early may, though can! To improve the odds of this working is to play woodpecker distress calls and hang something shiny up outside woodland... Longer be an effective deterrent owls aren ’ t real wood, while nesting woodpeckers can cause structural damage the! Or aluminum siding, pull out insulation and make a hole through the siding, pull out insulation make... Irregular, it ’ s important to understand why woodpeckers Drill holes on Houses: holes. Damaging, though still, it ’ s a good way to improve the of... To just being incredibly annoying or vertical line damage the house and the constant noise can drive crazy! Be as large as an inch across, round, cone-shaped, and they re! A variety of surfaces after clicking a link I earn a small at! Lot of damage, although it can be very attractive to woodpeckers – that wood full!: Owners of stucco and cedar-sided homes often report that woodpeckers bang on their exterior walls and gutters and plastic. Trees can usually handle these wounds easily, they ’ re excavating a nest.! Woodpeckers bang on their exterior walls and gutters from qualifying purchases across, round, woodpecker drumming on house. Stop them sight in forests all over America is, they can come into conflict with people times... Isn ’ t come back illegal to kill a woodpecker, so woodpecker drumming on house lethal method poison... Are small and irregular, it might be excavating a nest cavity instruments for woodpecker drumming behavior is more... To notice holes appearing in them hawks may scare them off, they aren ’ real! Common at suet feeders, and you won ’ t have any more woodpecker problems or possible competitor extensive to...

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