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Randazzo first became a writer for The Onion in 2006 and—in his role as an editor—became the first editor of the publication that had no connection to The Onion during the publication's initial Madison, Wisconsin, era. In 2008, The Onion launched a series of YouTube videos produced by its 'Onion Digital Studios' division, funded in part by a grant from YouTube and exclusive to the site. As stated an official Univision press release on the topic, "Univision Communications Inc. (UCI) […] today announced that the Company has initiated a formal process to explore the sale of the assets comprising the Gizmodo Media Group (GMG) and The Onion. [40][41][42], On January 27, 1998, MTV premiered Virtual Bill, a collaboration between writers of The Onion and 3-D character studio Protozoa. (A #SlatePitches Special Report. Although four fake news segments anchored by Stephen Colbert were recorded, only one of the segments actually aired. It's not The Militant, either. [72][73], In November 2002, a humorous op-ed piece in The Onion that was satirically bylined by filmmaker Michael Bay titled "Those Chechen Rebels Stole My Idea"[74] was removed from the site without explanation. Rensin attributes the material to the humorists' need to work from "obvious, intuitive truth—the kind necessary for any kind of broadly appealing humor" rather than a conscious decision to promote Marxism. [25][26], In 1996, when it was still only a print newspaper, an Onion article titled "Clinton Deploys Vowels to Bosnia" was widely disseminated online without attribution,[27] spurring the creation of The Onion's official website (theonion.com) so they could properly claim credit for content that was being passed around online forums such as Usenet and various mailing lists. Club was created in 1993 as a supplement to the parent publication. [136], In October 2015, CEO Mike McAvoy announced a restructuring of the organization, layoffs as well as a series of management changes. "We get over a million downloads a week, which makes it one of the more successful produced-for-the-Internet videos", said Mills. "[74][75][76][77], In 2003, The Onion was purchased by David Schafer, who had previously managed the $2.5 billion investment fund, from previous long time owners Peter Haise and Scott Dikkers. Entertainment industry trade magazine Variety theorized, "It's not clear if Bay—a frequent object of The Onion's satire—requested the move. Rather, the vanguard of revolution—the paper most dedicated to the overthrowing capitalism in the United States today—is none other than The Onion. [34][35][36][37][38], From March 3–7, 1999, writers and editors of The Onion attended U.S. There's demand, but we just overestimated what the demand is. [19][22], The June 16, 1993, issue of The Daily Iowan ran a profile of Dikkers, in which it stated that "Dikkers still lives in Madison, spending about five hours a week on Jim's Journal and the rest of the time as co-owner of a satirical newspaper called The Onion". Unless New Capitol Is Built": On June 7, 2002, "Prague's Franz Kafka International Named World's Most Alienating Airport": On the March 24, 2009 broadcast of, "Conspiracy Theorist Convinces Neil Armstrong Moon Landing Was Faked": In September 2009, two, "Denmark Introduces Harrowing New Tourism Ads Directed By, "Frustrated Obama Sends Nation Rambling 75,000-Word E-Mail": In November 2010, the. [221], By executive order, President Richard Nixon had enumerated the allowed uses of the seal (Executive Order 11649), which are more restrictive than the federal statute, but which allows for exceptions to be granted upon formal request. The book featured mocked-up newspaper front pages from the entire 20th century, presented under the premise that the publication had been continuously in print since before 1900. Magazine, Dikkers discussed Onion, Inc.'s plans to create a new sketch comedy show called The Comedy Castaways, which they were in the process of pitching to NBC, Fox, and HBO. [220], In September 2005, the assistant counsel to President George W. Bush, Grant M. Dixton, wrote a cease-and-desist letter to The Onion, asking the publication to stop using the presidential seal, which it used in an online parody of Bush. "[85][86][87][88][89][90][91], In April 2007, The Onion launched the Onion News Network, a parody of "the visual style and breathless reporting of 24-hour cable news networks like CNN. [100][101] The purported sale was revealed as fictional Publisher Emeritus T. Herman Zweibel stating he'd sold the publication to a Chinese company—Yu Wan Mei Corporation—resulting in a week-long series of Chinese-related articles and features throughout the publication's website and print editions. "The story is so dark and hate filled—I was shocked", said head writer Todd Hanson. This account was disputed by an editor of The Onion, Cole Bolton, during an event at the University of Chicago. We are, in fact, still a solvent independently owned American company. Club were reported. The satirical paper [...] still does plenty of hilarious articles on the mundane [...] but its writing on current events has become increasingly biting. Also in 2003, editor Robert Siegel quit his day-to-day role at The Onion[40] to focus on writing screenplays full-time. [28] The publication received expanded global recognition as a result of the website as well. Home Latest Politics Sports Local Entertainment The Topical OGN Opinion. [145], In July 2018, rumors of pending layoffs at The Onion and related websites Clickhole and The A.V. "Congress Passes Americans With No Abilities Act": At various times since the article's initial publication in 1998, variants of the "Americans With No Abilities Act" article and theme have been passed around online including a variant in 2009 that changed the stated U.S. President from Bill Clinton to Barack Obama as well as a 2007 variant that changed the country from the United States of America to Australia. The popularity, and critical praise, of the issue resulted in The Onion's website's online traffic nearly doubling in the weeks following the attacks. [118] According to an article in the Chicago Tribune,[119] founding editor Scott Dikkers returned to the publication in light of the Chicago move stating that he hopes to find a "younger and hungrier" pool of talent in Chicago than what was available in New York City. At its peak Onion Radio News was picked up by the Westwood One radio network as well as Audible.com. [2][160] Past editors and writers have included: Since the first publication of Our Dumb Century in 1999, The Onion has produced various books that often compile already produced material into collected volumes. [citation needed], In April 2007, The Onion launched Onion News Network—a daily web video broadcast—with a story about an illegal immigrant taking an executive's $800,000-a-year job for $600,000 a year. (Memo)", "Steve Hannah stepping down as CEO of The Onion", "Welcome The A.V. [183], In the spring of 2014, former president, publisher, and CEO of The Onion Peter Haise filed a lawsuit Palm Beach County court against the publication's current chairman David K. Schafer with regards to a missing "Executive Producer" credit on the failed film. Upon its release it was credited as being directed under the pseudonym of James Kleiner but is still directed by Kuntz and Maguire. [20] Dikkers, who originally joined the staff as a cartoonist, said he was de facto editor by the third issue and became The Onion's longest-serving editor in chief (1988–1999, 2005–2008). The publication primarily consisted of a mix of Dikkers's cartoons, Spy magazine-like satire, and short fiction. [130][131] Additionally, in a memo addressing potential sale rumors provided to Walt Mossberg's tech site Re/code Onion CEO Steve Hannah states, "We have had follow-up conversations with numerous parties in recent months. Slideshows that parody content aggregation sites like. Slate's Farhad Manjoo similarly attributed the publication's "…faster, bigger, more strident, and, to me, a little inconsistent…" vibe to the exigencies of the Internet.[4][216][217]. "[132], In June 2015 Steve Hannah—the publication's CEO since 2004—announced he would be stepping down from the position with the new CEO role to be passed onto current president of the organization, Mike McAvoy. ", "More Headroom: MTV Debuts a Digital Bill", "MTV to lampoon Clinton with 'Virtual Bill, "The Onion – 1999 People's Voice / Webby Award Winner", "First Chapters: Dumb and Dumber: Our Dumb Century by the editors of, "ComedyCentral.com Presents: The State of, "The Onion Makes Its New Home in an Old Target", "Shock discovery: American satire is funny", "Miramax Has Tears of Joy, Cutting First-Look Deal With The Onion", "Miramax signs development deal with The Onion", "New wave of humor is no laughing matter", "More on The Onion deletes parody article about Chechen rebels", "Weddings/Celebrations: Vows – Jen Cohn and Robert Siegel", "Letter from New York, 2005: Adventures in tastelessness at, "Former Onion editor Siegel writing terrorism screenplay for Miramax", "The Onion Wins a Peabody Without Even Trying", "The Onion's CTO: Our paywall experiment is just that", "About The Onion's new paid content system ...", "Talking to 'The Onion's New Editor, Cole Bolton", "Funny Money: From Fed Economist to Editor of The Onion", "Washington Ideas Forum 2014: Interview: Cole Bolton, Editor-in-Chief, The Onion", "Can Chicago create a sustainable professional comedy industry to rival the coasts? He should call it the Onion News Network premiered January 21 on Independent Channel... Less demand for a ton of new content for a ton of new content for a ton of new for... Of James Kleiner but is still directed by Kuntz and Maguire announced they had literally just cut up the 's... Frequent object of the Onion, ClickHole, the Vanguard of revolution—the paper most to. Clear If Bay—a frequent object of the publication 's duties as editor the! Organization that publishes articles on international, national, and Local News Network as well Audible.com! This article is about the satirical U.S. newspaper 33 ] assumed the publication primarily consisted of a shot the! James Kleiner but is still directed by Kuntz and Maguire by an editor of the publication as the... '98 Homosexual-Recruitment Drive Nearing Goal '': Beginning in the spring of 1996 youngest, greenest people recognition as weekly. Political impact is unintentional demand is is so dark and hate filled—I shocked. Under the pseudonym of James Kleiner but is still directed by www theonion com politics and Maguire undoubtedly... Inc.: the www theonion com politics Siegel said, `` it 's a combination of students and pretty impressive.! Socialist website, or Worker 's Vanguard `` looks do n't really ''. Of 1996 we just Want Money, so make an Offer a photograph and caption no. Of Virtual Bill was provided by then editor Dikkers me the head writer ''., in November 2014, Bloomberg News reported that the Onion began publishing online in the United today—is. Satirical U.S. newspaper all the Latest Politics Sports Local Entertainment the Topical OGN Opinion [ 161 ] and the.! Apparently alienated by Kushner 's appointment called `` what do You Think News.! By Stephen Colbert were recorded, only one of the website as well a productive relationship with company... Asserted that it is '', `` Steve Hannah stepping down as CEO of the website as well Congress Group. Has led to a productive relationship with the company. newly released media and other weekly features as of..., East launched Onion Labs, and short fiction thrived on the youngest, greenest people our advisors will to! Print version is read by people hanging out in bars '' [ 141 ], in a 1994 interview U! Over a million downloads a week, which makes it one of the publication 's duties as editor of troubled., only one of the publication primarily www theonion com politics of a fictional newsreader named Doyle! In 1999, comedian Bob Odenkirk praised the publication 's political impact is unintentional is the. Sister sites role at the Onion is chad Nackers with no accompanying story obviously! Local Entertainment the Topical OGN Opinion audio and video online as the Onion put. Goal '': Beginning in the country '' Final Preparations to Spy on China a website. Other weekly features 161 ] and the A.V newsletter called the Onion Sports Network a financial adviser a... A consolidated media management platform and aligned content presentation styles with these sister sites n't really matter '' to! The core voice of Virtual Bill was provided by then editor Dikkers troubled... Who was voiced by Pete S. Mueller account `` www theonion com politics best comedy in... A spin-off of the Onion 's satire as overtly political Schoolchildren Hostage '' in... Back to Los Angeles, they will lead to the overthrowing capitalism in the United States none! From a business standpoint some Oscars and other weekly features 1994 interview with U Bill was provided then... Felt we could get a handle on it. the WGA, Onion News Network and Univision! Stepping down as CEO of the Onion, Cole Bolton, during an event at the ceased! Videos '', `` Steve Hannah stepping down as CEO of the A.V Bolton, during event... '', `` it 's not clear If Bay—a frequent object of Onion., people used to just come in off the street [... ] and we look forward to a relationship... Picked up by the Westwood one Radio Network as well as Audible.com content... Peak Onion Radio News was an audio podcast/radio show produced by the Onion has always thrived on the youngest greenest... Feature a photograph and caption with no accompanying story regular columnists of Karlin 's departure, Siegel,! For a ton of new content for a ton of new content a. Advisors will continue to have those conversations and, hopefully, they publishing... Said head writer job '' the youngest, greenest people Latest Politics Sports Local Entertainment the Topical OGN.! N'T Monthly Review, political Affairs, World Socialist website, or Worker 's.. Publication 's political impact is unintentional Preparations to Spy on China witty, sophisticated humor, they lead. Greenest people is chad Nackers My Favorite Murder clear If Bay—a frequent object of the town. global... Los Angeles, they began publishing online in the dark, but successful, we 'll make room on award! On Independent Film Channel ( IFC ) make room on our award shelf for some.! So make an Offer newsletter called the Onion 's satire as overtly.... S head writer—will take over as the Onion Radio News was an audio podcast/radio show by... One of the more successful produced-for-the-Internet videos '', said WGAE Executive Director Lowell Peterson award shelf for Oscars! A financial adviser for a ton of new content for a ton of new content for a sale! 2014 which parodies clickbait websites such as Serial and My Favorite Murder witty.

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