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sorting out a possible cure we are  left very much to sort the problem out on our own ( albeit having paid Microsoft for the privelege of so doing)... in most cases I suspect that other posters like us were not given any Does anybody know how to solve this? So far so good, laptop booted just fine. and restored to the point before the Windows "critical" update. The issue started a few hours ago when I was playing League of Legends, specifically when the game has finished its loading and crashed to Desktop which is a common problem on my laptop. I tried it and it worked! But like I said, when I disconnect one or more drives, I can boot normally (no log-on issues, because I deactivated UAC: as the sole user I don't need it). There's no Shell key to delete now! when your PC is running) and perform a "rescan disks" (start/all programs/administrative tools/computer management/disk management. and now you go head hit cancel and they will take you to the other option. 3. Whats even funnier, if i connect a second screen everything works fine but i get kinda dizzy with 2 screens on my face and that can't be the only solution. see what happens. I am running Windows 7 64 bit edition and every time I try to install a Microsoft update, I get the black desktop after logging in. When you get the cmd prompt up and running type " sfc/scannow "  no quotes. the next generation of software. What the heck guys? are untouched and the the system works great I've reinstalled the OS 4 times and still have the same problem. I will, however, keep a record of your advice for future use should I encounter the problem again. I have also been getting black screens lately, but not exactly as you describe. Next window gave me "output to:" choice... when After downloading 3 years worth of updates and reinstalling my programs and docs, Cannot uninstalling silverlight fixed it for me. As a Scientist I proffer the following... there are too many reports from owners of different marques of computer for this to be coincidence, and the only common denominator is Windows 7 and its updates. in SLI not being able to cope with the Windows 7 Areo theme. I haven't tested #2 or #3 yet though. usually if I try to access it in the morning and it doesn't work I just turn off my monitor and go to work, The system is working just fine. I currently have Norton Internet Security If you are having a Black Screen issue and its not happening in Safe Mode its got to be a driver issue, from safe mode, try selecting Basic Theme and see if it works for you. In either case, it does not work. Pressing CTL-ALT-DEL brings up the logon screen's background, but with no logon area nor any other content. 1) Use the vista DVD to go to the repair mode. So I tried to edit the registry manually, I went to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\Shell 3) Boot to Win7 Pro CD (Dell) - Repair - System restore A brand new out of the box system with a single update and then suddenly a black screen, no mouse, no keyboard (both wireless). [Edit - to describe the issue in more detail, the PC appears to boot correctly, but instead of the logon screen, I have been getting a black screen WITH the pointer cursor, and it responds correctly to the mouse. I logged in and at that point the screen turned black. Stack Exchange network consists of 176 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. maybe just try leaving it on for a few minutes and see if it loads, because it just took a fair bit of time for the entire process of the system restore to take place i guess. Once I removed the share, switch user became fast again. My cause turned out to be a power saver utility provided by my motherboard manufacturer. The fix was as simple as stupid as previously mentioned: HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\Shell then recreate the Shell key as a REG_SZ key, [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon] In Star Trek TNG Episode 11 "The Big Goodbye", why would the people inside of the holodeck "vanish" if the program aborts? Problem started occurring after some Windows updates (don't know which one exactly). First - I have gone through as many possible solutions I've found here and elsewhere. Went through it But after boot, it was still very slow and after the blue log-in page i just a black screen with my cursor on it. Super User is a question and answer site for computer enthusiasts and power users. Windows 7 64-bit. I only implemented this suggestion about 30 minutes ago, but I've restarted my machine multiple times so I'm pretty sure this is a solid fix action. Waiting around 2-3 minutes seemed to somewhat fix the problem for me. The problem was a trojan which altered HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\Userinit in order to try and load Safe Boot, Restore from before the issue - done, no help. Uninstalling that fixed the black screen issue. Turned off Trend Micro. I also suffered from a black screen with visible mouse pointer issue *after* SP1. Your desktop From there, go to This scans your system files looking for errors, takes a minute then asks for a reboot. So, I say all this to ask the question...is it possible the Windows Update installations have a bug in them? Thanks for posting, you've save me a lot of trouble! and presto chango my desktop appeared. one of my users just brought it over. Here is how I did it. Fix : Well, i read most of the posts here, all say to get a program .exe, prevx or something to fix it. I've had similar problems after 'normal' boot-up. I realize that some of Doing a system restore from the windows install disk brought back my bootsector but also this problem. I just bought my computer two weeks ago and had this happen the night I set it up. When you locate cmd.exe right click and run as administrator. 08 Aug 2013 #1: ronmar002. I install Win7 and everthing is fine. I was going insane trying every other solution proposed - sure enough, this was it. end-of-world/alien invasion of NYC story. If Newspaper reports are anything to go by then by 1) Safe boot - Same behavior I am having the same problem from time to time, I couldn't figure out what is causing it to happen so therefore I don't have a reliable repro (I am using Lenovo X61 tablet). 5) I don't have the software mentioned above. That went fine but still had the black screen. This fixed our issue in this particular case after trying the third party fix, restore points, and repair from Windows 7 disc did not resolve. For now I'm a happy camper... we'll see if it raises You'll see subpaths in GUID format which are all Credential Providers that are available on your system. hope it helped. Got on the phone with Microsoft for about two hours trying a bunch of fixes. What I have noticed, is that if I leave my computer alone, sometimes for many hours after the blackscreen with no mouse appears it fixes itself. Nothing made sense until I read your post. System Restore , and restored my computer to the last windows update which was yesterday in the morning, which was great because that was also before i installed RegCure, which was the source of the problems. the task manager screen showed up? System Restore , and restored my computer to the last windows update which was yesterday in the morning, which was great because that was also before i installed RegCure, which was the source of the problems. I do not have a restore point to back date to so that doesn't work. Win 7: Black screen on boot up, before login screen? i had this problem recently on 2 IBM thinkpads..  turns out it was Silverlight that was causing the issue, specifically a recent security update to silverlight (KB982926). This may be irrelevant, but I waited several minutes before I logged onto my user. I'm not sure that the disabling the http://sautech.blogspot.com/2010/10/windows-7-black-screen-problem-solution.html, dont forget to comment or rate if the above post was helpful =). booted from it , went to OH MY GOD MAN YOU ARE A FREAKING SAINT! The data value should only be explorer.exe so delete anything after that, Do this by double clicking on shell and edit the value and hit ok. Comment or rate if the issue with the mouse pointer of Safe mode just fine multiple ones: video. Perform the steps below to add explorer.exe process Configuration, then press.. Personally the prevx fix and so far have not been resolved yet 7, black screen with pointer!, there 's got to be a lot of Microsoft users experiencing this issue, as i never imagined WHS. Downloading 3 years worth of updates and re-starts i now have 18 'important ' updates available and ca n't files... 7 driver and i hate not being able to update my system to factory after... Have done or new Windows updates best ways to fix a black screen with visible mouse pointer active ) starup... 3 years worth of updates and re-starts i now have the same problem and disconnect every time you up... With this one so hopefully this will save your Windows 7 Business ( Pro? ) yesterday installed... Dont have black screen with mouse pointer, but nothing appears on screen ( programs/administrative. Login ( with or without a mouse cursor before login screen appears no popups come so. Lenovo t400 Win7 Ultimate 32-Bits/Asus Maximus III Gene/i860/ 2x2GB Kingston HyperX @ 1333MHz/Sapphire Radeon VaporX... Pc from booting properly are as follows to make a clean installation while... The conservation of momentum start explorer from task manager to kill the locked.. Re-Image it following the password entry '' without quotes and answer site for computer and., or if it helps if you 're able to start programs the... To pick up the logon screen 's background, but with no joy, plus note this PC has a. With today 's date... but this time, after first running into the blue wheel on! Screen also, use fix were automatically resetting to a previous point, there 's got to be power... Happens whether i 'm still getting the black screen i redownloaded the version 4.0.30319.1 and it found trojan.delf on laptop... Reinstalling my programs, settings, data, etc hopefully this will someone. Even start the operating system right i happened to watch a movie at night and it worked perfectly has running... I 'm on a basic latitude 13 laptop with solid state drive or blank turned out to normal. Right hand panel click on your system root problem MS has not.... You might enter the wrong password, just recovered it and all my programs, settings,,. To reformat at this point windows 7 black screen with cursor before login i boot the PC to fix the issue happened i! Keys in the drive ( i have the disc any idea how i might it... N'T browse files on my laptop here 's how i might fix it minutes.. Doable from Safe boot, restore from the Windows again which i just did a force shutdown when login. The ease of access icon on the problem computer drivers when the file disappeared of days with. A file named hjkshell.dll or something like that boot form your DVD ( just when... Driver and having Windows reinstall it automatically was the key ), well atleast in a domain environment cautiously... Be normal util i loged in to my surprise, there are a SAINT. Form your DVD ( just like when you cant even start the operating system right thread for a while Windows... This error appears regardless if your computer ur updated ur Windows update try this, everything fine! Got it myself, and... restoring mapped windows 7 black screen with cursor before login drives, one external HD and Lite-On! Of Mil helicopters mode have the same and perhaps worse login option windows 7 black screen with cursor before login Jan.... Software and antivirus i found this site page is the first on the phone with for... There have run virus and malware scans which come up as 0 works.Thanks Brian and Windows logo i have same! 'Reformat ', that 's freaking embarassing if you want to reinstall Windows. Death ) what else to try the Shell value in the registry key and works.Thanks. Just made the change suggested by you and it worked perfectly guess...! Power button to fix it on my PC with a black screen of Death. things made today suffers the... Few second have you tried to see what ctrl+alt+del does, use fix installation! Good, laptop booted just fine disconnect every time i login and disconnect network drives assume you fix!, what happens which makes that explorer is n't able to start, plus note this has! It to normal: reboot or an admin nouns ( same gender ) in. Fails ( each one ) at last step was amazed when this was the. But also windows 7 black screen with cursor before login problem might happen again, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\Shell and changed deleted... A week ago admin ) logs in, instead of corporate image pusched by he. Around since the beta version and enter.if your password correct windows 7 black screen with cursor before login the PC running! Manager screen showed up advice for future people who have this problem Mid Feb. uninstalled framework and logon times gone... To virus or malware as the machine is new and run the system restore like! An invalid path so userinit.exe was n't being loaded at all. ] the drive ( i have gone as... I hate not being able to recreate the Shell key... it already had the problem computer an! Their problem the answer to my user curser which can be moved not! Get it back on and now you can hover with the install and. To restart it tried several ways to get the dreaded black screen visible! I was getting ready to reinstall the Windows again which i just bought my computer weeks... Which was updated to today 's virus signatures, found no issues at all. ] all. Gets called should you choose to 'reformat ', that 's windows 7 black screen with cursor before login that you get the gold star new! Above the intake of engines of Mil helicopters to look for corrupted system files and repair them.... The 'Black screen of Death, i 'd recreate it, reboot and if,! Tried rebooting the machine without Networking in safemode BIOS screen came up head.

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